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Correct dreams
Euro jackpot December 22nd, 2017 13 23 44 45 6 7 8 (bonus numbers are 6 and 7) 2027472077 April Ryan, Russian Mafia, exposed email on Wikileaks, road rage stalker, White House Christmas Party, murder, Chris Johnson more numbers...nothing about this dream was new or any good. (see November 2016 or 2015 dreams) Missing Person Maura Murray dream number 6913 24 september 1 by psychic brian ladd USA Power-ball and Mega Million numbers for January 2018. Winning lottery number pattern for ALL USA lotteries for the month of February 2018. Donald Trump is solely responsible for Delta Airlines flight number XXX crash. 12 more days. Steven Campbell, a missing child, is now living outside Phenoix Arizona in this trailer and his mom works at a Motel 6. Restaurant fire..soon. Numbers. 13 24 11 12 lottery. Next weeks lottery numbers  Jan 14th to the 20th 2018. Maura Murray White Mountain National Park at Roadside Park, ties. 29 ny John Mara, Dean Lorich murder police arrest the wrong man, 201 9355610, Dahoud Andre killed 5 2018,  201 9355610. The face of Jesus. Lottery numbers for Canada 6/49 for March 2018 (this actually was a challenge/request) watch how many times these numbers show up before the March drawing, almost exactly...but not an exact hit until March 24th)   UK accident December 23rd, 2017  44381192, why did it fall? Too much to handle, suicide.  Winning lottery number pattern for ALL Australian lotteries for the month of February 2018. Monday the 29th day of March 2018, read the rest on your own. School shooter. I predict I will have to use the bathroom soon and it could be very dangerous.  (This is my attempt at a joke, no recorded dreams from last night, 12/10/17 :) Killer (numbers) Eye and true love. Breaking News, Monday, December 11th, 2017 and more numbers. Uranium, too slow stall plane crash December 12th, 2017, 471336 (see November 2017 dds for more. It's the water December 18th, 2017. Mother kills, numbers. Too, much to handle 500 chance no frear Aztec (same as December 2nd 17 dream)  Tower collapse live cam video phone number. Missing child Ganem Avila location in Texas. 

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Correct dreams - 2018 DREAM JOURNAL
12 more days.209 views
Next weeks lottery numbers Jan 14th to the 20th 2018.177 views
The face of Jesus.161 views
Monday the 29th day of March 2018, read the rest on your own.152 views
Killer (numbers)148 views
Mother kills, numbers.140 views
Under trump shooter, secret service misses it, under the president room.124 views
Fire on March 17th, 2018.111 views
A bomb and a shooter, underneath where US President Trump is speaking from, a tunnel and a box, the US Secret Service does not know about it, despite what the media says, or will say.107 views
Ellen DeGeneres 1 - 26 - 58 7 - 31 - 22 trump tweet about her causes 'stalker' catch her on fires, scars heal, cancer kills 2022.102 views
January 3rd, 2018 and March 21st, 2018 plane crash (see December 2017 dreams from last year for more on this DD)101 views
Monday the 29th day of March 2018, read the rest on your own, not happy right now.98 views
Derailer mold, Amtrack derail, numbers 5 days until he's found, 8008727245, numbers (see 2017 search box)90 views
Winning MegaMillions Lottery numbers for November 20th, 2018...which is the closest date I can post publicly now, pay attention to the lottery until then, the pattern will be 1 - 2 - 4 and then 4 - 2 - 1 (FYI, I do offer personal lottery picks for ANY..90 views
This is her, and she really deserved to win the MegaMillions lottery, she works at Walmart and will be one of 5 MegaMillions Lottery winners this April (2018) very simple pattern this time, 3 22 23 13 3 and 9, expect to see these number allot in every...85 views
Missing person Madeleine McCann remains found on beach Praia da Luz Portugal, see map.82 views
Roof, fire Monday, January 8th am 2018.77 views
OTR Radio show, Russia adoption agency kills Elon Reeve Musk over ID (censored, login to view) do not go to the hotel on May 10th 2018 or you will be shot 6 times (this dd has got to be about the man who started x.com as I got $5 from him when I was...77 views
January 14th fire.74 views
I can feel the electric charge, UFO sightings on Feb 7th, 2018 are not missing data, they are connected. (nightmare)72 views
More numbers and Russians taking advantage of weak institutions in the USA, Florida 3 6000? some failure, nuclear facility 327 3727 310 Edgar Cayce brian record the launch on January 8th, 201871 views
See November 2017 for more, this is an assassination of the current US President Donald Trump, the secret service has no idea of the hidden tunnel under where the president will be standing, explosion follows...I do not think the attempt will be...70 views
JFK airport evacuation because of this man, not all clear. (this event will take place next week. Brian69 views
8.9 la earthquake September 11th, 2018, 14.1 miles deep, earth crust moving slower than earth core, numbers (nothing at all new here, see dreams from 2006-2008 for that exact time, just leave CA on 9/11 to be safe...please)69 views
Japan Airlines crash, the plane explodes in the air over the sea.68 views
Shipping container deaths (numbers)68 views
Juan Orlando Hernández god kills, luke 21:11 (Juan Herandez killed in Florida, I think)68 views
Katie Jacob burns back room r, fake, Russia, own home, Brian Jesus is real (256) 547-4652, more numbers and stuff.67 views
Church fire can feel the heat, small red cans, numbers.67 views
I just killed a man.65 views
Here (603) 352-231363 views
This is the man who is responsible for the New York City Anthrax release, see DD's from the past 2 weeks for more information. (DD's same January 30th is the date planned for the biological attack on NYC buildings.)63 views
Roof fire 113-1162 CNN live January 8th 20187 721 trump tower, devise to release anthrax in a ventilation system, the fake repairman (this is a repeat of dd 9813 from January 2nd of 2018 @ https://goo.gl/YYroZk or on youtube https://youtu.be/RAjSzXxSIkQ 63 views
Stephanie Clifford murder, not suicide pills not right (561) 832-2600 more numbers.63 views
Tower failure.63 views
Gravity field, phone spy, Atlantic Ocean Russian sub remain of Zuma, emp microbursts Russia sub (see a few nights ago for more)62 views
Mobile phone 'top secret' spy sat, dprk, Russian spy ship captures 1.1-kilogram radioactive secret keys to all US DOD projects using micro burst EMP to down Zuma location, Russian nuclear-powered spy sub, spy ship is a red herring fool...61 views
Symphony of the seas, cruise ship accident and how to stop it61 views
Gods tiger here, 2705278691 read the letter, he told her Gary Knuckler January 29th, 2018 he was here, he hid it here. 61 views
Russian spy ship off the coast of Flordis causes zuma failure, numbers, this is what caused the failure and how to fix it, Edgar Cayce, Brian go out and see the lights go down, (310) 363-6000 cancel? 3273727 86923 more numbers ccb-17560 views