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THIS I~1~0 Dream number 13229 29 June 2020 5 psychic prediction Dream number 13231 29 June 2020 7 psychic prediction Dream number 13232 29 June 2020 8 psychic prediction 1544-05-may-2006-prediction-brian-ladd-dream~0 found 1545-05-may-2006-prediction-brian-ladd-dream found 1545-05-may-2006-prediction-brian-ladd-dream~0 found 1548-05-may-2006-prediction-brian-ladd-dream found Audrey Moran found Dream number 11057 11 September 2018 2 psychic prediction Dream number 13228 29 June 2020 4 psychic prediction Dream number 13227 29 June 2020 3 psychic prediction 1546-05-may-2006-prediction-brian-ladd-dream found 1549-05-may-2006-prediction-brian-ladd-dream found Dream number 13230 29 June 2020 6 psychic prediction 1546-05-may-2006-prediction-brian-ladd-dream~0 found 1547-05-may-2006-prediction-brian-ladd-dream found 1547-05-may-2006-prediction-brian-ladd-dream~0 found 1548-05-may-2006-prediction-brian-ladd-dream~0 found 1549-05-may-2006-prediction-brian-ladd-dream~0 found 1550-05-may-2006-prediction-brian-ladd-dream found Cameron William Remmer  Breaking News THIS I~2~0 Audrey Moran missing Dream number 11056 11 September 2018 1 psychic prediction Dream number 13190 22 June 2020 1 psychic prediction Dream number 13216 27 June 2020 1 psychic prediction Dream number 13219 28 June 2020 1 psychic prediction Dream number 13225 29 June 2020 1 psychic prediction Karlie Guse missing Dream number 11450 14 December 2018 1 psychic prediction Dream number 13215 26 June 2020 2 psychic prediction Dream number 13226 29 June 2020 2 psychic prediction 

Noose’ found in Bubba Wallace’s garage was door pull, had been there since 2019, officials say  Play album slideshow


Reteach your cells with this free and simple daily program...this will work, so please give it a try. Cure any illness for free and right now  Play album slideshow


May 23rd 2020 - These maybe lottery numbers but I cannot read them feel free to try but it seems impossible to read these dream drawings from May 22nd of 2020  Play album slideshow


These are all related dreams regarding Joshua Vallow and his sister Tylee Ryan one dream was from December and the other May now all that's left in this dream prediction is the death of Chad on August 13th,2020 in cell 3294  Play album slideshow


Bodies Found on Chad Daybell's Property Belonged to Children, Prosecutors This dream from May 30th came true exactly - you must see this as there are too many details I need to verify first. Chad Daybell and Lori Vallow will both be killed.  Play album slideshow


6/5/2020 I can't breathe...dream prediction from May 20th, 2020 says it all and what is to come, please do not let this office get murdered in jail. George Floyd's death is the cause of his killer's murder in jail, this is his cell number  Play album slideshow


May 26th, 2020 Upcoming Space / Nasa launch accident, this is the single switch that will cause the event, and it's not related to the death of Donald Trump.  Play album slideshow


Another winning lottery numbers dream this time it turned out to be Japanese not Hebrew either way all 6 numbers hit Japan Lotto 6 numbers from May 15th hit on May 25th of 2020 all the numbers were correct this time  Play album slideshow


Call (612) 315-3145 i can't breathe, ex-police officer murdered in jail, PLEASE (not sure where) this dream from may 20th of 2020 is about this news story just 6 days later! 'I can't breathe': Man dies after pleading with an officer  Play album slideshow


May 4th, 2020 I was not sure what lottery this dream was for or even if it was about a lottery...well it was and it came did truly on May 2nd with the Canada 6 49 lottery  Play album slideshow


May 5th Another Lottery Winner! This dream from April 28th, 2020 gives the lottery name, numbers, and date to play! Well, look at this!! congratulations K (yes I know one number was missing but it still won)  Play album slideshow


The death of Boris Johnson and Queen Elizabeth II, both from something not expected both of these deaths are preventable  Play album slideshow


April 6th, 2020 Turns out these numbers from March were lottery numbers...New York Take 5 numbers to be exact, and all of them matched!  Play album slideshow


A dream from March 17th in another language! turned out to be lottery numbers for the France Lotto on March 21st, 2020!!!  Play album slideshow


This dream from March 14th 2020 says Italy, people numbers. Guess what? those numbers exactly matched the Million-day Lottery in ITALY just 3 days later and there was ONE winner! Monday, March 16, 2020 1 3 15 36 53  Play album slideshow


A dream from February 28th of 2020 exactly matched all numbers and the name of the lottery! Also, it was California Fantasy 5, not CA Fan.  Play album slideshow


Popular dreams from Jan and Feb of 2020  Play album slideshow


Confirmed dreams from February 18th 2020  Play album slideshow


This dream from February 3rd of 2020 exactly matched all numbers in Australia's Powerball lottery draw 1238 on February 6th!  Play album slideshow


On February 5th 2020 a Pegasus Airlines passenger plane broke into three pieces, this dream on January 1st, 2020 has come true!  Play album slideshow


This dream from January of 2020 exactly matched Israel Lotto draw number 3219 on Feb 1st, 2020 and those numbers were 8 12 26 28 32 33 3 !  Play album slideshow


Another successful pattern winner! This time ALL numbers hit for the UK Thunderball Lottery for January 29th of 2020 and just how many twos there were  Play album slideshow


2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) related dreams by Psychic Brian Ladd  Play album slideshow


Without a doubt this dream from January 23rd, 2020 is related to the death of basketball star Kobe Bryant just 4 days later..and yes there is a God  Play album slideshow


Harley Dilly missing teen located on January 14th 2020 these dreams are related  Play album slideshow


The death of David Bowie and this Megamillions lottery were both predicted 2 years before the event happend and here is the archive.org page to prove it.  Play album slideshow


A Boeing 737 plane carrying 180 passengers and crew crashed shortly after takeoff from Imam Khomeini Airport in Tehran on January 8th 2020 the dream from January 6th and December 2019 are related to the event and what planes will crash next  Play album slideshow


December 30th, 2019 dream states 'world war 3 starts with a ring'. On January 3rd of 2020, a person named Qassam Soleimani was killed, The report are that his hand was blow off but this EXACT ring remained. The number 1787380343 turns out to   Play album slideshow


Another UK Thunderball Lottery winner, this dream was just 4 days before the draw!! look close and you will see that all the numbers matched  Play album slideshow


Without a doubt this dream from December 23rd 2019 is about an airliner crash on December 27th 2019 near Almaty airport in Kazakhstan killing 12 people and injuring dozens. the letter above seems to be Бек Эйр which is Bek Air Airline  Play album slideshow


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Most viewed dreams - DREAMS THAT HAVE COME TRUE
2016 Chattanooga school bu scrash psychic prediction 25 views today
I Will Love You Always Christine Brian Ladd Pychic Prediction 2019 4 views today
Canada oil pipeline spills 200 0003 views todayOn January 25th, 2017 more than 50,000 gallons of oil leaked from a pipeline owned by Tundra Energy Marketing Ltd in Canada. All the numbers in this sketch turned out to be directly related to a much larger underground spill that's happening right now and will poison the water supply of millions of people in Canada and the United States.

(306) 457-2679 is a petroleum and natural gas company in Canada and (306) 457-2679 is the Ocean Man Indian Reserve in Stoughton SK S0G 4T0
174-05-may-2005-prediction-brian-ladd-dream Brian Ladd Pychic Prediction 2019 3 views today174-05-may-2005-prediction-brian-ladd-dream top psyyhcc prediction pychic brian laddd psychic 2019
Img 8948 Back In The Hospital Due To Issues With My New On-x Aortic Heart Valve Brian Ladd Pychic Prediction 2019 3 views todayIMG_8948_Back_in_the_hospital_due_to_issues_with_my_new_on-x_aortic_heart_valve top psyyhcc prediction pychic brian laddd psychic 2019
Iphone Archive July 1 And 2 2016 Jacobs Clay Allisons Lps Drama And Dads Dreams 1 Brian Ladd Pychic Prediction 2019 3 views todayiphone_archive_July_1_and_2_2016_Jacobs_Clay_Allisons_LPS_drama_and_dads_dreams_1 top psyyhcc prediction pychic brian laddd psychic 2019
It Se Ye-ye Bingo And Casino 2820829 935-7955 Kamiah Idaho Slot Machine Psychic Picks By Brian Ladd Brian Ladd Pychic Prediction 2019 3 views todayIt_se_Ye-Ye_Bingo_and_Casino_2820829_935-7955_Kamiah_Idaho_slot_machine_psychic_picks_by_Brian_Ladd top psyyhcc prediction pychic brian laddd psychic 2019
I M Home From The Hospital Again Brian Ladd Pychic Prediction 2019 3 views todayI_m_home_from_the_hospital_again top psyyhcc prediction pychic brian laddd psychic 2019
Confirmed dream school shooting kentucky Dream number 9898 18 January 2018 5 psychic prediction confirmed dream prediction Psychic Brian Ladd 3 views today
Confirmed dream Table Rock Lake duck boat accident on July 19 2018 dream from July 72018 Dream number 10725 7 July 2018 9 psychic prediction confirmed dream prediction Psychic Brian Ladd 3 views today
Grenfell Tower fire Dream number 8830 8 June 2017 1 by Brian Ladd confirmed dream prediction Psychic Brian Ladd 3 views today
Confirmed prediction from 2015 dream prediction number 6689 19 june 2015 4 dreams brian ladd2 views today
2015-archives-dream-prediction-number-6269-22-january-2015-1-dreams-brian-ladd2 views today
2015-archives-dream-prediction-number-6742-25-july-2015-6-dreams-brian-ladd2 views today
Correct Lottery Psychic Prediction dream prediction number 6795 16 august 2015 2 dreams brian ladd2 views today
North Korea ICBM failure and whats next Psychic Prediction by Brian Ladd 7102 12 april 2016 6 ladd2 views today
Donald Trump and Russian hackers posing as North Korea s Bureau 121 agency Psychic Prediction by dreamer Brian Ladd Psychic prediction 7826 27 October 2016 3 by Brian Ladd 2 views today
magnitude 6 6 earthquake struck Italy on October 30 2016 psychic prediction by Brian Ladd2 views todayA magnitude 6.6 earthquake struck just 3 miles south of Visso Italy on October 30th, 2016, a dream on October 24th, 2016 predicted this exactly to include the name and the phone number of the destroyed church.

More importantly is what's next, a tsunami that has the potential of killing millions...and it's coming in less than 6 weeks.
Psychic prediction 8005 12 December 2016 10 by Brian Ladd~02 views todayFrance Lottery for December 14th, 2016, dreams from 2 days earlier hit all numbers, including email and twitter posts from 2 days before the draw.
Berlin Christmas market attack 2016 Psychic prediction 8032 17 December 2016 6 by Brian Ladd2 views todayBerlin Christmas market attack on December 19th, 2016, without a doubt all these predictions are related and will come true.
Berlin Christmas market attack 2016 Psychic prediction 8033 17 December 2016 7 by Brian Ladd2 views todayBerlin Christmas market attack on December 19th, 2016, without a doubt all these predictions are related and will come true.
UK lottery draw december 24 2016 psychic prediction Brian Ladd2 views todayUnited Kingdom Lotto draw for the 24th of December 2016 matched all but one number from my waterfall dreams from 3 days earlier. The dream even stated the exact date and the exact lottery to play...and someone did win!
federal 191-3 donald trump federal and state tax returns via spahr lacher sperber hack~02 views today
donald trump federal and state tax returns via spahr lacher & sperber hack on 1/23/17 years 1995 to 1999 only - not public or reviewed yet! should by on wikileaks by the end of the week
Dream number 8341 26 February 2017 3 by Brian Ladd~02 views today
Confirmed Lottery and Stock Dream number 8088 2 January 2017 2 by Brian Ladd2 views today
Confirmed Lottery and Stock Dream number 8147 16 January 2017 2 by Brian Ladd2 views today
Confirmed Lottery and Stock Dream number 8209 30 January 2017 1 by Brian Ladd2 views today
Aztec High School in New Mexico 03 hqdefaul shootingt2 views today
Dream number 11108 27 September 2018 3 psychic prediction~02 views todayBanksy painting automatically shreds itself after being sold for 1.1 million dollars at a Sotheby's art auction on October 4th, 2018, this DD from a month earlier is definitely related.
take 5 lottery winner2 views todayAugust 8th, 2019:

These are the public dreams that have come true in regards to lottery numbers...there may be more, but this is what I've confirmed so far. I'm also still offering personal lottery picks guaranteed to win a major jackpot with any lottery in the world! 

see this page now, before it's too late!! 

Date and time verification of every dream I have, as always, is posted with and via my nightly ream mailing list...here is the link to the last one sent on August 1st, 2019. 

If you're not a member of my nightly dream mailing list, signup here..it's free,


3366-11-november-2007-prediction-brian-ladd-dream~0 Brian Ladd Pychic Prediction 2019 2 views today3366-11-november-2007-prediction-brian-ladd-dream~0 top psyyhcc prediction pychic brian laddd psychic 2019
3455-12-december-2007-prediction-brian-ladd-dream~0 Brian Ladd Pychic Prediction 2019 2 views today3455-12-december-2007-prediction-brian-ladd-dream~0 top psyyhcc prediction pychic brian laddd psychic 2019
4038-01-january-2009-prediction-brian-ladd-dream~0 Brian Ladd Pychic Prediction 2019 2 views today4038-01-january-2009-prediction-brian-ladd-dream~0 top psyyhcc prediction pychic brian laddd psychic 2019
4341-02-february-2010-prediction-brian-ladd-dream~0 Brian Ladd Pychic Prediction 2019 2 views today4341-02-february-2010-prediction-brian-ladd-dream~0 top psyyhcc prediction pychic brian laddd psychic 2019
Dream Number 11800 23 March 2019 1 Psychic Prediction Brian Ladd Pychic Prediction 2019 2 views todayDream_number_11800_23_March_2019_1_psychic_prediction top psyyhcc prediction pychic brian laddd psychic 2019
Img 7985 Brian Ladd Pychic Prediction 2019 2 views todayIMG_7985 top psyyhcc prediction pychic brian laddd psychic 2019
Img 7987 Brian Ladd Pychic Prediction 2019 2 views todayIMG_7987 top psyyhcc prediction pychic brian laddd psychic 2019
Img 7999 Brian Ladd Pychic Prediction 2019 2 views todayIMG_7999 top psyyhcc prediction pychic brian laddd psychic 2019
Img 8061 Mollie Cecilia Tibbetts Missing Brian Ladd Pychic Prediction 2019 2 views todayIMG_8061__Mollie_Cecilia_Tibbetts_missing top psyyhcc prediction pychic brian laddd psychic 2019
Img 8061 Mollie Cecilia Tibbetts Missing~0 Brian Ladd Pychic Prediction 2019 2 views todayIMG_8061__Mollie_Cecilia_Tibbetts_missing~0 top psyyhcc prediction pychic brian laddd psychic 2019