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Home > DREAMS THAT HAVE COME TRUE > 1/12/2019 These are the dream drawings related to missing teen Jayme Lynn Closs the murder of James Closs and Denise Closs (all from 2018) I'm aware of her being located on January 10th, 2019. There are many things that do seem to make so far and.

Jayme Closs found Jayme Closs Colton Treu Dream number 11270 1 November 2018 5 psychic prediction

1/12/2019 These are the dream drawings related to missing teen Jayme Lynn Closs the murder of James Closs and Denise Closs (all from 2018) I'm aware of her being located on January 10th, 2019. There are many things that do seem to make so far and I think there is more to the case than murder and kidnapping and LAE may be missing something very important and involve many more people...will post new updates at https://briansprediction.com/jayme

dream text

going to kill her, the trailer is at CENEX in Barron.
Jayme Closs, they were in the house for 45 minutes before the killings, look under the house again.
Jaymee Closs found, go back look in the crawlspace, the phone she used to talk to him is there, cars unrelated, motorcycle, police missed the box?
Jayme Closs, body found 6 miles from home, January 12th, 2019, lazy eye, returns to home (this is for January 2019 and does not mean she has already been murdered)
Jaymee Closs found, look again, drove right by the trailer, Dallas (I realize dd says Dallas, I do not think this trailer is in Texas)
Jayme Closs look again, he's going to kill her on December 16th, Hania Aguila killed December 25th, numbers, church, trailer (may not be the right translation of last nights dream but I will be posting additional dreams on these 2 cases in a few day
Trailer, he took her here, Hania Noelia Aguilar found, fire tower, 27, more numbers.
He's taking another girl, trailer, December 2018
Mollie Tibbits is still alive after killing, trailer, 27, 27, 57 feet, fire tower, he going to take another girl - always 2. I'm aware she is not alive and I'm not sure what this means.
Hania Aguilar case may be related to the Jayme Closs case an could explain why I'm having so much difficulty finding this trailer.
Jayme Closs is still alive in trailer, lacross Thee dreams are from November 11th - 13th 2018 and are from my hospital room in Port Saint Lucie Florida. Please visit my site news for more details on this case at https://briansprediction.com/news.php
Jayme Closs, police are withholding this item, someone knows when she had this, drugs (meth) are being shipped in and out of turkey plant in the bird's cavities, Road Dogs Biker Gang.
Box in truck, Colton Treu, was in Rice Lake, Eau Claire, refrigerated trailer, knows where Jayme Closs is?
The man at cameron? who will go to James Closs's funeral is the same man who has Jayme Closs
10/24/2018 from all thee dream drawings (dd's) This is the trailer Jayme Closs is being held in. DD states that LE already searched the area but did not break the lock, the man who took Jayme has the only key.
2018 2 psychic prediction.jpg
Connersville, numbers, Jayme Cross (this is important)
Jayme, look again, she missed it (Jayme Cross search area related)
October 23rd, 2018 Jaymee Closs news report? links to auto garage and moms boyfriend, rice lake.
This is the same trailer related to the Jayme Cross case.
Engle Creek Springs, Jayme (maybe related to Jayme Cross missing teen case, this is a real location map included)
Dark blue car, I'm in the back seat and this is what I can see, there are crosses handing inside the car and on the floor (this is a lucid dream form 10/19 or 10/20 of 2018)
Engle Creek Springs, Jayme (maybe related to Jayme Cross missing teen case, this is a real location map included)
Missing teen Jayme Closs I believe will be located shortly, I will post what I can at https://briansprediction.com/jayme expect some sort of update by LE on October 23rd and much more to follow!
Jayme Closs and the deaths of James Closs and Denise Closs 11185 16 October 2018 1 psychic prediction
MiThe cartel did not do this, grain silo (this may or may not be related to a missing person case Jayme Closs)
Auto garage and flags metal rebar, Jayme Closs would walk her to see him, go back, numbers.
Aka? Dawn Gordon Jayme Closs, id, renee is a hero, rx (no clue how this is related to Jayme Closs missing girl case unless its another Jayme, awful dream though)
Road block ??? wisteria lane south west in Adamsville, missing girl Jayme Closs with Steven K.
Jayme Closs, wrong information, she had more than one fight with her parents, look in her room again (whatever was found in her room by LE has more to it and will provide a more accurate location than what they are going by right now)
Eau Claire, Jayme Closs Deerfield Road?
missing Jayme Closs and the deaths of James Closs and Denise Closs.jpg
Jayme Closs search map
DNA of Steven Procopio fount at home of James and Denise Closs in the bathroom.
Jayme Closs and the deaths of James Closs and Denise Closs 11185 16 October 2018 1 psychic prediction.jpg
These 2 dd's (dream drawings) from 10-16-2018 are related to a missing girl named Jayme Cross, I have opened a case file located at https://briansprediction.com/jayme
Jayme Closs and the deaths of James Closs and Denise Closs 11186 16 October 2018 2 psychic prediction.jpg
These 6 dd's are all about missing Jayme Closs and the deaths of James Closs and Denise Closs, the text is from all dreams and I've also included a search map.


Jayme Closs
Born Jayme Lynn Closs
July 13, 2005 (age 13)
United States
Disappeared October 15, 2018 (aged 13)
Found alive after 3 months
Nationality American
Height 5 ft 0 in (1.52 m)
Weight 100 lb (45 kg)
James Closs (father)
Denise Closs (mother)
On Monday, October 15, 2018, a 911 call was received from the Barron, Wisconsin, United States home of 13-year-old Jayme Lynn Closs and her parents. Upon arrival police found that Closs’ parents had been shot to death and the teenager was missing. Police believed Closs was abducted, and she was not a suspect in her parents’ deaths. 1 She was found alive on January 10, 2019, in Eau Claire Acres, about six miles east of Gordon, Wisconsin. 2 3 A suspect, Jake Thomas Patterson, was taken into custody shortly after Closs was located. 4 5

Jayme Closs was 13 years old at the time of her disappearance. 6 An Amber Alert was issued nationwide around 3:30 pm on October 15. Closs was described as 5 feet tall, 100 lbs, with blonde or strawberry-blonde hair. 7 Prior to the murders and kidnapping, she had been last seen on October 14 at a family member's birthday party. 8 The Barron County Sheriff announced she had been found alive on January 10, 2019. 2

On the night of the disappearance, a 911 call was made from the home of the Closs family at around 1:00 am. 7 While the operator did not speak with anyone, they heard a disturbance and a lot of yelling. When the dispatcher attempted to call the number back, they received the voicemail of Denise Closs. 9 Upon arrival four minutes after the call, police noticed that the front door had been shot in, and Jayme's parents, James Closs (56 years old) and Denise Closs (46 years old), were dead from gunshot wounds. 10 Police, at the time, said they had no suspects in their deaths.

The family dog was still in the home when officers arrived, and it was believed that Jayme was home at the time of the shooting, based on details in the 911 call and evidence from the home. No gun was recovered after searching the home. 11

Two vehicles were spotted on surveillance footage near the Closses' residence, with police identifying them as vehicles of interest. They were described as a red or orange 2008 - 2014 Dodge Challenger, and a black 2006 - 2010 Ford Edge or 2004 - 2010 Acura MDX. 8 Neighbors also said they heard two gunshots around 12:30 am on October 15, but dismissed them as hunting was common around their home and they did not call 911. 12

During an initial search on October 18, searchers concentrated on the sides of US Route 8, which is near the home. 11 On October 23, 2018 volunteers spent the day searching for the missing 13-year-old. A US$25,000 reward for any information leading to the location of Closs was issued on October 24. 14 On October 26, the reward was doubled to $50,000. 15

On the day before Halloween, which was also the day of Jayme's parents' funeral, a Wisconsin man was arrested for allegedly burgling the Closs home. Kyle Jaenke-Annis, 32, admitted to taking items from the home, and a search found he had stuffed two tank tops, a girl's dress and two pairs of girl's underwear in his coat pocket. The suspect told deputies that he took the items because he was "curious about what size Jayme was" and they were items no one would miss. Jaenke-Annis also said he did not know the Closs family, but he did work at the same Jennie-O Turkey Store that James and Denise Closs worked at. Jaenke-Annis was charged with burglary but cleared of any involvement in the disappearance of Jayme. 16

Jayme Closs reunited with her aunt and dog.
On January 10, 2019, the Barron County Sheriff's Department announced that Jayme Closs had been found near Gordon, Wisconsin, and a suspect had been taken into custody. Late on January 10, investigators blocked all roads leading to a cabin in the 14100 block of South Eau Claire Acres Circle as they combed for evidence. A cabin at that address was previously owned by Patterson's parents, but ownership was turned over to the Superior Choice Credit Union about a week after the October 15 abduction. 17 In a Facebook post at 7:55 pm, Sheriff Fitzgerald announced that the Douglas County Sheriff's Department had located Closs alive. He stated: "Shortly after this a suspect was taken into custody in regards to this case. We do not have any other details at this time as this is a very fluid and active investigation. We will not be answering any questions or taking calls on this tonight." 18

A KMSP-TV report said the relatives of Closs did not recognize the name of the kidnapper. 19 According to reports by KSTP-TV, a Douglas County woman was walking her dog Thursday afternoon when she was interrupted by a teenage girl who ran up to her screaming that a man had murdered her parents. 20 The woman took her to a neighbors' house in order to call the police and for shelter. 21 According to KARE-TV, Jayme told the neighbors she knew the name of the person who took her and explained that the same person had killed her parents. As they waited for police to arrive, Jayme also told the neighbors the captor had kept her just a few houses down, in the same Eau Claire Acres neighborhood of Gordon, Wisc. The neighbors described Jayme as calm and quiet, but they said she also appeared dazed and was surprised the neighbors recognized her from news coverage. Jayme's description of the suspect and his vehicle, according to police, led deputies to arrest the suspect within a matter of minutes. 22 Jayme was found in Gordon at 4:43 p.m., and the suspect was taken into custody at 4:54 p.m.

Child safety advocate and kidnapping survivor Elizabeth Smart described the recovery as a miracle and described Closs as a hero, commenting: "What a brave, strong, and powerful survivor! No matter what may unfold in her story let’s all try to remember that this young woman has survived and whatever other details may surface the most important will still remain that she is alive." 23 24 25

Jake Thomas Patterson
Born 1997/1998 (age 21–22)
Criminal charge Two counts of first-degree intentional homicide, and one count of kidnapping
Minutes after Closs was found, a Douglas County sheriff's deputy spotted a car described by Closs as belonging to the suspect. Authorities took the driver, 21-year-old Jake Thomas Patterson, into custody. Patterson faces two counts of first-degree intentional homicide and one count of kidnapping. 21 Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald said Patterson had no previous criminal history in Wisconsin. 26

Patterson is in custody in Barron County, authorities said at a news conference on the morning of January 11. The house in Gordon where Patterson allegedly held Closs captive is owned by Patterson's father. 27

Jayme_Closs_found__Jayme_Closs_Dream_number_11235_24_October_2018_2_psychic_prediction.jpg Jayme_Closs_found__Jayme_Closs_Dream_number_11234_24_October_2018_1_psychic_prediction.jpg Jayme_Closs_found__Jayme_Closs_Colton_Treu_Dream_number_11270_1_November_2018_5_psychic_prediction.jpg Jayme_Closs_found__Jayme_Closs_and_the_deaths_of_James_Closs_and_Denise_Closs_11185_16_October_2018_1_psychic_prediction.jpg Jayme_Closs_found__James_Closs_found_Dream_number_11239_26_October_2018_1_psychic_prediction.jpg
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