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dream prediction number 6017 29 october 2014 1 dreams brian ladd69 views todayanonymous, false information, at 930 am October 31st, fake, us army, national guard was told to be ready by? 8am Friday? Ferguson Saint Louis (hate related)
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dream prediction number 6703 28 june 2015 2 dreams brian ladd69 views todaymore details of the fire on June 30th, 2015 (see dd just before this one)
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There are several dd's related to this Hendo Hover board and I have posted several dd's in my invention section on this issue.
IMO The company that makes this is just trying to sell a simple spinning magnet, fake anti-gravity trick that any school kid can do, and has. There is no way to make their hover board work with the the technology there using and they know it.
This is sad, because actually trying to make something like this work, could be a great benefit to mankind in so many ways. (other than flying boards)

To make a real hover board work...approved by Michael J Fox, you need to forget about what anyone has done in the past...and do it yourself.
CLEAR YOU MIND and let the universe speak to you.
Dreams are a great way to make this you didn't know :) RECORD YOUR DREAMS anyway that works for you.

Here is what my dreams told me on this issue:

The spinning magnets trick need to go, huge waste of energy that goes no where. Relying on surface that needs to conduct electric is ridiculous, and seems to confirm that Hendo is selling a simple magic trick in a 'white box'.

Something much simpler does seem to work and it involves Fe, Hg, simple sea water and just 2 Swarm Satellites (see invention section) 20 X 10 cm board can support 15 kg's 2 cm off any surface for over approximately 12 hours (with the correct sea water solution)
dream prediction number 6776 28 november 8 dreams brian ladd69 views todayno comment
psychic prediction 7257 30 may 2016 1 ladd69 views todayRequested from past dd's, these 4 people were 'murdered' by Donald Trump and that is all I wish to say on this. BTY, the FBI, CIA, and DHS came to my house to talk to me about my dreams...outside...meaning, they ask me to come outside and front of my kids. When I came out side there were at least 10 government officials, and no vehicles in my field of vision (which I commented on) They all came inside at my request...don't believe me, just ask them. If you live in AMERICA, what is coming next soon might affect, or at least bother you...and if you know me, I have NEVER said the words FUCK YOU on my site)
psychic prediction 7336 30 june 2016 4 ladd69 views todaycar crash kills, 10 deaths, Robert Buker Jr , family murder was??
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