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Joseph Barrett, Jesus is real Brian, 9724837474, college, Jesus heals, go this church? (exact same dream as DD 9737 from December 18th of 2017, I do not know what city in Italy though)
Brian Jesus will heal all, March 11th, 2018, 9724837474 (too late, Jesus let my sister die...this Jesus is dead to me...have fun, I'll stay right here)
Breaking news story about movie director Steven Spielberg
Greenville SC fires are related to the murder of dancer who was the wrong person, license plate number, 8642810335 camp bow wow.
Rip, not English
Hotel inter-continental Kabul love Aryana Sayeed killed March 12 2018
See November 2017 for more, this is an assassination of the current US President Donald Trump, the secret service has no idea of the hidden tunnel under where the president will be standing, explosion follows...I do not think the attempt will be...
Drug bust, address Blackwell Drive, Port Saint Lucie, FL (censored)
Baby buried under pavement, monument park manor, (951) 928-3505 love, dog (pretty sure I had this same dream last month)
I go into this room with someone, I put my hand in this machine and it gives me some sort of shot, the person I'm with does the same thing but it takes her entire body into the machine, peels off her skin and breaks her neck, awful feeling witnessing
Diamonds from the sky Jan 16th same as Lesotho +44 203 043 0280, see past weeks dd's
Senator Harry Reid mails virus Jan 16th, 2018? ice ball that hit Lake Huron, not from this world, not safe, mind control, Jan 27th Jan 16th March 24th Sky Fires (OK, I'm almost certain that on January 16th of 2018 an ice ball from space will splash.
Upcoming oil spill.
Website nuforc.org member posts information about January 16th and March 24, 2018, the mistake gets both of them killed...this will happen and I'm sorry I can't help.
206 722-3000 why don't they believe, death will kill leaders, pointless deaths Jan 1618?
Trump April 15th.
God and jews (same thing) numbers and symbols.
Radio from hell, this device causes people to change in a veryu bad way, it can be turned off and on...I've had this dream many times since I was about 10 years old, its a nightmare devise I own...well in my dreams.
Sky on fire January 22nd, 2018 and another grid...this one is hard to read.
Saginaw Jan 16th ?? ice from the sky - virus makes people sick then kills, more numbers...not sure, maybe related to December 2017's dds.
See last nights and last months dreams, and NO diamonds are actually going to fall from the sky, I'm pretty sure diamonds refer to something totally different and worth way more than money. anyway, the grid checks out, see attached map too.
Baby 41 buried under parking lot monument park manor.
Location of diamonds falling from the sky on January 16th, 2018, nothing new, see last months dd's (log in for the exact grid)
Fire in the sky on January 16th, 2018 9 pm? nothing new, see last months dd's
January 20th 2018 train crash, nothing new, see last months dd's.
Symphony of the seas, cruise ship accident and how to stop it
Very simple laser devise to record sounds from inside structures up to two miles away, the thinker the glass windows the better...works on the White House too.
Donald Trump Martin Luther King parade unscheduled visit causes the death of this person, not sure how or why or even if it's going to be on the same day.
Henry Bolton dies, jo
Island breeze Jan 14th, 2018.
Chicago fire arson, 773 numbers.
Anthrax attacks are real, paid $25,000 by Trump lawyer cause fire and fury, start a fake war (808) 733-4300 works at Diamond Head Crater, more numbers'.
Tower failure.
Same numbers some I'm assuming this is page 2.
Stephanie Clifford murder, not suicide pills not right (561) 832-2600 more numbers.
More details on the awful fire this coming Sunday, January 14th, 2018.
This is the man who is starting the trump fires, has nothing to do with the upcoming anthrax events.
Edgar dies, January 17, 1925, 322am, pillow over face, (662) 745-6611, if you've been following my site since, well, 2007 Edgar Cayce has been in a lot of my dreams...hundreds and yes, I know Edgar Cayce died this month...1945!
Church fire can feel the heat, small red cans, numbers.
JFK airport evacuation because of this man, not all clear. (this event will take place next week. Brian
A bomb and a shooter, underneath where US President Trump is speaking from, a tunnel and a box, the US Secret Service does not know about it, despite what the media says, or will say.
Next weeks lottery numbers Jan 14th to the 20th 2018.
Under trump shooter, secret service misses it, under the president room.
Juan Orlando Hernández god kills, luke 21:11 (Juan Herandez killed in Florida, I think)
Luke 21:11 great swan awakes in 3 days
I can feel the electric charge, UFO sightings on Feb 7th, 2018 are not missing data, they are connected. (nightmare)
OTR Radio show, Russia adoption agency kills Elon Reeve Musk over ID (censored, login to view) do not go to the hotel on May 10th 2018 or you will be shot 6 times (this dd has got to be about the man who started x.com as I got $5 from him when I was...
Mobile phone 'top secret' spy sat, dprk, Russian spy ship captures 1.1-kilogram radioactive secret keys to all US DOD projects using micro burst EMP to down Zuma location, Russian nuclear-powered spy sub, spy ship is a red herring fool...
Gravity field, phone spy, Atlantic Ocean Russian sub remain of Zuma, emp microbursts Russia sub (see a few nights ago for more)
More numbers and Russians taking advantage of weak institutions in the USA, Florida 3 6000? some failure, nuclear facility 327 3727 310 Edgar Cayce brian record the launch on January 8th, 2018
Russia Zuma failure (310) 363-6000 (617) 547-5552 (had the same dream 3 days ago, DD9818 from Jan 3rd, 2018)
Killer (numbers)
Train derails using the same simple device that breaks apart when pressure is applied to it.
Roof fire 113-1162 CNN live January 8th 20187 721 trump tower, devise to release anthrax in a ventilation system, the fake repairman (this is a repeat of dd 9813 from January 2nd of 2018 @ https://goo.gl/YYroZk or on youtube https://youtu.be/RAjSzXxSIkQ
Sears Tower anthrax attack on May 4th, 2018 (censored)
Hot air balloon accident (numbers)
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