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dream prediction number 6948 12 october 1 dreams brian laddUS lottery numbers for the Mega Millions and Powerball from October 14th to October 31st of 2015 also note the pattern this time is in reverse.

440979 1077 star on rope 771 help them - no clue
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dream prediction number 6982 21 october 6 dreams brian laddpattern for next weeks lotteries in the USA55555
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dream prediction number 6942 6 october 3 dreams brian ladd55555
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dream prediction number 6941 6 october 2 dreams brian ladd55555
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dream prediction number 6939 5 october 5 dreams brian ladd55555
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dream prediction number 6946 7 october 1 dreams brian laddThis is and 3 more DD's from last are related to several upcoming terrorist attacks in The United States specifically against Jewish people.

Since these DD's might contain data that could hurt and open DHS cases, I will be either be censoring them or not posting them in the public folder at all.

These 3 dd's from last night seem to be related to many DD's from the end of 2013 and the first few months of this year (2015)

Basically several groups of people, that are all in communication with each other plan to attack locations with a high Jewish population...and sadly this involves institutes of learning.

These people are highly intelligent and do not plan to fail, they will gladly die for their God. The usual targets like buses, planes, subways etc. are not what they're after.

I do believe that US officials are aware of several of these plans but are missing some very important data...so...I would suggest that if you're in an area that has a high Jewish population, be mindful of your surroundings and have a system in place to react if something does happen.

One more thing, the Umpqua Community College shooting by Christopher Harper-Mercer is related to the upcoming events, and there is something that LE have missing while investigating this tragedy. In the trash, or right behind it is are several note books with plans and contact in them...its very import these be located.
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