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2 march 2023 1 Russia will derail another train in ? days, 17 miles SEE of chief ladiga trail? /  break apart derailer, heat deforms metal, no trace of derailer other than water, Russia will get it wrong again as their hidden detectors were wrong, the... 5 march 2023 2 Cincinnati, Ohio UFO was hit by subsonic weapon... 2 march 2023 3 March 16th shooting boxes and water, breaking news... 3 march 2023 2 USA Cash 5 winning numbers... 28 feb 2023-1 This is what they saw... 22 feb 2023 7  Australia Monday Lottery: USA Mega Millions: Even if you don't play the lottery, there are 5 dreams from last night that you should pay attention to. Notice how many times these numbers will show up...I use dreams like these to help fi 10 march 2023 1  Underwater nuclear explosion, by artic?  Revelation 8:99?  2 march 2023 2  March ?  soon the man responsible for the upcoming Amtrack train disaster (Russian) 1 march 2023 2 3  7   2  Very important numbers for you this month... 5 march 2023 1 EuroMillions... 1 march 2023 1 Huge fire on March 5th 2023 (Sunday) 9 march 2023 1 Florida governor Ron DeSantis arrested for assault and child pornography, Russia did this, setup, numbers... 1373 04 April 2006 - Kabardino-balkharia Yury Kokov Cogp Murder Copg Murder Fake Terrorist Attack So Putin Could Contact... 8 march 2023 2  looks like roman numerals... 4 march 2023 1 Barbra Schuessler Sobhani was not allowed to speak before the arrest, lights over Ohio??? call (phone number, censored maybe in late march or april this year) 9 march 2023 2 Something to do with an electrocution... 11 march 2023 1 day and night lottery numbers... 22 feb 2023 1 she dies on March 1st, the word in tears? 7 march 2023 1 March 20th explosion, numbers... 7 march 2023 2 Matt Gaetz and Tucker Carlson arrested after Anton Lazzaro's case delayed, December 11 2023  (this may be from a private request, but I will post this DD because it may not be related) 23 march 2023 2  Donald Trump hospitalized floor 4 room 17? dies on March 1st 2024 23 march 2023 1  Numbers Julia Wendell arrested... 3 march 2023 1 10 more days... 11 march 2023 2 USA lottery numbers... 7 march 2023 3 121145145 (not sure what lottery) 4 march 2023 3 Haven Barker... 6 march 2023 2 The new weight loss drug FDA ban is not related to Elon Musks' announcement that he has cancer although it is? 22 feb 2023 2 EuroJackpot:  USA Mega Millions: Even if you don't play the lottery, there are 5 dreams from last night that you should pay attention to. Notice how many times these numbers will show up...I use dreams like these to help fine-tune my pr 6 march 2023 1 Rainbow in the sky, not a good rainbow... 8 march 2023 1 Looks like roman numerals.... 

A dream from 2 Feb 2023 say Cancer kills over 20,000 people in the area during the next 13 months? near Pittsburg VCM  Play album slideshow


WARNING: Lake Huron, poison, get out, billions of fish are poisoned, mercury? China bioweapons test, in the water, 3016192833 says a dream from 2/7/23 On February 16th 2023 this news story hit Lake Huron, poison, get out, billions of fish are poisoned  Play album slideshow


A dream from 2 8 23 says Lake Huron, poison, get out, billions of fish are poisoned mercury China bioweapons test in the water 3016192833 3 days later it happened!  Play album slideshow


Train derailment, Evacuation order issued near train derailment site in Ohio on 2/6/23, look at this dream from February 2nd, 2023, specifically the numbers on this dream.  Play album slideshow


These lottery dreams from the first week of 2023 either hit or came very close look for youself and play using my the numbers for February of 2023  Play album slideshow


Here is another lottery dream that hit and almost no one including myself caught it - it was on November 23rd 2022 and was for the USA Powerball lottery  Play album slideshow


A dream from November 21st, 2022 almost predicted all the numbers in the PowerBall Lottery draw on November 26th 2022 - look at the numbers, AGAIN! AMAZING, this new lucid way of predicting numbers seems to be working MUCH BETTER now  Play album slideshow


11-29-22 Missing child Aspen Jeter may be located here as this dream from November 20th may be related, also note this dream was from before the child was reported missing...I think.  Play album slideshow


November 4th 2022, These dreams from last night might be about upcoming USA lotteries including the Powerball lottery at close to 1 billion dollars on Saturday or next Wednesday.  Play album slideshow


This dream from July 2nd and another in June of 2022 is about the Highland Park parade shooting on July 4th 2022  Play album slideshow


2022 San Antonio trailer deaths, the phone number on this dream from June 12th, 2022 seems to be related to this event however I could not match anything else, so a 10% probability of correctness  Play album slideshow


These two dreams, one from April 9th and the other from May 4th, 2022 seem to be related to the May 4th, 2022 Buffalo shooting. One of the numbers on the DD, without a doubt, proves this is the same person. Not sure about the other numbers on the dds.  Play album slideshow


One month, April 2022, later and this dream about the USA Powerball Lottery almost came true!!  Play album slideshow


This dream from March 5th 2022 may be the man accused of setting a fire at a Home Depot on April 9th of the same year, to me, my drawing looks like the man but the rest of the dream does not seem to make any sense.  Play album slideshow


Bob Dole dies on December 5th, 2021 - this may be him but dream says Robert  Play album slideshow


The Oxford High School shooting on November 30th 2021 was predicted by a dream from November 15th. 21st and 28th. I cannot say any more of this other than just read the DD's closely  Play album slideshow


Again!! USA Powerball, look at these 2 dreams from earlier this month! 666 won and so did 20 plus people! Next month is 777, just search past dreams for the rest!  Play album slideshow



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