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IMG 4891 madeleine mccann 2018 psychic68 views today They never wanted children, 217 7704227, no part of the murder, it was an accident. He took Madeleine to the beach.

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5441 h4168 views today Hi Brian,
I have been reading your RVs and comments about the missing 4 year old Madeleine McCann in Portugal.
I read that you are considering going to go to Portugal to try and find her yourself and make contact with the family? Is this true and if so, roughly when?
Please could you post a comment to ask all your readers for the Madeleine case to try and find out the URL (website address) for the Internet Caf in Praia Da Luz which the Russian Sergey Malinka who was questioned as a witness, previously used? I found the email address a few days ago but the URL would be very useful for my partner who is heavily involved in IT/Internet to find further clues for the case i.e. sent and received email trails.
I have strong links and very good contacts with the UK media, would you like me to inform them about your RVs and information and hopefully one of their correspondents out in the Algarve could perhaps check out your leads?
Thank you for your time and help with this case to help find Madeleine.
Many thanks,
Hi Mia, have posted your request, and please inform anyone you need to.
Hello Brian,
I read on your other site that a person found a very good resemblance of your drawing with the estrela da luz resort.
I looked up photos of an apartment and it is an exact match. Just wanted to let you know.
You drew:
Brian Ladd of Brians Dreams - www.briansprediction.comBrian Ladd of Brians Dreams -
White curtains. Light on the left wall. Tiles on the floor.
And this:
Brian Ladd of Brians Dreams -
Brian Ladd of Brians Dreams -
Brian Ladd of Brians Dreams -
Hi, this does look like what I saw. Do you know if police have searched the area?
Hi Brian,
I think this DD is about the missing 4 yr. old British girl, Madeleine McCann
- she was abducted in Portugal while her family was on is an
extract from a article in the London (England) DailyMail newspaper:
"Alone, the father of Madeleine McCann began the saddest journey of his
Seventeen days after his four-year-old daughter disappeared, Gerry McCann
flew back to an empty house that is still fresh with her memory.
Scroll down for more
Madeleine parents
Taunt: Kate McCann with an armful of Madeleine's toys, and husband Gerry
walk from church past a shop window poster that apparently blames them for
the disappearance of their child
Her room is as she left it when the family set off on their holiday to
Portugal last month. Her toys are still there on the bed, her clothes in the
But with remarkable fortitude, the 38-year-old consultant embarked on a
heart-rending mission in his ceaseless campaign to find his little girl.
He will trawl through four years of family albums and videos to select new
pictures of her for his 'Find Madeleine' website. Then he will prepare to
return to the Algarve to continue the search.
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Madeleine 'sightings'
The visit was the first time Mr McCann has been apart from his wife Kate and
their two-year-old twins since Madeleine vanished from their holiday
apartment in Praia da Luz on May 3.
He volunteered to make the journey alone to spare Mrs McCann the ordeal.
Last week the 38-year-old GP said she "couldn't even consider" leaving
Portugal while Madeleine was missing.
The prospect of returning without her daughter to the home where they shared
so much happiness would have been "too painful to contemplate", according to
a relative.
* Madeleine's parents will search the whole world for her
Madeleine's aunt, Philomena McCann revealed: "They're both finding it so
incredibly difficult. They can't grieve but they can't be normal. They're
just focused on finding Madeleine, because that's all that matters.
"Gerry wants to go through all the photographs and pick some to put on the
website. The more images there are, the more she will be in people's minds."
Mr McCann who has been spearheading the Find Madeleine Internet and
publicity campaign from an apartment in Praia da Luz, will meet lawyers and
UK organisers during his brief stay in Rothley, Leicestershire, where he and
Kate live.
The family's website has received 100million 'hits'.
Scroll down for more
Madeleine McCann: Missing since May 3
A spokesman for the couple in Portugal said Mr McCann was returning to
Britain "to do positive things".
"He's very focused," the spokesman added. "He is going out there for very
practical reasons and he's going to get back here as quickly as he can."
The trip will also give him the chance to deal with the routine domestic
matters that have been neglected during their extended stay abroad and allow
the two doctors to make arrangements for staying away for the foreseeable
For the last 17 days they have been trying to keep some sort of routine in
their life, on the advice of trauma counsellors and for the sake of their
other children, Sean and Amelie.
When they are not working from their campaign 'nerve centre', or praying in
church for their daughter's safety, the couple are steeling themselves to
create little pockets of comparative normality.
At the weekend Mr McCann played tennis and the couple sat on the beach with
the twins. Mrs McCann is trying to clear her mind by exercising and jogging
against the clock.
And the couple have again sought solace at Mass in the tiny church in Praia
da Luz - their third Sunday service since Madeleine disappeared.
During their walk they passed a poster apparently blaming them for the
disappearance. Stuck in a shop window, it consists of four pictures of their
child arranged around the words: "Mummy help me".
Workers in the car hire shop - Auto Rent III - refused to take it down.
Saleswoman Maria Rocio said: "Whose fault is it that the girl has gone
missing? It's the family's. They should never have left the children on
their own."
Hope this helps...
All the best - keep up the fantastic work!
Thanks, and will post this.
Dream number 10993 26 August 2018 4 psychic prediction68 views todayCat saves world - Dream number 10993 26 August 2018 4
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