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Dream number 12785 29 February 2020 2 psychic prediction81 views todayDPRK missile launch.
Dream number 13010 30 April 2020 1 psychic prediction81 views todayThese are winning lottery numbers for you (May or June I think) - May 10th death.
Dream number 13119 30 May 2020 2 psychic prediction81 views todayLook close.
THIS I~281 views todayThese are all related dreams regarding Joshua Vallow and his sister Tylee Ryan one dream was from December and the other February and May 20 now all that's left in this dream prediction is the death of Chad on August 13th,2020 in cell 3294

This is about missing Tylee Ryan and JJ Vallow the adults in question are Lori Vallow and Chad Daybel the other adults in question have not been posted publically yet Dream number 12755 21 February 2020 1 psychic prediction

From 3 dd's dated 2-21-20

Wire, numbers, look again, he knows about Lori's affair, he is the one who did the killings? rope and triangle?
This is about missing Tylee Ryan and J.J. Vallow the adults in question are Lori Vallow and Chad Daybel, the other adults in question have not been posted publicly yet.

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Found on Chad Daybell's Property Belonged to Children, Prosecutors This dream from May 30th came true exactly - you must see this as there are too many details I need to verify first. Chad Daybell and Lori Vallow will both be killed if this man is not stopped.

Dream number 13121 30 May 2020 4 psychic prediction Breaking news (June, not sure of the date but I'm assuming next month of the year 2020) window, they listened brian? ” wrong number (208) 356-5426 Lori Vallow bodies found, all three, 21 feet from the pole (see pasts dd on this as they are the same) Chad Daybel killed by jail staff member K.E. (this is the object that is buried with.

news story on June 10th 2020

The two bodies found in the backyard of Lori Vallow's husband's Idaho home allegedly belonged to children, prosecutors claim.
On Wednesday, Chad Daybell made his first court appearance before a Fremont County judge via video conference. Daybell has been charged with two counts of destruction, alteration, and concealment of evidence.
During the hearing, Madison County Prosecutor Rob Wood claimed that the bodies' identities have not been publicly confirmed yet, but are bodies of children. He also said "the manner of concealment" of one of the bodies was "particularly egregious."
Daybell is currently under investigation for potential murder, attempted murder and conspiracy charges in the death of his first wife. His current wife, Lori Vallow, is behind bars on a $1 million bond after being arrested in February on charges of failing to produce her two missing children, 7-year-old Joshua “J.J.” Vallow and 17-year-old Tylee Ryan, to police.

Joshua “J.J.” Vallow, at left, and his sister Tylee Ryan

The children disappeared amidst a trail of strange deaths both before and after Daybell and Vallow's November marriage.
Now, Daybell is being investigated in Idaho, where he lived at the time with his previous wife, Tammy, who died just two weeks before he and Vallow got married. No charges against Daybell or Vallow have been filed as of now in connection with Tammy's death.

On Tuesday morning, Rexburg police, along with the Fremont County sheriff's office and FBI, executed a search warrant of Daybell's property.
It was the second major search of the property this year— the first being in January.

Vallow remains jailed in Madison County, Idaho, on felony counts of desertion and nonsupport of dependent children, as well as resisting or obstructing officers, criminal solicitation to commit a crime, contempt of court and willful disobedience of court process or order for failing to produce the two kids. She has pleaded not guilty.
Daybell remains behind bars on a $1 million bail.
Madison County Prosecutor Rob Wood said during the hearing, "One of the primary reasons we are asking the bail be set in that amount is the evidence that has been concealed in this case -- it’s not simply a document, drugs, a gun. These are human remains. ... We are aware that those remains are the remains of children, which we believe is an aggravating factor."
Dream number 13219 28 June 2020 1 psychic prediction81 views todayMassive skyscraper fire in Beijing China, this will happen next month (July 2020) the address of the building on the dd) The cause is terrorism and the USA will do it? red call 12339
Dream number 13939 28 October 2020 7 psychic prediction81 views todayLinda Collins-Smith was killed by this man - Rebecca was there but attacked them after he hit them with this object - he lives near this church in Jonesboro.

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Dream number 14034 12 November 2020 1 psychic prediction81 views todayRemember.
Dream number 14141 6 December 2020 2 psychic prediction81 views todayAl Qunaytirah explosion was cia usa - start the war now - restart - Israel hit with 3 nuclear explosions in the next 66 days - ? church destroyed.
Dream number 14237 30 December 2020 2 psychic prediction81 views todayJanuary 20th no - January 26 - not sure what is happening here.
Dream number 14239 30 December 2020 4 psychic prediction81 views todayJanuary 27th 2021 earthquake
Dream number 14260 4 January 2021 5 psychic predictionn by Brian Ladd81 views todayLook again - this is the bomber.
Dream number 14285 9 January 2021 1 psychic prediction by Brian Ladd81 views todayMaeve Odonnell missing teen found safe - Northpark - numbers - this is him - she needs to be found today or I fear something might happen

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march-30-2013-1-dreams-brian-ladd80 views todaykiller abducts girl here ar 71 playground by church
dream prediction number 5462 february 7 2014 1 dreams brian ladd80 views todayCruise ship, 6 times now, terrorism 417, 37 people die from poison food, dhs knows 427 people sick mot stapyl H3GR arvizuy satsce September 30th 2014 Tuesday
dream prediction number 5684 june 7 2014 1 dreams brian ladd80 views todayits not too late
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