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Here is just a few of this months confirmed predictions


Turns out this dream was in French and it contained winning lottery numbers for the France Lotto!

A dream from the 21st of February 2021 may be related to the Golf Pro Tiger Woods auto accident on February 23rd of the same year. 
This is a dream from February 14th, 2018 about an upcoming pandemic - the dream says A new virus from Wuhan China kills 623,733 people in the USA by July 4th, 2021 the same day Donald Trump dies of a natural heart attack CO 19 RNA 
The death of Larry King - 3 dreams from the past 4 years confirms what really happened and how this will affect Anderson Cooper from CNN 
Explosion In Downtown Nashville, Believed To Be Intentional Injures At Least 3 - this happened on December 25th 2020 these are past dreams from 2020 that may be related to this event and the upcoming attacks 
January 9th 2021 - Sriwijaya Air plane carrying 62 people goes missing after takeoff from Jakarta - this dream from December 5th of 2020 is related and the next crash will be in 216 days 
A dream from January 6th 2021 says Eurojackpot again no fives - 323646 10 4 5X 6 maybe nine - just 2 weeks later and YES there was a winning - more on this later 
This earthquake prediction was 100 percent correct and the next major quake will be a magnitude 9 2 in San Francisco California on November 7th or 8th 2021 
Fire in Pittsburg on February 8th 2021 is related to this dream 
Another winning lottery dream!! yes I do realize I'm posting too many of these dreams publically but I still do offer private picks for anything! Euromillions numbers dream from the 15th of December 2020 hit the December 18th draw 
A dream from January 17th 2020 says GME buy GameStop Stock now a year later and people are now rich 
There was a shooting at a The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine today - December 13th 2020 - it was in the USA not Amsterdam but this dream from the 7th of December still might be related. 
November 29th 2020 - These dreams are related to past and upcoming monolith spottings across the world - December 21st 2020 is the day the final one and the map will be complete - expect alien ufo contact on that date. 
The death of Henry Louis Aaron was predicted from a dream on the night of January 8th 2021 
2 Killed In Small Plane Crash Along State Highway 360 Service Road In Grand Prairie on December 21st, 2020 this dream from the 19th of the same month maybe related, I still need to verify the details