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2 feb 2023 2 Jimmy Carter dies in room 3...0 views today
2 feb 2023 4 Lottery winner, September 9th birthday, this year will be wonderful for you, happy birthday!0 views today
2 feb 2023 3 Mega Tsunami hits San Francisco...0 views today
2 feb 2023 5 March 8th, 2023 a day we will never forget...0 views today
1 feb 2023 2 26 more days until US citizens start getting sick, china flu again?0 views today
1 feb 2023 1 This woman is going to murder her child and put the body in this, this is not a normal missing child case, there is an exact address of the child on this dd (censored) it will happen soon, maybe in a few months.0 views today
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