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Dream number 12475 18 December 2019 4 psychic predictionChris Watts is in his (Shane Carey) 'death' journal 11 times, Heidi Broussard, baby found in a separate container.
Dream number 12472 18 December 2019 1 psychic predictionMadeleine McCann's remains found by someone using this metal detector on 'The Beach of Light' which is in Praia da Luz Portugal.
Dream number 12473 18 December 2019 2 psychic predictionSteam on the killer's computer, missing baby,
Dream number 12474 18 December 2019 3 psychic prediction'Mom' kills baby.
Dream number 12468 17 December 2019 3 psychic predictionAustin, they were there last year.
Dream number 12466 17 December 2019 1 psychic predictionTrump accounts the withdraw of troops stationed in South Korea, this is after the North Korean shell 'accident' (note: since I was stationed in the ROK this dream may be just coming from my brain, not the universe)
Dream number 12467 17 December 2019 2 psychic predictionHeidi Broussard found, rawhide trail, 8:37 AM, numbers.
Dream number 12470 17 December 2019 5 psychic prediction17 days, see this...an accident.
Dream number 12471 17 December 2019 6 psychic predictionMarc Anthony arrested for? ?? Jan 2020 at r hotel room 371
Dream number 12469 17 December 2019 4 psychic predictionNight 3, 7, 4
Dream number 12465 16 December 2019 3 psychic predictionLottery numbers.
Dream number 12464 16 December 2019 2 psychic predictionDecember 19th, 2019, this is him, 4762.
Dream number 12463 16 December 2019 1 psychic predictionRussa assassinates the president of Ukraine after mass protests, vet, heart attack drug, trump layer dies in jail, February 8th, 2020,Dmytro Firtash, 35207-016, no test for veterinarian drug, death was natural (don't think there is anything new here)
Dream number 12458 15 December 2019 6 psychic predictionUpcoming Alaska Earthquake and Tsunami, not sure how many miles it says offshore here.
Dream number 12459 15 December 2019 7 psychic predictionYellowstone shakes, eruption on May 3rd, 2020.
Dream number 12462 15 December 2019 10 psychic predictionThe roots are dying this is what's causing your suffering.
Dream number 12461 15 December 2019 9 psychic predictionPlastic is still in the truck, Shane Carey, Austin white trash truck.
Dream number 12460 15 December 2019 8 psychic prediction WikiLeaks releases an audio recording from President Donald Trump's secret Tmobile phone, CCB-175, New York Times 'embedded reporter' kill when his car was forced off the road into the river.
Dream number 12457 15 December 2019 5 psychic predictionArrest made, re-search the houses second room, 8:37 pm.

These 4 dream sketches are about missing woman Heidi Broussard and Margot Carey, full case at
Dream number 12455 15 December 2019 3 psychic predictionMissing woman Heidi Broussard found, Margot Carey is in here. Why? accident, the baby is not in the video, 512, phone records are off, McDonalds CCTV, police dogs at the house now, December 24th, numbers, arrest.

These 4 dream sketches are about missing woman Heidi Broussard and Margot Carey, full case at
Dream number 12454 15 December 2019 2 psychic predictionBy Austin Zoo, phone numbers? this is not the address of the Austin zoo, its a house.

These 4 dream sketches are about missing woman Heidi Broussard and Margot Carey, full case at
Dream number 12456 15 December 2019 4 psychic predictionNot what they think, DNA p. test is hidden from le.

These 4 dream sketches are about missing woman Heidi Broussard and Margot Carey, full case at
Dream number 12451 13 December 2019 8 psychic predictionJesus dies, Melgoza Satta, poison in food, Trump remarks are the only reason why, Mike Rock ( know Jesus died on the cross)
Dream number 12450 13 December 2019 7 psychic predictionThe upcoming SpaceX launch failure will be caused by this simple thermal switch at this junction, a huge explosion... I could feel the heat in my dream. (censored, login to view more)
Dream number 12449 13 December 2019 6 psychic predictionHonduras and Nicaragua shake, week? Expect an earthquake in this area during next week or so.
Dream number 12453 15 December 2019 1 psychic predictionBraxton Williams missing boy found safe, not missing, the report is a lie, over 55 community. - request, lucid dream on 12 - 15 2019.
Dream number 12445 14 December 2019 2 psychic predictionThe US secretly removes its nukes from Turkey 76 days before 13 bombs 'vaporize' Seoul, Eaglin (I don't think there is anything new here but no member of these notes from last night) (censored, login to view)
Dream number 12444 14 December 2019 1 psychic prediction39, the triangle may be UFO's but I'm just guessing as I don't remember this dream at all.
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