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2 march 2023 1 Russia will derail another train in ? days, 17 miles SEE of chief ladiga trail? /  break apart derailer, heat deforms metal, no trace of derailer other than water, Russia will get it wrong again as their hidden detectors were wrong, the... 5 march 2023 2 Cincinnati, Ohio UFO was hit by subsonic weapon... 2 march 2023 3 March 16th shooting boxes and water, breaking news... 3 march 2023 2 USA Cash 5 winning numbers... 28 feb 2023-1 This is what they saw... 22 feb 2023 7  Australia Monday Lottery: USA Mega Millions: Even if you don't play the lottery, there are 5 dreams from last night that you should pay attention to. Notice how many times these numbers will show up...I use dreams like these to help fi 10 march 2023 1  Underwater nuclear explosion, by artic?  Revelation 8:99?  2 march 2023 2  March ?  soon the man responsible for the upcoming Amtrack train disaster (Russian) 1 march 2023 2 3  7   2  Very important numbers for you this month... 1373 04 April 2006 - Kabardino-balkharia Yury Kokov Cogp Murder Copg Murder Fake Terrorist Attack So Putin Could Contact... 5 march 2023 1 EuroMillions... 11 march 2023 1 day and night lottery numbers... 1 march 2023 1 Huge fire on March 5th 2023 (Sunday) 9 march 2023 1 Florida governor Ron DeSantis arrested for assault and child pornography, Russia did this, setup, numbers... 8 march 2023 2  looks like roman numerals... 4 march 2023 1 Barbra Schuessler Sobhani was not allowed to speak before the arrest, lights over Ohio??? call (phone number, censored maybe in late march or april this year) 9 march 2023 2 Something to do with an electrocution... 23 march 2023 1  Numbers Julia Wendell arrested... 23 march 2023 2  Donald Trump hospitalized floor 4 room 17? dies on March 1st 2024 22 feb 2023 1 she dies on March 1st, the word in tears? 7 march 2023 1 March 20th explosion, numbers... 7 march 2023 2 Matt Gaetz and Tucker Carlson arrested after Anton Lazzaro's case delayed, December 11 2023  (this may be from a private request, but I will post this DD because it may not be related) 3 march 2023 1 10 more days... 11 march 2023 2 USA lottery numbers... 7 march 2023 3 121145145 (not sure what lottery) 4 march 2023 3 Haven Barker... 6 march 2023 2 The new weight loss drug FDA ban is not related to Elon Musks' announcement that he has cancer although it is? 22 feb 2023 2 EuroJackpot:  USA Mega Millions: Even if you don't play the lottery, there are 5 dreams from last night that you should pay attention to. Notice how many times these numbers will show up...I use dreams like these to help fine-tune my pr 6 march 2023 1 Rainbow in the sky, not a good rainbow... 8 march 2023 1 Looks like roman numerals.... 

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