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Dream number 12339 18 November 2019 2 psychic predictionTrain hits here, this is my mind kept of the upcoming train crash, going to happen soon.
Dream number 12338 18 November 2019 1 psychic predictionVolcano erupts without warning, days (this is important, and there will be more)
Dream number 12337 17 November 2019 7 psychic prediction(301) 295-9104 don't tell.
Dream number 12334 17 November 2019 4 psychic predictionJim, please when you see Jim tell him not to go to the store on Friday, November 2019 (very important)
Dream number 12336 17 November 2019 6 psychic predictionPrince Andrew Albert Christian Edward secretly met with the father of missing child Madeleine McCann, Gerry McCann, and is well aware of hat happened to her. These details may come out soon...before the Prince's (upcoming accident)
Dream number 12335 17 November 2019 5 psychic predictionA missile lands in front of a house with a family in it.
Dream number 12331 17 November 2019 1 psychic predictionTrump dies of 3rd heart attack on February 8 2020 (nothing new, search past dreams for more...basically he is still being expose to the new Russian Heart Attack drug based on a veterinary drug...there in no current test for this drug. The person giving him this drug is a 'grub hub' employee who is a Russian agent and has been one for years.
Dream number 12332 17 November 2019 2 psychic predictionGeorge Faltaous arrested on 21 counts of ? Tax fraud case dropped as his death is confirmed. CEL = JAIL CELL.
Dream number 12333 17 November 2019 3 psychic predictionCharlie Ehrlich, tuna? Man stabbed to death without for a walk is Charlie Enrlich and was murdered just 2 blocks from where OJ Simpson was eating?
Dream number 12330 16 November 2019 2 psychic predictionBag, her body is here, numbers.
Dream number 12329 16 November 2019 1 psychic predictionTrinity, (this is the same word as the night before last dreams...trinity) Numbers 24:24. arson, he's going to murder them?
Dream number 12326 15 November 2019 3 psychic predictionLaurent Simons plane crash? He did not want to go and he knows why the engine will fail. Don't come to the UA, numbers, parents hotel.
Dream number 12324 15 November 2019 1 psychic predictionWinning lottery numbers for the rest of the year, in order of draw.
Dream number 12325 15 November 2019 2 psychic predictionBus falls off here, I hope this does not happen.
Dream number 12323 14 November 2019 2 psychic predictionYour friend has cancer -- the news will still shock you, teach cells R.T. ?
Dream number 12322 14 November 2019 1 psychic predictionMissing Taylor Williams, came home and she was behind the door, cannot breathe after what I took from mom?? they already searched there.
Dream number 12327 15 November 2019 4 psychic predictionNovember 29th 617674, fire kills her, more numbers (censored, login to view)
Dream number 12328 15 November 2019 5 psychic predictionMia is next did this? trinty insurance trump knows the arsonist, doing it right now, call 9547910550, no joke (censored, login to view)
Dream number 12320 13 November 2019 2 psychic predictionSoon, stop her, please.
Dream number 12319 13 November 2019 1 psychic predictionNovember 20th.
Dream number 12321 13 November 2019 3 psychic predictionFlorida school shooter.
Dream number 12318 12 November 2019 3 psychic prediction~0This is not the way the earth should be.
Dream number 12318 12 November 2019 3 psychic predictionHis mother? his mother? George look in the box! google? look in the box!
Dream number 12317 12 November 2019 2 psychic predictionEuromillion numbers for December.
Dream number 12314 11 November 2019 2 psychic predictionufo
Dream number 12313 11 November 2019 1 psychic predictionsadness
Dream number 12315 11 November 2019 3 psychic predictionLove GG google us? happy? George Gookus, his 'mom' told him to do it, DPRK - DPRK is North Korea (the reason I know is that I was stationed in ROK for a year...so basically what I'm trying to say is this dream is most likely about my brain, not the universe, either way, this is the exact same dream as the month before last)
Dream number 12310 10 November 2019 1 psychic predictionThis is what he saw before the shooting.
Dream number 12311 10 November 2019 2 psychic predictionWinner.
Dream number 12312 10 November 2019 3 psychic predictionFalling from here.
Dream number 12306 9 November 2019 1 psychic predictionWhen I was I kid I built a crawl through haunted house with the clothing boxes my dad would give me after every 3-year move (I was an air force brat) I keep dreaming of a two-story crawl through hell, with the worst unimaginable physical pain devises, like a slide with razor blades and burning hot buckets of oil.
Dream number 12309 9 November 2019 4 psychic predictionI've had this dream before...I keep getting on these little trains that take me to the city center, and I get killed at the end.
Dream number 12308 9 November 2019 3 psychic predictionThe missing girl is being tortured at this underground address in Texas.
Dream number 12307 9 November 2019 2 psychic predictionFire in the sky, November 16th.
Dream number 12303 8 November 2019 3 psychic predictionI'm at a mall a storm hits, water rises and people are trapped...I'm rushing around removing rugs from the floor...not sure why.
Dream number 12301 8 November 2019 1 psychic predictionI'm at a mall a storm hits, water rises and people are trapped...I'm rushing around removing rugs from the floor...not sure why.
Dream number 12305 8 November 2019 5 psychic predictionAnother awful fire by the same US (texas-based group) that continue to set fire on Jewish owned businesses. This time a man will be killed.
Dream number 12304 8 November 2019 4 psychic predictionJewish hotel in India, very sad event (pending)
Dream number 12302 8 November 2019 2 psychic predictionI'm at a mall a storm hits, water rises and people are trapped...I'm rushing around removing rugs from the floor...not sure why.
Dream number 12299 7 November 2019 2 psychic predictionThe falling dream is about death, rest on the DD.
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