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USA Powerball lottery numbers for April 2018. 8 days left, the world shakes. Missing Person Maura Murray dream number 6913 24 september 1 by psychic brian ladd March 2018 her fault rx, not sure see last month.  This is the man who kills Donald Trump, he is a part of the traveling human props the attend prearranged rally in The United States, very much similar to the group of people the entertain guests that visit North Korea.  He has glasses and is always taking An eyeball. April 2018. The world shakes...soon. Toys R US tears, tears, died of poison not the heart (this is about the closing of the toy store chain Toys R US and does not come from the UC, Universal Conscious, as I saw a news report of the stores closing right before going to bed...not sure about. zRCT3Rw Schlitterbahn Kansas City Psychic prediction by Brian Ladd 5206201220 why, fire and death. Not a UFO, I know exactly why this object is flying (login now for the answer)  631-234-4100 Donald Trumps son arrested? number, Russian fake company, steel fraud. John Dowd dies of hate, not heart attack, vet drug, Trump...see another related DD about John Dowd earlier this month or and the end of last month. An unexpected event in Antarctica. Coffeyville, Kansas fire 7 days later, 11th buckeye crash. Trump is a liar. March and April 2018 (important long-lasting event) brian ladds dream diary 2015 North Korea mails another bomb via Mexico FedEx, the same unit mailed anthrax, they also mail bombs to Los Angeles and New York city just like they said they would do  (nothing new here, search site for more, related dd's are from 2014 and 2015) Lots of circles. Love hate makes trillion for Russia 741 gazprom R47  724 42. SCAD free fall accident was planned, they knew where the tear was. US Stock market goes up over 500 points on Friday, March 23rd, 2018, but then something bad happens. 12748 Blair Road Lusby. Confirmed Lottery and Stock Dream number 8244 10 February 2017 6 by Brian Ladd Bridge fails. Austin Texas serial bombings 2018 psychic prediction  Stock UMC buy @ 2.32 sell @ 97.4. Florida Bridge Collapse on March 15th, 2018 dream from March 5th of the same year. 

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Random dreams - 2018 DREAM JOURNAL
Undercover DEA kills Fernando Asturizaga, under bed, numbers and other stuff, maybe in May or June of this year, 2018.
Not sure, maybe an explosion.
Not English.
This is the man who drove the van in May of 2018, his address is on the bottom left of this DD.
I just killed a man.
Gaza strip illnesses are from a new a new USA Bio weapon.
5206201220 why, fire and death.
Carson midways fire started by a man who owed money to cartel marijuana production facility? wigman.
22 44 35 36 7 3 fixed.
Upcoming small but steady earthquake swarms in Auckland New Zealand IS a sign of the largest and deadliest eruption in the history of the earth, global warming will be delayed for 10 years. There does not seem to be any real danger up until the event.
kills child?
Finally, tears of joy, McCotter bay grid, (I located this one too, it a location near Upper McCotter Bay not McCotter Bay but I'm almost certain this is it, this location is about 20 miles north of new port NC)
Phone 972 1-700-703-300 entire building destroyed.
Dream_number_10612_15_June_2018_2_psychic_prediction.jpg god is great I think these are IP addresses.
Donald Trump's death is important, black lives matter 6a3785 , Black lives matter trump life mattered 5616884575.
Area Code 270 green turtle fire.
Karen Gutowski murdered, Ted Nugent dies in hotel room, vet drug, poison, numbers.
The Fountain Of Life Ekeleke Elumelu may 9th 1958 Jesus is real Brian, call +234-8155977111 now, July 1st, 2018 (church event, important) Taiwo Odukoya is talking to God, hero, Taiwo Odukoya, Pastor Nomth killed October 21st.
Senator Harry Reid mails virus Jan 16th, 2018? ice ball that hit Lake Huron, not from this world, not safe, mind control, Jan 27th Jan 16th March 24th Sky Fires (OK, I'm almost certain that on January 16th of 2018 an ice ball from space will splash.
Jesse's murdered by FBI, no accident, ormond, fbi kills jesse by mistake, flash bang, Destrehan, 0972871284.
Shipping container deaths (numbers)
Fox news 'trader' killed after secret FBI raid on Michael Dean Cohen, fox news reporter killed 72 days, numbers.
Another fixed Russian Lottery, this time it was the Gosloto 6/45 on March 15th, 2018 dream from the 9th of the same month.
Iron Dome misses mortars may 29th 2018 7:45 pm, near school? chicken house Dror Shaul killed in July 7th attack.
Lake Margate Florida, what police are looking for is in the lake, numbers.
Chris DeFrancesco, there is no bomb, same man who is going to kill Jasheh XXX rap and Jimmy Wopo (305) 377-5055.
ISIS bombs Opéra national de Paris, bombs here, they work there, 5 members, one killed on May 12th? behind the clock.
Capella Sentosa Hotel, Vladimir Putin and Donald trump secret meeting was recorded, this man will be murdered because of this.
Not sure but this is not a good thing as no dreams from last night were any fun.
Lottery, April 2018, 27 16 32 33 3 4 1 6 2.
Tower failure.
Fails, houses surrounded by water, gas explosion, island loop in reo ranch, numbers.
Friday, May 18th, 2018 car accident, driving a Toyota license plate number ******* worked for a medical company, Brian Jesus is real, Edgar Cayce, you can predict the future, not for your profit? call (***) ***-**** now (sorry for the censorship)
Fire smoke Olympics.
More on the assassination of US President Donald Trump, the 3rd bullet not the first is why he died, and it's important to know that underneath him there is some sort of hidden change that the Secret Service does not know about, see last years dds.
South Korea's president, his staff some members of the ROK media get sick form newly created bioweapon called 7R, it's not manufactured in North Korea, only in Russia.
Terror attack, had a daughter, not isis, work, auto, God is real and is here, call (416) 225-8857, Brian Jesus will return!! finch. a fish, dog, red hand, US War.
Ukraine lottery is faxed again, numbers (all dreams from last night 2/12/18 might be for me too, basically to teach me a lesson)
Lou Dobb's death has nothing to do with Donald Trumps hospital visit (censored)
Vet drug kills Trump, 3012954000 poison in the tea, no test, kidney failure, in the tea, 97226304000 332553 not a package, medical report wrong, no test for this, builds up over time (nothing new here, even the same numbers...search sire for more on these
Benicia radioactive water, they knew but did not test, no way this could happen, Carquinez straight (soon and sadly way too late to inform the public)
Nothing new here, the death of Donald Trump, a hidden tunnel under his Florida retreat, a tunnel has been used for all sort of reasons in the past...some of them good.
Monday the 29th day of March 2018, read the rest on your own.
Bus did not stop, boxes (see last month) :: 49 years, sadness, frg, numbers, Uzbekistan 0251 287 1593 call 0251 43844 they know who did this, Russia 2017 Stockholm terrorist attack.
Japan Airlines crash, the plane explodes in the air over the sea.
Shooting on April 3rd, 2018.
School shooter, May 2018.
Radio from hell, this device causes people to change in a veryu bad way, it can be turned off and on...I've had this dream many times since I was about 10 years old, its a nightmare devise I own...well in my dreams.
Not sure who this is.
Kim Reynolds murdered over Trump twitter post, proud, I love Iowa t-shirt earns child molester over one billion dollars.
5 days za 21 killed, on June 20th, 2018 Isreal jets attack Gaza over rockets that lander on Haner Erez?
Massive explosion and fire here on June 15th and 16th call 6133217218.
(408) 997-3871 2 day jan use car port? shadows, not sure car accident in January next year, maybe.
Not tested, vet drug, Benjamin Netanyahu poisoned again by a Russian agent in the UK.
DPRK fake anthrax, Trump (see last nights dreams and search for anthrax in box above for more details)
Calendar road Texas. stove all? park, tennis court covered the missing money, more numbers.
Mel BURN, (maybe a fire) killer children, kiss child? Jesus is Lord Rachel Thomas, call (321) 727-7585 now, save the father, Brian God is real (there is no god), red box, ms13?, Stafford killed (There is a very good psychic named Rachel Thomas
New jellyfish discovered, cancer cure.
Geraldo Rivera and son arrested for insider trading, please guilty to a lesser charge...numbers, seem to be related to Donald Trumps (sudden) death.
Kidslivesafe.com founder arrested for child pornography.
This is the true face of God, the only god...look close and quite your mind.
KFC admits to wrongdoing after WHO investigation finds human body parts in chicken imported from Africa, Brian Joffe, and numbers.
Anderson Cooper killed in the helicopter crash (CNN reporter and nothing new here)
Joseph Barrett, Jesus is real Brian, 9724837474, college, Jesus heals, go this church? (exact same dream as DD 9737 from December 18th of 2017, I do not know what city in Italy though)
May 16th, 2018 event, awful.
More on the plane crash to happen on May 7th, 2018, flight number and phone number are valid...I think.
(786) 275-6944 man burns building before arrests could be made.
Fish, (828) 274-5003, a new member is from there, trust Jesus Brian (some sort of sign from Jesus here, if Jesus was actually real)
Voice of martyrs bartlesville OK Wurmbrand arrests for the murder of over 1,000 North Korea citizens, including children that didn't even know what a bible was, leader, poisoned in jail?
Secret chamber located, air is poison and has never touched the earth surface.
Shreveport, Louisiana fire on May 9th, 2018.
Plane crash flight number r, smoke cabin, liquid leak, breaking news, more numbers April 2018, this is him.
March 17th event.
Todd Entrekin stabbed 17 times while in the wrong jail, numbers, can't read the rest.
May 25th, 2018 Friday explosion.
Tct mountain 9738272000 child killed.
Something is wrong with the sun, the first sign will be unexpected solar flares.
New south whales terrorist attack, chuller chuller, worth? numbers.
Swiss lottery 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 (second 4 numbers are the pattern I think)