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30 November 2022 2 Breaking news December 6th, 2022... 30 November 2022 1 Breaking news December 5th, 2022... 23 November 2022-3 USA MegaMillions Lottery numbers for December 2022 Will be home soon to post all new dreams for December 2022!  Make sure you are logged in to see this month's dreams...  23 November 2022 1  USA Powerball Lottery numbers for December 2022 23 November 2022 2  Canada 6/49 Lottery numbers for December 2022 13 November 2022 1 This is the address of a killer, maybe in December 2022 in Moscow, maybe a terrorist attack, not sure about this dream (no memory) concrete blocks, military bunker?? paradise creek, Pullman church XANA... 20 November 2022 2  Upcoming Powerball lottery fives 50 51 and more numbers (not sure when) 23 November 2022 5 Australia Powerball Lottery numbers for December 2022 23 November 2022 6 4 November 2022 2 Something to do with Seoul ROK and a dirty bomb... 23 November 2022 3 Italy MillionDAY Lottery numbers for December 2022 1 November 2022 2 Madeleine McCann is located on the beach of light, Praia da Luz Portugal, 217... 21 November 2022 1 Summer Wells was found alive by friendly hope Jonesboro Arkansas (I checked; this is a real place) (numbers) 1 November 2022 3 Million days, 16 November 2022 5 Winning lottery numbers for the next few weeks (I think, Australian Lottery) 2 November 2022 1 Want good luck?  Print out this dream drawing and keep it close whenever you need a little extra luck, works by using your brain cells and the network that connects them... 20 November 2022 1 He killed her? Aspen, back room by boxes, crystal, by Orangeburg airport, numbers, missing child, wires on the floor, red shirt (maybe an upcoming murder in Aspen Colorado)   16 November 2022 1 Winning lottery numbers for the next few weeks (I think, Europe Lottery) 16 November 2022 2  Winning lottery numbers for the next few weeks (I think, Canada Lottery) 16 November 2022 3 Winning lottery numbers for the next few weeks (I think, USA Lottery) 31 October 2022 1 Poison fish... 31 October 2022 2 Plane crash... 4 November 2022 1 new fault line discover after an upcoming California quake Suzy Lamplugh Finally Found This Is The Exact Location Of Her Remains Per The Dream Drawing Wyndley Pool Sutton Coldfiel... 1 November 2022 1 Powerball 46332115 use the reverse pattern plus 1... 11 November -2022 1 Michael Vaughan, missing boy found, police wrong?  not what they think, numbers, not sure but I think this case is already closed... 12 November 2022 1 Something to do with boxes in the ocean... 12 November 2022 2 Jhessye Shockley, missing child, no, not in suitcase? still alive, she had to take her to him, numbers, Operation Tangled Web, this is the location of Jhessye Shockley, a missing child.... 13 November 2022 3 13 more days (no memory) 

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