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805 4973614 its spice, fake pot is why Heather Locklear kills herself on July 5th, 2018, see December 2017 dreams for more, Rx, she already wrote the note.
Train accident very soon, less than 2 weeks.
Chris DeFrancesco, there is no bomb, same man who is going to kill Jasheh XXX rap and Jimmy Wopo (305) 377-5055.
Peter Strzok ex fbi agent killed by the same man who made Mike Pompeo resign.
5 days za 21 killed, on June 20th, 2018 Isreal jets attack Gaza over rockets that lander on Haner Erez?
Circles in the sky, not from this earth.
Yongbyon nuclear reactor complex first sign of the meltdown begins on June 27th of 2018.
Threats are real, this is the man whos going to kill US Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen and unknown son, ironically this happens only 37 days after she resigns from office.
This is the undercover reporter that will be killed.
Donald Trump creates a fake news account and gets caught doing so, the account is canceled and details made public on Monday, June 18hth 2018, @wapo Washington Post hack.
New York Times, Washington Post and Cnn websites attacked by North Korea hackers, information stolen given to Russian agents, numbers, and not sure what this is but it related to the murder of server Washington Post reporters.
Dream_number_10612_15_June_2018_2_psychic_prediction.jpg god is great I think these are IP addresses.
Monday, June 18th, 2018 event, near the site, is this church, not sure who this woman is nor what she is holding, lots of numbers here too hard to see.
Gatesville Texas gods wrath (254) 865-8495, more numbers (not lottery numbers, I think)
Trump knew of Michael Cohen suicide, he baited him into trying with trigger words.
Some sort of accident in Glass-cow on June 18th, 2018, I do not think this is in the US, maybe Europe because of the road signs, Dick Doty, numbers on DD (censored, log in for more)
June 20th, 2018 UK
Same man 441, Glasgow School of Art, fire, wet floor, Charles Mackintosh 14113534500 - part 1 fire, Muriel Gray arrested June 30th, 2018 in another city, not the wires.
Secret service discovered electronic links (analog) from trumps Mara-a-logo and Russian spy ship Leonov and 'classified' Russian sub K7, took 3 months for the public to know, us trader and Russian connection is at the Saint Catherine Greek Ortho
Russia cut undersea internet cable, not North Korea, no accident. This is a cap, it's dropped by a spy ship overtop an undersea internet cable...it allows a robot to manually tap into the wires and fibers without detection.
Kingfisher Oklahoma oil fracking company 'forgets' to report the largest fracking accident in history, it will cause a 4.0 earthquake and poison the water supply for over 3 million people. (405) 478-8770 332
Rudy Giuliani home and office raided by the FBI, for medical reasons Mr. Giuliani will remain on house arrest only, Tragedy struck close to home today when it was announced that Andrew Giuliani was aboard flight 432 that killed all 207 people aboard.
(212) 687-4855 Peter Strzok shot 6 times by this man.
Hoov here, Dear Donald Trump, it's been, over....not sure.
Fake company MVM Inc sells children to 'men' 571 223-4500 DHS investigation shows the front company in the USA is part of a major Russian run child traffic and murder for hire organization, 20.
(408) 997-3871 2 day jan use car port? shadows, not sure car accident in January next year, maybe.
Oak Harbor UFO, this is basically a giant scanner that looking for a certain type of bacteria in the earth oceans, looks more like a giant flashlight to me.
Ok, pretty sure this is about the video Donald Trump gave to Kim Jong Un in Singapore yesterday (6/12/18) before the one on one meeting. The video was made by Russian Media Outlet RT and was produced to up the stock price of Russian Automaker Avtovaz
Donald Trump saluting a top North Korean general.
White house staff member Sarah Sanders dies in an (accident) just 37 days after leaving her post at the white house. She saw something during the presidents meeting with Kim Jong Un that she wasn't supposed to see, this is going to get her killed.
Another awful white house event on June 15th, 2018.
Psychic Elissa Heyman sees a cell and turns it into a medical breakthrough, millions of lives will be saved f because of something so simple but overlooked.
Search site for more on this event, Michael Cohen (attorney for Donald Trump) accident should have been prevented, and the private kidnapping should have been made public..his family was not protected and LE is to blame for these deaths.
Senator Lindsey Graham hospitalized for a heart attack, the only way to fix this is egg rna growth?
202 452-3000, Jerome Powell arrested for fraud, 61318 kir , ames Bullard.
Murdered 11-11-18.
Brooklyn Vance found safe here.
Rue des Petites Ecuries Paris, sadness, call 33 1 42 47 16 11.
Massive explosion and fire here on June 15th and 16th call 6133217218.
Breaking News, ex Trump employee dies, June 17th, 2018, numbers, vet drug.
Ueda Japan terrorist attack.
Upcoming Euromillions Lottery numbers, 31 33 10 40 6 starts are 2 and 1.
Cars here.
Rule 48 Jay Clayton resigns.
This is a room and I cant read what I wrote.
North Korea is responsible for the plane crash, no matter what anyone or country can say.
An explosion above and under, pressure wrong.
Search my site on this, it's about Adolf Hitler's red phone being sold at auction so Donald Trump could display it on his desk at the White House.
fake news, more on the 'vet' drug made by Russia for the murder of people, and its got nothing to with animals (search my site for more on this) numbers, trump room 201 Larry Alaj, 2 people, dies November 7th, 2018.
June 10th 2018 Kashif Jameel (0551) 233 7989 Kafeel Khan beheaded on July 30th, 2018, Kafeel Khan murdered on June 10th 2018 by Munna Bajrangi, Kalyan Singh dies on March 7, 2018.
Sea of Japan, USAF F15 crash, numbers, boxes, Okinawa safe, n34523.
A fire on June 16th, 2018.
The Fountain Of Life Ekeleke Elumelu may 9th 1958 Jesus is real Brian, call +234-8155977111 now, July 1st, 2018 (church event, important) Taiwo Odukoya is talking to God, hero, Taiwo Odukoya, Pastor Nomth killed October 21st.
Colorado Lottery numbers for next week, the same numbers again and in order from 21 to 27, not sure why Walmart is part of this dd.
Terrorist leader of the upcoming assassination attempt, which will fail at first....at first.
447, not English, explosion kills 22 people from Russia, The United States and Canada (a secret meeting that illegally recorded)
US Powerball numbers for August 2018, these are new and in order 5 to 8 then 33 - 34 with 33 being the bonus number (new car)
Psychic John Holland saves three lives and becomes a local hero to rs???
An evil eyeball?
Donald Trump and Zero Point Limited, the truth will be set free, hackers find out Donald Trump's username for Zero Point.
Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, 10 arrested for high crimes for 'illegally' testing dual sonic speaker systems designed to defeat the enemy using sound waves, Cuba and China both demand the criminals be turned over to them.
(855) 411-2372 fake agency shuts down? after killings, Russia and Ukraine.
Directional antenna found on the rooftop of the building by the White House, Trump recordings on WikiLeaks are real but Russia did not pay for the stingray, the man who killed Donald Trump knows where the stingray came from.
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