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Private lottery numbers once a week until you win!


Here is another offer for just $20 a month...  Once a week, on Sunday, you will receive a set of lottery numbers chosen by me just for you. The numbers come from the lucid dreaming sessions I usually do very early in the morning. I will update these numbers every Sunday if needed until you win. This offer is good for one lottery of your choice and I will only pick new numbers one time a week and only until you win once.  This offer is limited to around 10 new clients as I can only do so many.  I will personally contact you via email within 24 hours of ordering this service...please make sure that the lottery you choose is the lottery you will stay with until you win.



September 30th, 2022:  Hurricane Ian is finally out of here...fortunately, we made it with very little damage to our home, but most importantly everyone is safe and sound! I have 7 days worth of dreams to post for the remainder of this month and I'm still working on several reading requests.

July 12th 2022: NEW DREAM READING SERVICE:   Over the past several months, mainly due to health reasons, I have been doing less and less free dream readings. Not because I don't want to, it's just the number of requests has gotten beyond my capabilities. So starting today I will not be doing any new general readings until I get caught up with past requests. For those who would still like to have me do personal dream readings, I'm offering a new service that I think will please everyone.   I'm offering a bi-monthly personal dream reading that includes dream drawing scans, personal notes, and a recorded translation by me. I will do the readings on a first come first serve basis and email my results to you every first and third Sunday each month. I'm also making it as close to free as possible, just 20 bucks a month and you can cancel at any time. That's 2 full dream readings a month for only $20.   Also, before I start, I will need you to tell me what you want the upcoming readings to be about, please keep it as general as possible. You can request anything, even lottery numbers if you wish, just don't make it too complex.  Anyways, I hope this works out better for everyone, including me.  


To sign up, click here,  after doing so, please send your one-time request to dreamreading@briansprediction.com  (this email is for new requests only)


Expect you first reading to arrive on the 1st and third Sunday of every month. 


April 13th 2022:  I'm back again after a few months of health issues, sorry for the delay posting mu dreams now.  BTY I have 13 correct public lottery numbers hit so far this year...and dozens of close calls. 


December 19th, 2021:  I'm back posting my dreams, was out for a week due to medical issues, will be posting soon, I hope.


November 5th 2021:  It's finally ready and this could be the product that changes your life!  I'll say no more, other than visit this page now.




October 9th 2021: I taught my cat to roll over...



October 1st 2021:  Brian Laundrie search in on, this is the page I will be posting live video updates on the areas currently being searched. 

live Brian Laundrie search map



September 21st 2021: Due to the increased traffic cause by several open missing person cases, my site has crash several times...so please make sure you login first, as this seems to fix the problem.


September 11th 2021:  Was attacked by a bird today :)  Actually they are just very friendly birds.


September 7th 2021:  Have been working on 16 new missing person cases and have some good news to share soon!


August 25th 2021:  Free lottery picks by mail...let me do the work for you, it's totally free.


August 17th 2021:  After 10 years I'm finally after to offer my Miracle Seeds again, grow just one and change your life, details here.


July 29th 2021:  Another dozen or more lottery dreams have come true since April of this year, visit this page to see them!  Oh, and I have finished three more subliminal sessions since then too, see my store to download them now


April 22nd 2021: The server move is finally completed, took way longer and way more money than was expected...but its finally done


March 31st 2021: The process of moving to a faster server starts today, it will take days to complete and the site will go down a lot. Signup for my email alerts here to find out when the move is complete. Brian



February 21st 2021:  Moving to a new server, its a little more than I want to pay a month but it should make my site much faster and allow people to stream dream reviews directly from my site. If you wish to help support the move please consider donating, and as always, I will do my best to give you a timely and accurate free dream reading. Brian


November 15th 2020:  I'm just getting caught up on requests and readings...also added new subliminal session to my store see this page for more.


September 15th: I'm back and alive! also  had time to make 5 more subliminal sessions! see this page to download now.


August 31st 2020:  I'm staying in the hospital for 2 days, I have my phone with me...my aortic aneurysm is getting bigger, that's not a good thing. Will still be posting dreams and doing other work.




August 9th 2020: Four more subliminal sessions have been completed. 

July 28th 2020: My new Miracle Cures Subliminal audio sessions are ready! I have 4 new 9 hours sessions ready to go, see my new site at Subliminal_Session_11_-_Good_luck_and_fortune_change_your_brain_cells_and_change_your_life.jpegSubliminal_Session_17_-_happiness_and_love_-_make_every_day_its_best_and_others_will_follow___.jpegSubliminal_Session_16_-_Motivation_and_Health_-_wakeup_a_new_you_in_7_days_or_less.jpegSubliminal_Session_15_-_LOVE_POTIONS_AND_RELATIONSHIPS.jpegSubliminal_Session_12_-_general_health_wellbeing_and_rapid_weight_loss_while_you_sleep.jpegSubliminal_Session_14_-_AMAZING_YOU_-_CELL_REPROGRAMMING.jpegSubliminal_Session_10_-_Body_pain_from_head_to_toe_sleep_and_wake_pain-free.jpegSubliminal_Session_7_-_Pain_relief_all_day_every_day_in_just_one_week_8_hours_plus.jpegSubliminal_Session_4_Sleep_Finally__9_hours_28_minutes_by_Brian_Ladd.jpegSubliminal_Session_5__Motivation__recharge_your_body_while_you_sleep_8_hours__23_minutes.jpegSubliminal_session__20__Family2C_friends2C_and_relationships_subliminal_affirmations_by_Brian_Ladd.jpegSubliminal_Session_2__Cold_and_Flu_cure_andprevention_plus_covid19_8_hours_43_minutes__by_Brian.jpegSubliminal_Session_3__Death_and_overcoming_the_fear_of_death_8_hours_23_minutes.jpegDepression_-_Things_always_get_better_and_your_cells_know_it.jpegSession_9_-_Anxiety_disorders_-_just_play__yes_its_really_that_simple.jpeg

July 25th 2020:  Winning lottery dreams from 3 February to July 20th, 2020 - these are dreams that have had winners!! If you want me to pick personal winning numbers for any lottery in the world see this page today https://missingpersonpsychic.com/win

July 8th 2020:  Well I MADE Jacob get out the the house today... this is his first time out since the quarantine. My wife and I took him to the beach while the other three stayed home and played video games. Look how thrilled he is to finally get outside and see the ocean..and tonight I'm going to cut his hair :)




March 27th 2020: I will be gone for a little while will be back soon, I'll try my best to complete readings requests and posting my nightly dreams.  Please STAY HOME - AND LOVE EACH OTHER (well, that came out wrong,,,but you know what I mean)



March 26th 2020: Getting worse...please STAY HOME, you do not want to get this!


March 25th 2020: As of right now, there are supposed to be only 68,960 cases of the corona virus in the USA...this number has got to be way low!! Our president said this would be over soon...well I can't smell a thing right now, and I'm getting a fever. This illness feels nothing like the flu...at least for me. It's not that bad so far, but I see ow this could easily kill someone who has already had breathing problems. Sort of like breathing air with no oxygen levels...please STAY HOME and if you have kids..act like they already have it without symptoms.


March 23rd 2020: I hope everyone's family members are safe...please stay home...this event too will pass. My son and wife both work at Walmart and I'm proud of them! Right now Samuel , my18-year-old son, is wiping down Walmart shopping carts with a disinfecting solution. I'm going to give blood and whatever else I can do for my community. Stay Strong :)

Oh, I'm also removing the pay wall on my site for the next 60 days so people can save a few cents...it all helps...trust me. If it were not for donations, I could not do what I do.


February 17th, 2020:  Recent lottery winner!  If you want to win too...sign up today while I'm still doing this...




February 8th 2020:  Sadness...anyway, today is my birthday.



January 24th,2020:  I don't feel that well...at least I tried :(  Still recording dreams, just too depressed to post them.  When I get back home I will try...



January 1st, 2020:  HAPPY NEW YEAR, and I promise I'll try my best in everything I do this year, and I'll also try and stay out of the hospital as much as possible :)



December 31st 2019: Thee are all public lottery number from all of this month!  Remember, I still offer a guaranteed lottery win service, so if you really want to win ANY lottery in 2020...become a member and order my guaranteed lottery win offer now as this serve ends when I have too many requests to handle.





December 29th 2019: These are notes form a psychotic episode I had last night... it's been a while since my symptoms have shown themselves...unfortunately. After being in an utter state of pure panic without being able to scream (for hours) this is what I saw...and some of what I saw will make someone other than me a multi-millionaire.




November 9th 2019:  Public lottery number dream predictions for October 2019, not all of these have been confirmed yet. I still offer private lottery readings, see this page.




November 9th 2019:  Slow down, here is how, because I love you. Grow single tomato seed in your bedroom, keep it alive without the sun. On the 77th day God will send you a message in your dream (Note: I had another dream similar 2 weeks ago...I did not share it with you, well now I HIGHLY suggest doing what I'm doing...and its super hard!!




August 10th 2019: These are our newest family members :)




August 8th 2019: These are the public dreams that have come true in regards to lottery numbers...there maybe more, but this is what I've confirmed so far.  I'm also still offering personal lottery picks guaranteed to win a major jackpot with any lottery in the world!  see this page now, before it's too late!!  Date and time verification of every dream I have, as always, is posted with archive.org and via my nightly ream mailing list...here is the link to the last one sent on August 1st 2019.  If you're not a member of my nightly dream mailing list, signup here..it's totally free.


 Dream_number_12028_22_July_2019_6_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_12027_22_July_2019_5_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11632_28_January_2019_3_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11631_28_January_2019_2_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11639_28_January_2019_10_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11636_28_January_2019_7_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11640_28_January_2019_11_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11635_28_January_2019_6_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11585_15_January_2019_3_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11576_14_January_2019_2_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11549_8_January_2019_5_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11634_28_January_2019_5_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11523_2_January_2019_4_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11534_4_January_2019_1_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11535_4_January_2019_2_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11836_5_April_2019_3_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11834_5_April_2019_1_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11833_3_April_2019_5_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11835_5_April_2019_2_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11827_2_April_2019_3_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11824_1_April_2019_4_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11822_1_April_2019_2_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11889_16_June_2019_1_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11865_14_May_2019_2_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11859_10_May_2019_5_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11855_10_May_2019_1_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11854_9_May_2019_6_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11848_8_May_2019_5_psychic_prediction.jpg Dream_number_11846_8_May_2019_5_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11841_7_May_2019_1_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11815_29_March_2019_5_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11819_30_March_2019_4_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11814_29_March_2019_3_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11811_26_March_2019_4_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11810_26_March_2019_3_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11807_24_March_2019_3_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11787_16_March_2019_3_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11782_14_March_2019_6_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11791_17_March_2019_2_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11789_16_March_2019_5_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11785_16_March_2019_1_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11781_14_March_2019_5_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11763_11_March_2019_2_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11764_11_March_2019_3_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11749_2_March_2019_1_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11836_5_April_2019_3_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11835_5_April_2019_2_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11834_5_April_2019_1_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11833_3_April_2019_5_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11827_2_April_2019_3_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11824_1_April_2019_4_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11822_1_April_2019_2_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11963_28_June_2019_4_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11959_26_June_2019_3_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11894_10_June_2019_1_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_12043_28_July_2019_2_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_12041_27_July_2019_3_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_12039_27_July_2019_1_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_12031_23_July_2019_3_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_12027_22_July_2019_5_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_12021_21_July_2019_3_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_12005_16_July_2019_1_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_11980_6_July_2019_2_psychic_prediction.jpg


July 24th, 2019: The last 3 weeks of my dreams (7/1 to 7/22/19, just got back from chemo so I have about 20 dreams to add of today, July 28th, 2019 (sorry, this is awful:(


March 2nd 2019: Should be home from the hospital this Friday, seems these stays are getting longer and longer.


February 19th 2019:  Still in and out of the hospital, trying to get meds right, next surgery will be in June :(


January 25th 2019:  2/1/2019 Multiple nights in the ER January 29 to February 4th, 2019 aweful feelings with my heart and body :(




Will be in the hospital until further notice...will try my best to record and document my dreams and finish doing personal requests. My aorta has gotten larger (4.5m) since the valve replacement in September so I may need another open heart procedure at JFK hospital. This means using another bone saw to reopen my sternum...great joy here. FYI I turn 50-years-old on the 8th of February. I'm still taking reading requests and actually have more free time in the hospital than I do at home (and for some reason hospital DDs test to be even more accurate that than those taken from my room) so if you have a question, please ask it...I still need to earn an living.


or if you wish to donate please use


Any amount would really be appreciated.


January 25th 2019:  Well, it turns out I'm going to need another open heart surgery!! At this point I really don't care anymore...the sadness is unbelievable.




January 8th 2019: Not 100% sure yet, but these 2 lottery dreams from the same night may have helped to prove a new lucid dreaming technique I use I first wake up in the morning...if so then public lottery requests are taking just weeks, not months and years to come true!

And remember, I do offer a private lottery numbers service with guaranteed results...see https://missingpersonpsychic.com/win as there may be new slots open today. (if not, check back in a month or so)




January 5th, 2019: I AM GOING TO DIE..

If I don't change my ways right now. Before I explain this I want to share a quick summary of my life to date.  I was born with a bicuspid aortic heart valve, with means my valve only has two leaflets compared to a normal of three. Your aortic heart valve regulates all the blood exiting your heart and is about the width of a quarter. When I was born (1969 Loraedo, TX USAF hospital) doctors thought it was a hole in my heart, growing up I remember to allot of wires (EKG's) but with no ill effects...I was even able to join the US Army in 1989 with a waver and served 12 years with no issues. It was not until I was 40 or so I noticed something was wrong, so I had an ultrasound done and discovered that I would need surgery by the time I was 50 or I would die of heart failure. Nine years later, I went into heart failure...my body was filling up with fluid and I could barely breathe.

On another note, I was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2005, a condition that runs in my family...I lost my uncle and little sister to what 'the voices' told them to do. My condition is treatable and I believe helps me to use my dreams and voices to predict future events...I also believe its possible that anyone can do this, not just me.

What it's like hearing voices?

This is the best way I can explain it for the normal person...most people have thoughts racing in their minds during the day, these voices are commonly called self-talk. Most of the time self-talk is repetitive and useless...but the normal person is aware that this self-talk is coming from their own brain...in a schizophrenic person, she or he sometimes is not aware of the source of this brain activity.  Ever since my open heart surgery this year, I've been almost totally inactive and eating way more food than I should...right now I weight 250-pounds (39 BMI) versus my normal bodyweight of 180...this is awful, embarrassing and will kill me if I don't do something about it now. Make no mistake, being overweight is my fault and there are no excuses...not even medical issues.

As you may have noticed in my blog, I love food...and luckily the food I enjoy is mostly healthy. I used to run on a daily basis and doing so let me eat basically as much as I wanted plus I'm fortunate that I don't like sweet stuff and sugary drinks. So starting today I'm going to get back into shape...I'm also start using past dreams to help me do so. I have set a goal for myself, a high goal, but an achievable goal...I want to run and fishing (don't care what place) the Saint Judes Memphis Marathon on December 7th, 2019  If you wish to follow my progress or share yours on Fit bit, please do so...I have more than 10 months to be ready...and I will be.  I will also be posting my progress in on my blog, if you need to lose weight, maybe what I'm doing can help you too achieve your goal.


Brian_Ladd_1.JPGBrian_Ladd_2~0.JPGBrian_Ladd_12.jpg Brian_Ladd_9.JPGBrian_Ladd_6.JPGBrian_Ladd_1.jpgBrian_Ladd_2.JPGSaint_Judes_Memphis_Marathon_on_December_7th_2019.jpg


December 31st to January 2nd, 2019 was spent in the hospital...again! I had a bp of 210 over 120! This was related my new On-x aortic heart valve...my blood pressure is normal now and hopefully, I will not need to spend any more nights in the hospital...but the staff was wonderful and the food was great!




December 23rd 2018:  Another stay in the hospital, sort of serious but I'll be ok...the food is great, maybe I'll come back for more :)




November 29th 2018: Ok, we waited...an guess what?? The numbers on this dream sketch about a shooting confirmation were lottery numbers...winning lottery numbers! The small numbers with a circle around them were 10, 33, 51, 56, 58, 18 US Powerball winning numbers from November 24th, 2018 (a week later) were 11, 33, 51, 56, 58 and bonus number 18, OK so I got the 10 wrong but still what are the odds of this?




November 14th 2018:  I'm home and feel great, walked about 9 miles yesterday! Anyway, I'm reading to go back to work and I plan on making a thousand or so mile drive shortly. I hope I'm successful in helping to locate Jayme Closs, if anyone wishes to chip in gas money, please make a site donation as soon as possible.  Dreams from November 11th, 12th and 13th are from my hospital room...I did not have my usual diary sketch paper so I used whatever I had...sorry :(




November 11th to the 13th 2018: Back in the hospital due to issues with my new on-x aortic heart valve, pretty scary event. (November 10th to the 13th 2018, Brian Ladd) November 14th, 2018, I'm still alive!!!  These are my newsletter posts while in the hospital:

11/12/18  I have recorded 10 lucid dreams for the past two nights and will be posting up when I get home hopefully tomorrow. https://goo.gl/dCwPPe  11/10/18 and 11/11 I realize this email looks terrible but I�m using my iPhone 5s In the icu with lots of wires attached to me.  Complications due to My heart valve replacement surgery I hopefully will be out in a day or so. This is getting old :(  Brian  https://goo.gl/kCerkV https://goo.gl/1mot7A https://goo.gl/GL2RpU




November 3rd 2018: On my way to Barron, Wisconsin to search for missing teen, Jayme Closs...I will be driving from Florida so it might take me a few days.  (11.13.10 IMPORTANT UPDATE: My heart failed and I did not have the money to go, I'm back from the hospital and feeling great now...will go as soon as I have the funds to do so. If anyone wishes to support this mission, please make a site donation soon, and thank you very much.)


October 6th 2018: OK, the recovery period was longer and harder than I excepted, maybe I'm just a wimp...anyway I feel much better today and I'm ready to go back to work. The clicking noise of my new heart valve is loud enough to be heard across a room and is going to take some time to get used to.


September 28th 2018: September 28th, 2018, over one week after aortic heart valve replacement with an On-x mechanical valve, the noise is so loud my son can hear it across a room, oddly enough I can barely notice it. If I had a pet cricket and it lived in the back of my throat, that's what this new valve feels like...and I LOVE IT!


September 23rd, 2018: I am back from the hospital after open heart surgery, even though it was probably one of the worst times of my life, I'm getting better my heart is fine now and they're no other problems. Unfortunately, I was not able to record my dreams from last week but was able to have dreams from last night September 23rd, 2018 (an upcoming plane crash, mass shooting, and I think 2 new dreams about a missing persons, all may happen from 9.27 to 10.15.2018, oh and 2 lottery number dreams) and will be posting them when I get my laptop back. I am ready to start posting dreams my nightly dreams and doing requests.  YouTube copy here

September 22nd, 2018: This is the last time I trying to do this today. Aortic heart valve replacement surgery that I had on Tuesday, well it's been five days now since I was installed a new On-X aortic heart valve it seems to be going just fine I don�t like of the other news but the heart is good. God bless everybody Brian (PS This video were very hard on me emotional to make...sorry :)


September 15th, 2018: Two days before Aortic Valve Replacement Surgery with an On-x artificial valve. I just got back from a mile walk, heartbeat of 115 bpm. I've heard that with this new valve I'm going to hear a clicking noise for the rest of my life....wonderful! Stay tuned...


9.10.2018: On September 18th, 2018 I will have my heart stopped for approximately one hour for an aortic valve replacement procedure. This is the first time in my life I have had my heart stopped on purpose. I will try my best to remember and document what I see, feel and hear (if anything) during this event. When I wake up...hopefully, I will post my experience here :)

9.7.2018:  OK, I'm crying right now...and honestly its about my own death but I even more concerned how my wife and 4 kids would react of my death.. .I'm truly scared to death about having my heart and lungs stopped, ripping open my chest, cutting the top of my heart off and inserting a new aortic valve. It's not just the cost (the state is paying 60%) or that fact I'm not sure how to pay the rest...mainly I'm concerned of how my 4 kids and wife being sad if I die ) If you want to support my co-pay for this surgery, please do so here...and in return I will give you a free reading after all this is over. Love always, Brian


9.6.2018: We got a new family member today, say hello to Willow!




9.4.2018:  I'm back home now and just one more operation to go, this one involves replacing my aortic valve with this shiny new one! Surgery is scheduled for September 17th, 2018 and should be in the hospital for a few days afterward. As always, I will try and record my dreams and do personal dream requests from my phone.



9.2.2018:  This is amazing! The August 31st, 2018 mega million lottery numbers ALL matched from this August 27th, 2018 dream... from the 4th floor in the Port Saint Lucie hospital! proving universal conscious again works ANYWHERE! Australia Saturday Lottery, dream from August 26th, 2018 exactly matches numbers from the September 1st, 2018 draw, and yes these dreams come straight from my hospital room. Again proving universal conscious again works ANYWHERE!


megamillions_lottery_winner_aug_31st_2018_Dream_number_10995_27_August_2018_2_psychic_prediction.jpgaustralia_saturday_lottery_winner_Dream_number_10994_27_August_2018_1_psychic_prediction.jpg Dream_number_11003_31_August_2018_1_psychic_prediction.jpgDream_number_10996_27_August_2018_3_psychic_prediction.jpg


8.30.2018:  Day 4 at the hospital, bunch of procedures today, pretty cool medical equipment they have today. Should a valve replacement in a few days then I can come home.





8.22.2018: I have heard the awful news that Mollie was found dead, very sad situation. I have redone this case several times and I still am not getting anything close as to what supposedly happened and why...not even close. Seems ever since the US Vice President visited the family things changed. I realize that my DD's are wrong and I don't want to start any conspiracy, but I still have a feeling that the person that confessed to doing this did not, and the current US President had something to do with it.




8.22.2018: I have heard the awful news that Mollie was found dead, very sad situation. I have redone this case several times and I still am not getting anything close as to what supposedly happened and why...not even close. Seems ever since the US Vice President visited the family things changed. I realize that my DD's are wrong and I don't want to start any conspiracy, but I still have a feeling that the person that confessed to doing this did not, and the current US President had something to do with it.

8.7.2018: It seems this and several other dreams are related to a missing woman from Ohio, Mollie Tibbetts. As of August 4th, 2018 I have opened a case at briansprediction.com/mollie and will post all new information there. This case is different from many that I have done in the past and will be requesting help from a close friend of mine, Gale Saint John. Gale is probably the most accurate and well-known psychic alive today. She's also a panel member on CNN and the Nancy Grace show when they need an alternative expert. Gale is much more talented than I am when it comes to finding missing people. That said, sometimes too much publicly around psychic search can be a bad thing, the negativity that comes with psychic investigations sometimes hurt good-hearted people just trying to help. I'm not sure Mollie is alive but I know for she that in this case, the family members were not involved. I will be personally driving up to Ohio by myself and if I find anything tenable, I will report this to OUTSIDE LE and the families website. Although I appreciate the help, I do not need any assistance in searching and will be traveling there on my own time, and my own dime.  Brian 

P.S. Site donations however are always accepted and appreciated,, if you care to make a site donation please use this link.




8.6.2018: OK, so my uncle and sister had Schizophrenia and both are now gone today because of their illness, does this mean I'm next...NO...NEVER.  Another thing I did not realize until a few days ago, just because I may have what educated people to diagnose as Schizophrenia, leads people to think that I'm paranoid and imagining things like the Secret Service or the FBI visiting me...well...you're wrong. The FBI, Local LE, CIA, DHS and the ATF have all been to my house 4 times in the past 5 months and if anyone cares to check on this feel free. The last visit, by the Secret Service, included an entire house search, taking my kid's personal information and interviewing my wife. So did this make me mad, no I allowed without a warrant or even a second thought...If you're doing nothing wrong you should appreciate that your government actually care about keeping its citizens safe.  Every government agency that has visited my home was professional, courteous and was NOT OUT TO GET ME. That said, I really wonder why the president of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA thinks the way he does. That's a lie, I know why...SAD and I'M not alone...I've recorded every time a person that works for President Trump has been in my house and would not think twice about making these recordings public...cause that's the what we are supposed to do when employed by the US Government...be 100% transparent. North Korea (DPRK the polite way of saying it) issues...I spent a year of my life defending the DMZ and listening to all sort of Noth Korean propaganda...and that's all it was until Trump. There comes a time when real military leaders voice their opinion of the CAC WITHOUT using the CHAIN OF COMMAND. Your dear leader knows how that works and has been taking advantage of it since January 20th, 2017...if you don't say something....well, you're smart enough to realize what dreams I don't want to come true.


 7.30.2018: This dream from June 29th of 2018 and several like it from late last year detail what Russia has in store for current US President, PLEASE LOOK AT THIS NOW AS EVENTS ARE ALREADY HAPPENING.



6.25.2018: The US Secret Service visited me today along with local LE. I know see why there have been very few incidents involving assassination attempts on US politicians both current and present. Very professional and thorough the SS agent knew more about me than I did...keep up the good work, especially under the current administration.


 4.23.2018: Nashville Waffle House shooting on April 22nd, 2018, this is the current location of Travis Reinking psychic prediction Brian Ladd, James Shaw.  Travis Reinking, the man who...wait...James Shaw, the HERO that prevented Travis from killing even more people Nashville TN Waffle House is at this location. And before the FBI and DHS make another visit to my house...this is all I know of his current location. 1:06 AM April 23rd, 2018 local time. This does not make any sense, but with the data, I'm working with (my retarded brain) and using Google, this is where he is. If you have used dogs to track him, or have already searched this area, I suggest you try again or use another method.  Brian  more details here



4.17.2018: We got another Hamster!! Oh, sorry Guinea pig!! Absolutely amazing!! when I stop petting him, he moves his head toward my hand until I continue...reminds me of my Border Collie Maggie. This is our second Guinea pig in one week, felt bad that the first one was all alone.  Oh, and I'm still figuring out how I'm going to do this writing in blood thing, I got a old school pen, the kind you need to keep dipping into ink.




4.16.2018: Starting on May 1st, 2018 all my dreams will be recorded in my own blood, this includes all private readings and general requests. If anyone has an issue with this...well...sorry, but too bad. If you still wish to follow me then get used to it! As for the reason why I 'm doing this...it's a challenge from someone I have been having issues with after the death of my sister on Halloween night 2016. A challenge that came in the form of dozens of dreams since that awful day...MY ONLY SISTER was murdered by a man who used to call himself JESUS CHRIST! I donate blood every eight weeks and have no problem s with needles or whatever it takes to record my dreams, and I'm not sure...but I'm guessing my fountain pen will do just fine.


4.13.2018: Addition police officers at Port Saint Lucie high school, this photo was taken by my son who also informed me that the student arrested yesterday may have been planning a school shooting.  Sadly, the school has not said a word to either the students or parents.




4.17.2018: We got another Hamster!! Oh, sorry Guinea pig!! Absolutely amazing!! when I stop petting him, he moves his head toward my hand until I continue...reminds me of my Border Collie Maggie. This is our second Guinea pig in one week, felt bad that the first one was all alone.  Oh, and I'm still figuring out how I'm going to do this writing in blood thing, I got a old school pen, the kind you need to keep dipping into ink.




4.16.2018: Starting on May 1st, 2018 all my dreams will be recorded in my own blood, this includes all private readings and general requests. If anyone has an issue with this...well...sorry, but too bad. If you still wish to follow me then get used to it! As for the reason why I 'm doing this...it's a challenge from someone I have been having issues with after the death of my sister on Halloween night 2016. A challenge that came in the form of dozens of dreams since that awful day...MY ONLY SISTER was murdered by a man who used to call himself JESUS CHRIST! I donate blood every eight weeks and have no problem s with needles or whatever it takes to record my dreams, and I'm not sure...but I'm guessing my fountain pen will do just fine.


4.13.2018: Addition police officers at Port Saint Lucie high school, this photo was taken by my son who also informed me that the student arrested yesterday may have been planning a school shooting.  Sadly, the school has not said a word to either the students or parents.


4.12.2018: A student in custody after ammunition, 'items of concern' found at Port St. Lucie HS, I was visited by LE in early February regarding this upcoming event, here is the proof, but more importantly, I still don't feel that my son is same attending this school. more details




4.4.2018:  Australian OZ Lottery, ALL numbers correct for the April 3rd, 2018 Lottery! Dream even stated these numbers were for the April 3rd, 2018 Lottery, a Tatts Group lottery which turned out to be the owners of the OZ Lottery. The dream was from March 30th of the same year, a copy of all March dreams was sent on April 1st, 2018 to over 1,000 people...and guess what?  All dreams from March 2018 were sent via email with the time and date stamp, a copy of the email is also located at http://mailchi.mp/eac3404f8bee/march2018laddd free here. More to follow, and I'm very interested in the additional details posted on that March 30th dream.



4.3.2018:  Important Update: April 10th 2018, there might be a chance that this video may actually have evidence of a shipwreck from the 1600's that still has not been located...stay tuned, I will post updates on my site. www.BrianLadd.org

Wanted to film birds on the beach but could only find a few birds, did see a flock of something flying north. We had a really high tide and all the trash from the Atlantic washed up, in this video I show an example of what I found. Off camera, I found a doggie doo-doo station with bags and went back and pick up a few pounds of garbage, not nearly what I wanted to but will bring the kids this weekend. 'Surprise, let's pick up trash!!' I'm sure that will go over well :) BTY, I did have a dream about finding something on the beach a few weeks ago, did think it would be a 12-ounce diet coke can.




2.28.2018:  March 10th 2018, I'm in the hospital, please hold all my calls...will be home soon...I hope :) Ironically, I have more accurate dreams and can remember them longer in the hospital rather than at home. Even though I'm pretty sure there is no God, I'm still praying that I will be ok :(


2.28.2018: Site membership and login issues have been fixed, it turned out to be a PHP caching issue with Cloudflare. If you have been having problems logging in or not being able to access members area of my site, please try again now. New member slots are now open and if you wish to join, please follow this link. The new members only categories will also be ready shortly and I apologize for the delay...it will be worth the wait.


2.24.2018: Starting a new You tube channel called Florida Wildlife with Brian Ladd, have about 50 videos still left to post...not really site related but I enjoy doing it



2.18.2018 Thank you, Port Saint Lucie County LE, (F)FBI and DHS for believing in me, today's visit shows that on an individual level, thinking outside the box has not vanished with the 'Trump Dictatorship'...more to follow for those who actually care. The March 2018 school shooting will hopefully be avoided although, at this time my dreams are not specific enough to help LE, I'm humbled that a certain LE Officer even cared what a Psychic had to offer. I'm also proud of my local LE for taking the time to investigate all possible leads when it comes to the safety of children attending public school in Saint Lucie County, Florida...BTW, I have four children attending public school in Saint Lucie County.


UPDATE: March 12th 2018:  A 17-year-old Port St. Lucie High School student was arrested Thursday after police investigators said he had a firearm and ammunition and other "items of concern" in his backpack on campus. Tavaress Lashun Smith Jr. was confronted at school by a staff member after another student said Smith had a gun on him, said Sgt. Charlie Lumpkin, of the Port St. Lucie Police Department.  The staff member searched Smith's backpack and found a 9mm Taurus handgun, 70 rounds of ammunition, two magazines, two necklaces, 49 pieces of movie money in $100 bills and an electronic shocking device, Lumpkin said.  more detail here

2.14.2018: Valentines Day: February 14th, 2018, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. On February 14th, 2018, I received a phone call today concerning a school shoes ng at a school I'm very familiar with, thankfully we moved to Port Saint Lucie Florida before my child attended high school. Looking at the dream drawings from last week, last month and last year I'm certain that this is related to the shooting in Parkland, Florida today. The school mascot, motto, dd numbers and other information posted on at least 10 dreams from the past year match exactly however the message of the dream to me proves nothing, and I'm saddened to say that, it only proves that if Jesus is really real, he's a MURDERER and is just as guilty as Nikolaus Cruz of Stoneman high school. and if there any doubts that this dream was not about this awful event, look how many time the word Stoneman appears in my dreams since 2007! Also, at the time we lived in Coconut Creek, and from what my son just told me, the majority of ambulances are from there...still in shock, but my feeling toward a higher power still stand, my feeling of gun control (being in the military) have just changed. Please use the search bar on my site to find related school shooting predictions, I will post them when I get a chance. (more details are posted here



 The next two school shooting take place in March of 2018, this is a sketch of the shooters.


2.1.2018: All dreams from last month, January 2018 archive.org page is located here, site slideshow below.




1.30.2018: More confirmed dreams!




1.11.2018: Top secret Zuma satellite crashes to earth on January 6th, 2018 due to Russian spy sub emp microburst Elon Musk is murdered for no reason at all. These 4 dreams from January 3rd and 4th of the same month. Mr. Edgar Cayce told me to record the launch and what was going to happen to Zima, well it did! Here is the live video from my front yard on January 6th, 2018 unedited and uncut...



Do you believe in Jesus and the bible? I did once, but NEVER again! Magnitude 7.6 earthquake strikes near Great Swan Island, Honduras dream from the 7th of the same month says 'Luke 21:11 great swan awakes in 3 days' and 'Juan Orlando Hern�ndez god kills, luke 21:11' (Juan Herandez killed in Florida, I think) I was wrong about Florida, but I'm not wrong about there being NO GOD, God killed my little sister and I'll never forgive him for that. BTY Luke 21:11 says 'There will be great earthquakes, famines, and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven. New Living Translation There will be great earthquakes, and there will be famines and plagues in many lands, and there will be terrifying things and great miraculous signs'




1.2.2018: Sad again, not sure why...but for the past few days I don't have any reason to wake up...and I'm just waiting until bedtime.


10.6.17: Have not been feeling that well and it's affecting my work, should be OK soon, still recording my dream but that's about it. Hospital or no hospital, I WILL complete all past dream reading requests and I apologize for the delay (see bio for more info)


9.30.17: I was taking my daughter, Allison age 9, to Target to look for Animal Jam toys when out of nowhere a cat ran across the road and got hit by the car to my right. The cars right wheel caught the cat and took it around at least twice, maybe more. In this video, it looks like the cat would have been killed instantly, but miraculously the cat got up and ran away like nothing happened. I did go back to the scene and was unable to find the cat...a good thing. I've been driving for over 30 years and in all that time I've never seen a single animal actually get hit, I've seen the aftermath (and have personally buried many) but never the actual event. When we left, our cat, was at the doorstep and was not even close to my car, yet my daughter keeps saying the cat was going to get hit. This was a very strange thing for her to say, as she's never said anything similar to this before and our cat was clearly a safe distance away from our car. As I backed up I was explaining to her how smart cats actually were at avoiding danger and I felt like an idiot when not more than three minutes later, a cat got run over by a car. I was sort of in shock when I saw this and I was praying that Allison did not see it...she did not. Eventually, I decided to tell her since I had plans to go back.



9.17.2017: Hurricane Maria, really? my dreams say it will miss us...I hope so, this is getting ridiculous.


9.15.2017: Power has been restored in our area and will be back to work tomorrow, sorry for an issues this may have caused.

From archive.org September 4th to the 8th, 2017.


Everyone is still alive, should be back as soon as we get a little more power.


9.11.2017:  The storm seems to be getting worse and stronger than I expected...power is still on, but the lights are flashing.  When it goes out I'm not sure how long it will stay off, but I will try my best to keep posting to the site and working on reading requests.  Brian


9.9.2017: Weekly dream video review for this week was cut short due to the upcoming storm. (dream video review #63, September 3rd - 8th 2017 by Psychic Brian Ladd)


9.7.2017:  Getting ready for Hurricane Irma, so far it seems Port Saint Lucie (where we live) is heading right toward us.


8.23.2017: Solar Eclipse, August 21st 201 in South Carolina. 12 hour drive to get there and 20 hour drive to get back home...for a 60 second show, WELL WORTH IT.




7.1.2017: Since 2005 I've correctly predicted the exact numbers for over 1,000 lotteries worldwide and in many cases back then, I did not know what specifically the lottery numbers were for, but over time I got better. Today I average at least 10 correct lottery predictions for the EXACT lottery and on average it now takes me bless than 1 month! Doubt this, well all I can say is I did too but as one eventually realized that dreams really do predict future events...you get used to it. For the skeptic I would say look at the numbers I have right predicted for the next several months...at any one time, there are at least 15-20 of them...write down the numbers and prove or disprove it for yourself....simple as that...and remember, winning not be as enjoyable as you think. If you really want to win I highly suggest you let me personally pick winning numbers for you. and I promise, I will not give up until you win at least 10 million USD

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