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15 July 2021 5 lottery numbers maybe...I'm pretty sure this says stars... So far 4 people played using these numbers and they won the EuroMillions Lottery... 17 July 2021 1 Breaking news event of July 22nd, 2021... 18 July  2021 3  Not sure who this is... 18 July  2021 1 Crash in 5 more days... 17 July 2021 2 Eyeballs are everywhere  - odd dreams... 16 July 2021 3 Killer... 846-01-january-2006-prediction-brian-ladd-dream~0 Missing woman Kandi Green Gonzalez located... 16 July 2021 4  Middle America trench earthquake in 2 days, the mag 8.9 San Francisco quake is still in December of 2021,. 18 July  2021 2  Church fire... 10 July 2021 3  Missing woman Tatum Morell located  - 58 feet from west fork rock creek - they are was searched but she was sleeping - a miracle she did not ?  numbers
case at https://briansprediction.com/thumbnails.php?album=17582 31 Dec 2017 15 Old Houses, Second Floor, Cant See Face Dec 30 Dreams? No Idea, See Yesterdays Dreams... 31 Dec 2017 6 Fireballs across the sky January 12th and 13th - ice not iron - biological weapons test - people get sick in the area... Phil Kreycik located - did not fall - she knew he was going - went to Freemount off Mowry road - numbers - not what she thinks - numbers - he works in Hamilton - not running - white Toyota 18 July  2021 4  95... Missing woman Kandi Green Gonzalez located Missing woman Kandi Green Gonzalez loca... 18 July  2021 5  covenant care center... 11 July 2021 2 Philip Kreycik located  - HEDD - a white Toyota passed him?  not runnng - hedd c?  case at  https://briansprediction.com/Philip Kreycik 16 July 2021 1  The shooters live in Parkrose Portland Oregon  - skidmore ? - numbers - voodoo donuts - soon... 

Jaselle Diaz opened 12-2-20  Play album slideshow


Jaselle Diaz opened 12-2-20 (this case is private due to the nature of information posted - login to access it)

Zia Byakika opened 12-1-20  Play album slideshow


Zia Byakika opened 12-1-20 (this case is private due to the nature of information posted - login to access it)

Little Jane Doe opened 11-30-20  Play album slideshow


Little Jane Doe opened 11-30-20 (this case is private due to the nature of information posted - login to access it)

Anthony Campbell opened 11-30-20  Play album slideshow


Anthony Campbell opened 11-30-20 (this case is private due to the nature of information posted - login to access it)

Flynt Lee murder case finally solved opened 11-29-20  Play album slideshow


Flynt Lee murder case finally solved opened 11-29-20 (this case is private due to the nature of information posted - login to access it)

Kristin Smart missing woman located opened 11-28-20  Play album slideshow


Kristin Smart missing woman located opened 11-28-20 (this case is private due to the nature of information posted - login to access it)

Mary Schlais opened 11-27-20  Play album slideshow


Mary Schlais opened 11-27-20 (this case is private due to the nature of information posted - login to access it)

Steven Pearsall and Christina White Lewis Clark Valley murders opened 11-26-20  Play album slideshow


Steven Pearsall and Christina White Lewis Clark Valley murders opened 11-26-20 (this case is private due to the nature of information posted - login to access it)

Mildred Alexis Old Crow opened 11-25-20  Play album slideshow


Mildred Alexis Old Crow opened 11-25-20 (this case is private due to the nature of information posted - login to access it)

Tube Sock Killers - husband and wife opened 11-25-20  Play album slideshow


Tube Sock Killers - husband and wife opened 11-25-20 (this case is private due to the nature of information posted - login to access it)

Andre Sterling opened 11-23-20  Play album slideshow


Andre Sterling opened 11-23-20 (this case is private due to the nature of information posted - login to access it)

Melanie Road opened 11-21-20  Play album slideshow


Melanie Road opened 11-21-20 (this case is private due to the nature of information posted - login to access it)

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Most viewed dreams - MISSING PERSONS
Missing woman Kandi Green Gonzalez located...310 views today
Phil Kreycik located - did not fall - she knew he was going - went to Freemount off Mowry road - numbers - not what she thinks - numbers - he works in Hamilton - not running - white Toyota277 views today
Missing woman Kandi Green Gonzalez located Missing woman Kandi Green Gonzalez loca...230 views today
Ryan Larson Missing Boy locatedm look againm this is Him Follow Ryan Larson missin...177 views today
Phil Kreycik located - did not fall - she knew he was going - went to Freemount off Mowry road - numbers - not what she thinks - numbers - he works in Hamilton - not running - white Toyota 154 views today
Summer Wells found - shoes - her shoes will be used in court to prove this is not a...144 views today
Missing Girl Summer Wells located Police are withholding the from 2 dds dated 6162...120 views today
Missing child Summer Wells found - look again - under here - trailer - cctv buying tools...117 views today
Summer Wells mother arrested for murder police have the item - marks show it was not an accident - keeps washing her hands - she did not do it - it was Rose Bly109 views today
Summer Wells found - arrest made - this is her - she keeps washing her hands - cctv look at what she bought...103 views today
Summer Wells mother arrested for murder - cant breathe - other bad things - look again...102 views today
From 2 Dds Dated 6 16 21 Missing Girl Summer Wells located from 2 dds dated 61621...99 views today
Summer Wells located mother arrested not her - rose took her - numbers...87 views today
Ryan Larsen Police are withholding this look again look...84 views today
Ryan Larson water meets the wood new Construction Numbers Ryan Larson, water meets...83 views today
Per last nights dreams and map dousing - this is the exact location of missing chi...82 views today
Summer Wells located - going to take another in July - washing hands - numbers...82 views today
Philip Kreycik located - HEDD - a white toyota passed him not runnng - hedd c72 views today
Kristin Smart remains found and confirmed her body was moved 3 years ago to right b...68 views today
Ryan Larsen found she did this saw the dog look again arrest no western hills numbe...68 views today
Kyron Horman Missing boy located safe in Scappoose Oregon she tried to contact Terr...67 views today
Missing boy Ryan Larsen found where the water meets the wood new construction he fo...66 views today
Philip Kreycik missing man is here - white truck - HEDD - she did this - not running - 9252490620 - dustin home...51 views today
Summer Wells found - this is him - no accident - numbers https://briansprediction ....47 views today
Missing woman Rose Bly located - arrest made - Aug 21 - 4233486 keeps washing hands - 423 348-6060 6060 4233486060...45 views today
Ryan Larsen found they moved the container when the water meets the wood marker con...44 views today
Missing woman Rose Bly located - arrest made - Aug 21 - 4233486 keeps washing hands - 423 348-6060 6060 4233486060...38 views today
Missing woman Rose Bly located - keeps washing hands? Lone Star Road - Kingsport...38 views today
Ryan Larsen missing boy located here numbers Ryan Larsen Missing Boy Located Here...37 views today
The container dumpster was taken to the landfill hiding CVS look again Missing Ryan...37 views today
Xavior Harrelson Missing Boy located Ryan Larson Saw me Xavior Harrelson mi...36 views today
Missing woman Rose Bly located - arrest made - Aug 21 - 4233486 keeps washing hands - 423 348-6060 6060 4233486060...32 views today
Missing Boy Ryan Larsen located Near new Construction Missing Boy Ryan Larsen Loc...30 views today
Look again numbers Ryan Larson located look on the roof the ladder has been used ca...28 views today
Missing boy Ryan Larsen found where the water meets the wood new construction he fo...27 views today
Ryan Larsen found where the water meets the wood this is him he will not let him go...27 views today
Missing Breasia Terrell found 13336 18 Jul 2020 13 From 3 Dd'S Dated 7/18/20...23 views today
The Boy in the Box Case Closed Killer located he Wanted a G The Boy In The Box Cas...21 views today
Missing girl Tionda Bradley located in West Garfield park numbers 1200 feet west of water - the water is Garfield lagoon...21 views today
18 May 2021 2 Ryan Larsen Found - She Did This, Saw The Dog, Look Again - Arrest...20 views today
Jayme Closs found 11428 9 Dec 2018 1 Jayme Closs, Body Found 6 Miles Fro...19 views today
Timothy Pit zen Missing Timothy Pit zen Died of An Accident In A Hotel...18 views today
Wayne Lee Farrell missing man located near the white river - not what they think - this is the other man...18 views today
Karlie Guse Missing 11450 14 Dec 2018 1 Karlie Guse Missing Teen, Someth...17 views today
The body of Joan Risch located at this location see the map B001DKRWJ8 J84X hidden...17 views today
Amy Lynn Bradley missing woman Finally Comes Home Amy Lynn Bradley Missing Woman F...17 views today
Missing woman Tatum Morell located - 58 feet from west fork rock creek - they are was searched but she was sleeping - a miracle...17 views today
Breasia Terrell missing girl found inside police are looking in the wrong area and...16 views today
Brittanee Drexel Brittanee Got On A Boat with A Man She Thought Was Rich...15 views today
Zachary bernhardt Missing 2018 Zachary Bernhardt Case Opened 5 20 2018...15 views today
Missing Maura Murray Remains found at Lost River Road Missing Maura Murray Remains...15 views today
Yasemin Uyar missing woman found - rathway river - the wrong way - look again - red sign...15 views today
Audrey Moran found 11 Sep 2018 2 Audrey Moran Was Given A Secret Phone B14 views today
Jaymee Closs 11417 6 Dec 2018 2 12/5/2018 Brianladd Org Jaymee Closs, T...14 views today
Missing teen Leah Conner missing found unfortunately this dream was correct but I h...14 views today
Missing woman Saniyya Dennis located by the Sunoco Gas Station Missing Woman Saniy...14 views today
Valerie Hasbum missing woman located - not what they think - by Jake dog park - numbers - he works in Hamilton14 views today
Serenity Dennard found dream Mar 8th 2019 He Is Going To Kill Her, In T...13 views today
Kori Gauthier S Killer Does it again in 43 Days the Serial Killer Kori Gauthier�...13 views today
The remains of Madeleine The remains of Madeleine McCann located on the beach of light - Praia da Luz Portugal - under thi...13 views today
Sarah Stern Missing is Alive...12 views today
Asha Degree found Psychc Case Opened Jan 17 2019 dream 1 Asha Degree Mis12 views today
Lauren Dumolo missing woman found Next to this Lauren Dumolo Missing Woman Found N...12 views today
12 Jan 2021 3 Happy Valley - Missing Woman Tameka Smith Located - Wyoming Park -...12 views today
Missing teen Tara Leigh Calico located safe the photos are not her she is still dow...12 views today
Missing man Thomas Hughes she goes to the University but does not take classes anym...12 views today
This is about Thomas Hughes a missing man2C this is the bridge in my dream This Is...12 views today
Elisa Lam was not murdered by Richard Ramirez she was given LSD by a janitors frien...12 views today
Praia da Luz Madeleine Praia Da Luz - Madeleine McCann Found Alive - Tunnel To The Cellar - Police Will Search The Wrong A...12 views today
Missing man Shane Nguyen located He said he was going to leave and would go there h...12 views today
Dianna Brice missing woman found on the Other Side of Cobbs Creek Dianna Brice Mis...12 views today
Brittanee Drexel Pittance Got On A Boat with A Man She...11 views today
This is about a Missing Girl Evelyn Mae Boswell 27 Feb From 4 Dd'S Dated Feb...11 views today
Paul Kochu remains found she did this not suicide joe saloon may be related to anot...11 views today
Missing child Madeleine Missing Child Madeleine McCann Remains Found Wrapped In A Blanket About 3 Feet Under This Rock On...11 views today
David arrested off slide road 2 Lubbock - Kyla Flagg found safe? - Decemb...11 views today
Sabrina Aisenberg Missing Sabrina Aisenberg Missing Since 11.24.1997 All...10 views today
Zachary bernhardt Missinf 2018 Zachary bernhardt Missing 2018 Zachary Be...10 views today
The remains of missing Madeline McCann found at this exact location on the beach in...10 views today
12 Feb 2021 7 1 Fredonia New York - He Was Taken To - Numbers - Will Be Found - Sh...10 views today