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UK Missing woman Sarah Everard found - this is the serial killer and here is the location of 4 more missing woman  Play album slideshow


Dream number 14563 3 March 2021 says HSS 0 34 26 14 8 ? South Africa guess what - someone won from South Africa!  Play album slideshow


Missing teen Leah Conner missing found - unfortunately this dream was correct but I hope this dream help find who did this  Play album slideshow


Jesus is real Brian - 9134322991 said a dream on March 4th, 2021 - well 9134322991 turns out to be a pubic phone number of a First Baptist Church in Mission Kansas  Play album slideshow


This dream from September 8th 2018 has the number 4154541460 and this - the number is San Quentin State Prison  Play album slideshow


Another dream drawing with numbers turns out to be winning lottery numbers - this dream from February 24 2021 matched EXACTLY the Texas 2 Step Lottery on March 1st 2021 only 1 week later this time!!  Play album slideshow


March 2nd 2021 - At least 15 killed in accident near Mexican border between SUV and gravel truck - this dream IS related to my February 24th 2021 dream - to see more just research the event - dream says - Can see smoke in the distance - fire  Play album slideshow


A dream from July 6th 2020 says Tiger Woods dies of COVid-19 he has had it before - the second time kills him, there is where he gets it the second time I think  Play album slideshow


Turns out this dream was in French and it contained winning lottery numbers for the France Lotto!  Play album slideshow


A dream from the 21st of February 2021 may be related to the Golf Pro Tiger Woods auto accident on February 23rd of the same year  Play album slideshow


Fire in Pittsburgh on February 8th 2021 is related to this dream  Play album slideshow


A dream from January 17th 2020 says GME buy GameStop Stock now a year later and people are now rich  Play album slideshow


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