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Ufo Lolladoff Plate Golden Ratio Sacred Geometry Creation UFO Report Case Number 352 Tags UFO Sketch Ufo Reporting MUFON Real Ufo Sighting Ufo Drawing Ufo Photo 2019 25 views today
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Moon-UFO-Tattoo-by-Keelin5 views today
Baby King Jay Davila Dream number 11538 5 January 2019 3 psychic prediction5 views todayBaby King Jay Davila, under here west lawn, 4713 (missing child)

Psychic Brian Ladd uses his visions, dreams to accurately predict future events. His on-line dream diary contains over 8,000 documented dreams, lucid dreams and remote viewing cases. To date, over 3,000 predictions have come true, with more and more every day. Brian has personally worked hundred missing person cases since 2006 with a success rate of around 45%. Brian served 12 active years in the US Army and then joined the Army Reserves. Brian was diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder in 2011, and some say this 'illness' maybe the reason why so many of his dreams have come true.
Gosloto results Dream number 11579 14 January 2019 5 psychic prediction5 views todayAnother Russian fixed lottery and another almost 100% correct prediction about the same Gosloto results 5/36 !! Not sure about the ice cream part

MISSING CARLOS BENJAMIN URRUELA 1 CASE NUMBER 22905 views todayMissing Person carlos_benjamin_urruela_1 2019 case by Psycic Brian Ladd
MISSING LANKFORD BUFFEY CASE NUMBER 90275 views todayMissing Person lankford_buffey 2019 case by Psycic Brian Ladd
Brenda Lee Mackey 142075 views todayBrenda Lee Mackey 14207
Missing woman Heidi Broussard and Margot Carey Dream number 12455 15 December 2019 3 psychic prediction5 views todayMissing woman Heidi Broussard found, Margot Carey is in here. Why? accident, the baby is not in the video, 512, phone records are off, McDonalds CCTV, police dogs at the house now, December 24th, numbers, arrest

These 4 dream sketches are about missing woman Heidi Broussard and Margot Carey, full case at

Dream number 12460 15 December 2019 8 psychic prediction5 views today WikiLeaks releases an audio recording from President Donald Trump's secret Tmobile phone, CCB-175, New York Times 'embedded reporter' kill when his car was forced off the road into the river.
Missing Breasia Terrell found Dream number 13337 18 July 2020 14 psychic prediction5 views todayfrom 3 dd's dated 7/18/20

Missing Breasia Terrell found

room, slept here, trash and boxes, the entire letter is lies, arrest made in ?? days, this is her, no, no, henry? stop, stop, found July 21st, numbers and symbols

case at
Dream number 13545 2 September 2020 8 psychic prediction5 views todayBuy SNSS at 12 cents sell it at $481.16
Dream number 13578 7 September 2020 1 psychic prediction5 views todayNatalie Jones missing woman is here, he stopped her at gunpoint, he will not leave her alone, he will not let her see the sun? Rock Georgia trailer, numbers, car cover.

case at
Dream number 13593 9 September 2020 13 psychic prediction5 views todayA staff member (name on dd) secretly makes a copy of a new letter to President Donald Trump from Kim Jong-un of North Korea. The letter states that if he does not pull American troops out of South Korea, he will test a nuclear weapon before the 2020 election. Anyway, the test is in three weeks, several missile launches will be before the test.
Dream number 13620 14 September 2020 2 psychic prediction5 views todayNatalie Jones found - by this trailer - this is him - he was with her in June - 3347459333 - 345346548 - broken - missing woman

case at
Dream number 13633 17 September 2020 1 psychic prediction5 views todaySeptember 21st, here (stay home)
Dream number 13651 18 September 2020 2 psychic prediction5 views todayRobert Joseph Dole dies.
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