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30 November 2022 2 Breaking news December 6th, 2022...192 views
30 November 2022 1 Breaking news December 5th, 2022...181 views
23 November 2022-3 USA MegaMillions Lottery numbers for December 2022151 views
Will be home soon to post all new dreams for December 2022! Make sure you are logged in to see this month's dreams... 58 views
23 November 2022 1 USA Powerball Lottery numbers for December 202242 views
23 November 2022 2 Canada 6/49 Lottery numbers for December 202236 views
13 November 2022 1 This is the address of a killer, maybe in December 2022 in Moscow, maybe a terrorist attack, not sure about this dream (no memory) concrete blocks, military bunker?? paradise creek, Pullman church XANA...29 views
20 November 2022 2 Upcoming Powerball lottery fives 50 51 and more numbers (not sure when)18 views
23 November 2022 617 views
23 November 2022 5 Australia Powerball Lottery numbers for December 202217 views
4 November 2022 2 Something to do with Seoul ROK and a dirty bomb...16 views
23 November 2022 3 Italy MillionDAY Lottery numbers for December 202214 views
1 November 2022 2 Madeleine McCann is located on the beach of light, Praia da Luz Portugal, 217...13 views
21 November 2022 1 Summer Wells was found alive by friendly hope Jonesboro Arkansas (I checked; this is a real place) (numbers)13 views
1 November 2022 3 Million days, views
2 November 2022 1 Want good luck? Print out this dream drawing and keep it close whenever you need a little extra luck, works by using your brain cells and the network that connects them...12 views
16 November 2022 5 Winning lottery numbers for the next few weeks (I think, Australian Lottery)12 views
20 November 2022 1 He killed her? Aspen, back room by boxes, crystal, by Orangeburg airport, numbers, missing child, wires on the floor, red shirt (maybe an upcoming murder in Aspen Colorado) 12 views
Suzy Lamplugh Finally Found This Is The Exact Location Of Her Remains Per The Dream Drawing Wyndley Pool Sutton Coldfiel...11 views
31 October 2022 1 Poison fish...11 views
31 October 2022 2 Plane crash...11 views
4 November 2022 1 new fault line discover after an upcoming California quake11 views
16 November 2022 1 Winning lottery numbers for the next few weeks (I think, Europe Lottery)11 views
16 November 2022 3 Winning lottery numbers for the next few weeks (I think, USA Lottery)11 views
16 November 2022 2 Winning lottery numbers for the next few weeks (I think, Canada Lottery)11 views
1 November 2022 1 Powerball 46332115 use the reverse pattern plus 1...10 views
11 November -2022 1 Michael Vaughan, missing boy found, police wrong? not what they think, numbers, not sure but I think this case is already closed...10 views
12 November 2022 1 Something to do with boxes in the ocean...10 views
12 November 2022 2 Jhessye Shockley, missing child, no, not in suitcase? still alive, she had to take her to him, numbers, Operation Tangled Web, this is the location of Jhessye Shockley, a missing child....10 views
13 November 2022 3 13 more days (no memory)10 views
17 November 2022 1 not sure but this was not a happy dream...10 views
9 November 2022 1 This is VERY important, print and keep close when you need protection...don't think about it, just do it...6 views
20 November 2022 3 Upcoming Mega Millions Lottery, fours 142434, more numbers (not sure when)6 views
6 November 2022 4 American Airlines crash, soon...5 views
5 November 2022 1 Upcoming USA lottery, look for the numbers of 7's?4 views
3 November 2022 4 Pretty sure this and 2 other dreams from last night are about lottery numbers and how quantum {dreams} can predict winners using some sort of eraser...4 views
3 November 2022 3 November 9th, the event starts in the sky, several phone numbers (login to view)4 views
3 November 2022 2 Pretty sure this and 2 other dreams from last night are about lottery numbers and how quantum {dreams} can predict winners using some sort of eraser...4 views
13 November 2022 2 November 29th major event, numbers...4 views
14 November 2022 1 November 29th major event, numbers...4 views
16 November 2022 4 November 30th fire...4 views
18 November 2022 2 life is more than flesh convulsing on bone, you're looking backward (not sure)4 views
19 November 2022 1 CCTV 6063290012 Aldo Hernandez Ortega Winslow...4 views
18 November 2022 1 missing head...4 views
March 26 2013 2 - Art Stolen 1659 Boston Athenaeum Street 2nd Burning Its Unom 1st Floor Painting 3 of May Year of Lord...3 views
11280 4 November 2018 1 - Anatoliy Kovalev Arrested In Montana Days Before Brian Kemp'S Arrest And Apparent Suicide...3 views
3 November 2022 1 Pretty sure this and 2 other dreams from last night are about lottery numbers and how quantum {dreams} can predict winners using some sort of eraser...3 views
6 November 2022 2 Cable car accident...3 views
6 November 2022 3 school shooter, soon...3 views
6 November 2022 6 www iii starts here? same dreams from October of this year for more, same numbers, TU-95 bombs hits warsaw , Łachowce...3 views
6 November 2022 5 nato www ?? same numbers, not sure no memory of this dream, Matthew 24:6-7...3 views
14 November 2022 2 plasma numbers...3 views
15 November 2022-1 she is under here...3 views
17 November 2022 2 death tools?3 views
19 November 2022 2 H Jackson 13 days CCTV numbers...3 views
21 November 2022 2 10 more days before the quake...3 views
Jan 2007 US Congress shut down by proud boys - this is him ...2 views
Aug 2010 White pride - Proudboys , by the Potomac River...2 views
5203 November 29 2013 2 - Tommorow News...2 views
James Closs Found 11239 26 October 2018 1 - The Man At Cameron? Who Will Go To James Closs'S Funeral Is The Same Ma...2 views
Murder Of Abigail Williams And Liberty German Was Done My This Man Living In This Garage - Murder of Abigail Williams an...2 views
13525 29 August 2020 3 - Roger Stone'S Phone Call With Proudboy Member Was Recorded, Rodger Stone Killed Over A Fai...2 views
13614 13 September 2020 4 - The Shooter Was Paid By Rodger Stone, Proud Boys, Numbers....2 views
13692 23 September 2020 4 - A Dream From September 23rd 2020 Says Proud Boys Stand Up Stand By - On September 29th 2020 ...2 views
A Dream From September 23Rd 2020 Sats Proud Boys Stand Up Stand By On September 29Th 2020 Donald Trump Said The Same Thi...2 views
13915 26 October 2020 1 - 440 North Broad Street in Philadelphia - Proud Boys Started the Fire Before the Election - Num...2 views
13988 4 November 2020 4 - Proud Boys Killer - Numbers....2 views
14160 10 December 2020 1 - At 8:57 Pm Est On Saturday, December 12th 2020 This Man Will Be Stabbed By A Member Of Antifi...2 views
Aiden Blanchard Missing Boy Found Not What They Thing Superman Ride 471 0 - Aiden Blanchard Missing Boy Found - Not What...2 views
Robert Alan Levinson Is Released From A Secret Cia Run Camp In Iran He Is Ok But Lost A Leg In 2020 The Iranian Governm...2 views
Cleo Smith found, arrest made, by airport, numbers, look again, this is him, dug the hole - does not match - its impossible for Cleo to found until they look again?2 views
Cleo Smith found, arrest made, by airport, numbers - this is the man again, he took her near the airport? go to Quobba Lighthouse2 views
6 November 2022 1 California earthquake on November? 2022...2 views
5 November 2022 3 Something about a popular Youtuber being killed on a Livestream...2 views
5 November 2022 2 DeWalt battery7 will be the cause of a missive fire, numbers...2 views
April 15 2013 6 - Weight Loss Symbol - Lose Weight in Your Sleep, Print This Image and Keep With You Close During Sleep...1 views
5290 December 27 2013 2 - Indian Railways Russian Train Bomb 7 84 250-16-56 Bok3ah 71902 Emiral 29...1 views
Robin Williams Death Prediction Psychic Brian Ladd - The Death of Robin Williams...1 views
5819 August 21 2014 9 - August 777 Rata Zamped Usa Pope Francis Gets Sick on Unaccounted Visit, End of August 2014, Sede...1 views
6223 27 December 2014 3 - Love Is Thought. Insanity Is Learned From Childhood, Humans Are Not Suppose to Think in Langua...1 views
Brian Ladds Dream Diary 2015 - Brian S Dream Diary 2015 Dream by Brian Ladd, Psychic Dreamer. For more on this dream,...1 views
6266 20 January 2015 1 - This Will Be a Famous Photo Taken by This Man, It's Shows Something Amazing That Happened ...1 views
6771 9 August 2015 3 - Joseph Bruce Death Gruesome Face Taunts Sole Less Eye?? Clowns??...1 views
6902 19 September 1 - If You're Reading This Out Loud Translating From Programmed Human Speech you're Insane. ...1 views
6924 30 September 1 - Lottery for October 3rd, Patter 3 5 7 2 3 2 1 11 5...1 views
6925 30 September 2 - Go to His Past Home, Behind the Trash Is Something Police Need to See, He Is Not Alone , Logs Are ...1 views
6926 30 September 3 - Books All Over 1.43 Miles South of Shelf Plane Crash. Books Wilth Williams...1 views
6717 6 November 6 - Polonium 210, Hiding the Truth, No Test for This Poison, Spy Killing Spies and More of the Same....1 views
My Sister Christine Ladd Died Please Help Save The Live Of A Cat Or Dog Today - Christine Ladd, I Will Always Love You, ...1 views
7871 10 November 2016 1 - Ivana 1 2-20-49 2-20-17 Body Burned, Still, Traces Of Polonium Found In Car And Bed (concerns ...1 views
4400 - Found This On The Side Of The Road....1 views
The New Donald Trump Youth Program Set To Replace The Boy Scouts Of America And It Looks And Awful Like Adolf Hitler S S...1 views
4608 05 May 2012 - Jared Corey Kushner Takes the Blame for the Deaths and Admits He Did Not Know About the Operation, Te...1 views
July 1St To The 8Th 2017 Sent July 10Th 2017 Newsletter 3 - Three Floors in the Trump Towers Building in New York City, ...1 views
1347 03 March 2006 Found - Donald Trump Is Not Wearing His American Flag Pin During Speech, Russia Code. - Dream Number ...1 views
1362 03 March 2006 Found - Russian-backed Terrorists Switch to Juice Pack Chargers Instead of Streaming Laptop Batteries...1 views
1363 03 March 2006 Found - Trump Orders Death of American Citizens This Is a Drawing of the Terrorists Responsible the A...1 views
9047 28 July 2017 2 - This Is Concerning The Autopsy Of The Late Jefferson Sessions Who At This Time Was The Attorney Ge...1 views
9093 5 August 2017 5 - Grand Jury List And Upcoming Jury List In The Trump / Russian Investigation Has Been Sold For 1.2...1 views
9172 13 August 2017 1 - Donald Trump Threats Against Isis, George Papadopoulos Murdered By Russian Mafia In Nyc, Trumps ...1 views
Fort Dix Basic Training Graduation 1989, My Grandmother And Me, Brian Ladd - Fort Dix Basic Training Graduation 1989, M...1 views
9446 21 October 2017 1 - The upcoming commercial airline hijacking by North Korea personnel are made available because o...1 views
9529 4 November 2017 1 - 4 Nov 2017 1 35 days after General Michael Flynn (public) arrest, he is...1 views
9598 17 November 2017 6 - Donald Trump deports million and jails thousands over a phone call with Jovenel Moise, Army co...1 views
9759 22 December 2017 3 - No Clue - Dream Number 9759 22 December 2017 3 - Archive.Org @ http://Bit.Ly/2n64pmd...1 views
9791 30 December 2017 3 - 1.7 Million, Stephen Bannon Killed By Donald Trump Vet Drug Heart Attack. - Dream Number 9791...1 views
4852 Kyron Horman - Planning This For Years, A Tunnel Near School Hidden Entrance, Duck Hunting, Isc, Kyron Was Lost, Th...1 views
4871 Maura Murray - From All 5 Dd'S: This Is The Man Responsible For Her Death, I Think He Is Retired From The Pol...1 views
4874 Maura Murray - From All 5 Dd'S: This Is The Man Responsible For Her Death, I Think He Is Retired From The Pol...1 views
10392 3 May 2018 7 - Same Water Based Encryption Uses Fake Adoption Company to Connect the Whitehouse With Moscow, See P...1 views
4964 Asha Jaquilla Degree - Haifa Oil Refineries Fire on Christmas Day 2016, Dd Simply Says, Remember December 30th Year...1 views
10481 22 May 2018 4 - Was Going To Talk To Muller, Russia Poisons George Bush With 'vet Drug Cocktail' Numbers...1 views
Adji Desir 6473 - Adji Wandered Off From His Home As The Sun Was Going Down, He Was Following A Dog Walking On Some Type...1 views
Adji Desir 6472 - Adji Wandered Off From His Home As The Sun Was Going Down, He Was Following A Dog Walking On Some Type...1 views
Adji Desir 6474 - Adji Wandered Off From His Home As The Sun Was Going Down, He Was Following A Dog Walking On Some Type...1 views
Adji Desir Missing Psychic Brian Ladd Map - Adji Wandered Off From His Home As The Sun Was Going Down, He Was Following ...1 views
Adji Desir Missing Psychic Brian Ladd - Adji Wandered Off From His Home As The Sun Was Going Down, He Was Following A Do...1 views
10581 8 June 2018 6 - Fake News, More On The 'vet' Drug Made By Russia For The Murder Of People, And Its Got N...1 views
10761 15 July 2018 1 - Short, Fat Rocket Man Lied To Me And America, Donald Trump Twitter, The Date For The Seoul Rok At...1 views
11011 2 September 2018 3 - Pope Francis Dies In His Sleep, Murder, Vet Drug, Numbers - Dream Number 11....1 views
11060 11 September 2018 5 - Us Senator Rand Paul Is Executed While In Pretrial Confinement. He Is Arrested In Russia An...1 views
11317 11 November 2018 1 - John Simpson And Richard Baker Die Os Russian Agent Poisoning, Russian Hit List Dream Number...1 views
11359 24 November 2018 3 - Not Suicide, Mark Zukerburg Commits Suicide Just 36 Days After Russian Agents Threaten Him No...1 views
11518 28 December 2018 2 - Found December 31st, 2018 Walmart Sterling Green (maybe Mans Name, Not Jb) J.B. Shocking, A...1 views
11517 28 December 2018 1 - Fire, December 31st, 2018, Chicago, Numbers Dream Number 11517 28 December 2018 1 Psychic ...1 views
11519 30 December 2018 1 - Mega Millions Winning Numbers For 2019, Bonus Number (use The Number Of The Month You Were B...1 views
11581 14 January 2019 7 - Michael Cohen Cancels Congress Testimony After Wife Gets A Personal Visit From A Russian Agent...1 views
11610 20 January 2019 5 - Trump, Steve Bannon, And Rodger Stone Stabbed In Jail, 14 Times Dream Number 11610 20 January...1 views
11021 5 March 2019 1 Alberta Leeman found here - funeral August 21, 2021 (may not be Alberta funeral...hopefully) he put her car in the conn river - look again - go to mount orane covered bridge...1 views
11849 9 May 2019 1 - This Dreams Needs To Be Translated, If Anyone Wants To Do It Please Put In The Comment Section Of T...1 views
11973 2 July 2019 4 - Call 202-547-1141 Now, Dc Murders In Congress, Elin Nordegren Is Guilty And Responsible For Chris,...1 views
11999 13 July 2019 5 - Katie Johnson Killed In An Auto Accident, Russian Agents, Numbers....1 views
12006 16 July 2019 2 - William Barr Quits After Protest Threaten Him, Trump Told Barr To 'stir Up' The Eric Ga...1 views
12060 3 August 2019 3 - Jeffrey Epstein Murder Dreams June And July 2019, Call 212-397-2255 Now, Infowars Leader Also Ki...1 views
12261 16 October 2019 1 - Trump Plays Gulf During The Largest Isis Raid In History, Russia 'Trump Is Lying' Nu...1 views
12331 17 November 2019 1 - Trump Dies Of 3rd Heart Attack On February 8 2020 (nothing New, Search Past Dreams For More B...1 views
Missing Woman Stacy Peterson Found There Was A Metal Ring On The Plastic Barrel Midwest Recycling Company The Truck With...1 views
Missing Woman Stacy Peterson Found There Was A Metal Ring On The Plastic Barrel Midwest Recycling Company The Truck With...1 views
12896 24 March 2020 5 - Paid To Kill Lonnie Franklin, Trash Bag Found In A Cell, Look Inside? Stacy Peterson Body Is He...1 views
Bodies Found On Chad Daybell Property Belonged To Children You Must See This Chad Daybell And Lori Vallow Will Both Be K...1 views
13159 13 June 2020 1 - Steve Bannon And His New Friend Arrested For No Reason? The Deep State Is Real Brian?...1 views
13285 9 July 2020 2 - Donald Trump Makes 5 Secret Calls To Jair Bolsonaro Of Brazil In A Plot To Murder People That Thre...1 views
13311 13 July 2020 9 - Oan News Organization, Reported Is Wearing A Device On Her? That'S Directly Connected To Mos...1 views
13457 13 August 2020 2 - 440 North Broad Street in Philadelphia - Proud Boys Started the Fire Before the Election - Numb...1 views
Azariah J Petrick Found He Did Not Know He Was Cold 13470 17 August 2020 2 - 6 More Days - Here...1 views
13541 2 September 2020 4 - When The Dow Jones Falls Below 27,000 Trump Reaches Agreement To Release Stimulus Payment To ...1 views
Missing Woman Adrianne Gilliam Is Alive She Is Discovered During A Routine Traffic Stop She Is Working At Walmart In Pal...1 views
13593 9 September 2020 13 - A Staff Member (name On Dd) Secretly Makes A Copy Of A New Letter To President Donald Trump ...1 views
13610 12 September 2020 5 - Xtreme Opti-Clean Covid-19 Cube Maker Murders Over 200,000 Americans, Numbers Xtreme Manuf...1 views
13700 25 September 2020 3 - Delta Park Shooting Was Not Pb - Russian Agent - Numbers - Was On Cctv Buying Paint - 50320...1 views
13709 26 September 2020 10 - See A Dream From 2 Weels Ago - Russia Hacks Florida 911 On The Day Most People Reviewed The...1 views
13692 23 September 2020 4 - Proud Boys Leader Enrique Tarrio, Killed In An Accident - The Smoke Killed Him - Not Fire - ...1 views
Missing Girl Morgan Nick Is Still Alive Is Still Suffering From Her Mental Illness Its A Genetic Disease And Another Fam...1 views
Twitter Goes Down On October 15Th 2020 This Dream From October 13Th 2020 Is Why And What Is Next - Twitter Goes Down On ...1 views
Caylee Marie Anthonys Mom Casey Involved In An Accident Jose Baez Was Not Driving The Deaths Are Related To The Secret F...1 views
Missing Child Cherrie Mahan Located Lake Saxony Us Army Reports Are Wrong Numbers - Missing Child Cherrie Mahan Located ...1 views
Miguel Quezada Missing Man From Mesa Arizona Located He Was At This Home In Navojoa Sonora Mexico She Saw What He Was Ca...1 views
Cheryl Henry And Andy Atkinson Were In 2 Different Rooms Joseph James Deangelo Had 3 Children There The Missing Children...1 views
Alan White Missing Man Found He Followed Him From The Gas Station Look At The Cctv Camera 2 Again Fair Park Wanted To Go...1 views
The Eastbound Strangler This Is Him And He Is Responsible For The Upcoming 3 Murders He Works In Atlantic City At This H...1 views
14140 5 December 2020 6 - Donald Trump Instructs Attorney General Bill Bar To Arrest Rebekah Jones Arrested For Treason ...1 views
14257 4 January 2021 2 N - Malina Trump Divorced Her Husband Quite Her Job To Get A Plea Deal To Avoid Prison - Cia Is T...1 views
14249 2 January 2021 4 N - She Is Going To Kill Her Children? Child?...1 views
20 January 2021 1 - Yeah...1 views
Ajay Sah Missing Man Located Not Hate Failing Is Ok Tried To Tell The Family Sadness Search The Park Again Numbers - Aja...1 views
Missing Ajay Sah Located Galaxy 9 Phone Was Not The Right One Great Swamp Not Canoe Brook He Was There Before Sadness G...1 views
14436 9 February 2021 3 - Jessica -- Oliva And Liam Are The Names Of Your Future Children - Dates....1 views
14458 13 February 2021 4 - This Is The Alien In Last Night'S Dreams....1 views
Kyron Horman Missing Boy Located Safe In Scappoose Oregon She Tried To Contact Terri Horman But She Didn T ...1 views
Amy Hayes Ella Clancy And Sarah Everard Found He Took Them There They Trusted Him Will Take Them To1 Body Numbers Not Us...1 views
Uk Missing Woman Sarah Everard Found This Is The Serial Killer And Here Is The Location Of 4 More Missing Woman - Uk Mis...1 views
Anthonette Cayedito Located Safe She Just Had Her Second Baby Girl Love Washoe Tribe Numbers Cctv This Is Her Trailer - ...1 views
Dulce Maria Alavez Missing Child Found 8566655655 Edgar Perez Arrested - Dulce Maria Alavez Missing Child Found - 856665...1 views
14958 1 June 2021 5 - He Is Going To Take Her Soon (in Months Or Less) Numbers - Upcoming Missing Woman Case....1 views
16 August 2021 1 The remains of Stacy Peterson found near the midwest recycling company -- old location - pipes are everywhere - here - on the? 12090...1 views
The murder of Tammy Zywicki is not what they think, they are looking for a male, this is her and she also killed a Lynn Schuller ? she lives in this trailer of wrightbrothers blvd in cedar r? numbers...1 views
Karen Louise Johnley Wallahee located - ex firefighter - still alive and is 67 years old - he took Rosia Evers? too - shed with a wooden floor - Colacurcio crime family...1 views
All dreams from September 2021 by Psychic Brian Ladd - text only 81 views
The remains of Dennis Lloyd Martin located and show he died at the age of 42? DNA confirms something - he was taken by this man who lives in Bryson City...1 views
3 Oct 2021 2 The remains of Dennis Lloyd Martin located and show he died at the age of 42? DNA confirms something - he was taken by this man who lives in Bryson City...1 views
6 Oct 2021 5 Help...1 views
Bannon-400x215 Twitter Jacob Wohl alert over 2000 documents dark web doc are here login to view - keywords - will take Robert Mueller Jacob Wohl Archives joemygod maga police1 views
Stacy Peterson images q3Dtbn ANd9GcQA3EVPAxUcVL4dbFm4qcMn6akCPfRmyw0 8B1my06X9mATdXJQJQ psychic brian ladd found1 views
Nancy Grace Missing Person Cases Psychic Detective Brian Ladd Update On Case Parker-dohm-courtesy-of-the-national-center-for-missing-exploited-children-276x419 Found1 views
Missing girl Cleo Smith located I m not going to translate this as I hope I'm wrong and she is not found here - I will include my map dousing result, this area needs to be searched again,1 views
It's ok Cleo Smith - love - safe I'm hoping this is true there is a lighthouse an airport -that is where they both are right now...1 views
Cleo Smith located just 75 meters from where she was sleeping? 1 views
Mandurah - dudley park - its there - numbers - Ellie Smith arrested - Cleo - I'm not going to translate the rest...1 views
Cleo Smith found - look at the tape used, it was in her room - media story is not real - no police officer said she (suspect) has been ruled out for doing this - not a white van - spotting on November 8th is not her - family member arrested and released. 1 views
221 meters from tent, Missing Cleo Smith found, she is arrested, her skin is found on the body - look again...1 views
2 Nov 2021 9 Serial killers mass grave located, 6 of Mike DeBardeleben victims located concord? 23 by middlesex cancel -the mass grave was covered by this? see 2019 open cases, almost the same dd...1 views
29 Nov 2021 2 Donald Trump dies of a heart attack on December 24th, assuming this year...1 views
Harmony Montgomery found - the one that took is helping to look for her - the attic of this home - KM arrested - numbers...1 views
18 march 2022 1 Putin dies of Colorectal Cancer on October 31st, 2022, he does not die from the radioactive fallout...1 views
Summer Wells located, 8659800237, yellow Chevy, plate 6X32 - basement, not sure...1 views
19 April 2022 1 I see you...1 views
Missing man Daniel Robinson found not what they think the police officer made a mistake it was an accident, not hate body cam footage was hidden go to now, he is still there1 views
27 August 2022 1 NASA Explosion, FL, numbers Sept 2?? here, PSI, more stuff...1 views
28 August 2022 2 Lindsey Graham dies of a heart attack in room 707...1 views
28 August 2022 1 Ivanka Trump arrested...1 views
30 August 2022 2 Something on the 18th of next month...1 views
30 August 2022 1 September 11th crash, breaking news, numbers...1 views
13 October 2022 1 Numbers, killer...1 views
19 October 2022 2 Madeleine McCann found; arrest made.1 views
27 October 2022 1 crash on 7 November 2022? numners +1137766276?1 views
A dream from November 21st, 2022 almost predicted all the numbers in the PowerBall Lottery draw on November 26th 2022 - look at the numbers, AGAIN! AMAZING, this new lucid way of predicting numbers seems to be working MUCH BETTER now dream says Upcomin1 views
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