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Dream number 13495 22 August 2020 2 psychic predictionA disaster the likes we never experienced before, leak is just the beginning 9147368000
Dream number 13490 20 August 2020 3 psychic predictionMassive building fire, phone number.
Dream number 13489 20 August 2020 2 psychic predictionHe is the shooter? trans?
Dream number 13488 20 August 2020 1 psychic predictionSeptember Lottery.
Dream number 13497 23 August 2020 2 psychic predictionSarah Galloway went with him and he is still caring for her, she knows it, trust your feelings, taking rx drug off the internet? fight did not cause her to 'walk away' 520 682-2221

According to news reports Sarah is not alive, according to this dream, this is the man who took care of her, the dream does not say she died, however. Maybe this is the man who murdered her.

Missing person case at https://briansprediction.com/sarah-galloway
Dream number 13499 23 August 2020 4 psychic predictionLotto 6/49

7,8,11,13,10? 17 2?? 3 49
Dream number 13496 23 August 2020 1 psychic prediction(850)562-8383 Tara Calico works here, lives in Beacon Hill Tallahassee, Tara Calico missing woman finally found!

Missing person case at https://briansprediction.com/tara-calico
Dream number 13498 23 August 2020 3 psychic predictionstars 7,8,9,10, 18 30 37 39 eurom, maa??
Dream number 13493 21 August 2020 3 psychic predictionchild run over by their own bus driver!! stop!! was drinking, mask blind spot, 47 numbers.
Dream number 13492 21 August 2020 2 psychic prediction7 more days.
Dream number 13491 21 August 2020 1 psychic prediction859 more than money he will do it again she lied (859) 2719797
Dream number 13483 19 August 2020 1 psychic predictionGuo Wengui has 200 million dollars in US currency hidden in this ship, The Lady May, at this exact location, there is also several containers of radioactive material that's being used to plan the murder of dozens of US government officials (mainly using a radioactive green tea) this is what the secret compartment looks like, how to open it and its location marked via the ship's schematics. The secret communication devices have already been located by US CIA officials, the ship has direct communication with Moscow agents.

more at


ship info

Innovative in every sense of the word, the 152′ (46.2m) Feadship LADY MAY was delivered in 2014. She features a sleek design and naval architecture by Dubois Naval Architects and an incredibly elegant interior by Redman Whiteley Dixon. The combination of design, performance, and comfort led LADY MAY to win a succession of Superyacht awards in 2015.
LADY MAY’s interior has been designed with entertaining in mind, and her sliding glass windows and doors blur the boundaries between inside and out. White marble, stainless steel trim, Macassar ebony cabinets, and bleached oak joinery create a modern, sophisticated, and calming interior. Through the unprecedentedly large glass windows integrated into the hull and superstructure, natural light is maximized throughout the interior of the vessel, best demonstrated by the stunning views from the owner’s suite. This iconic Feadship superyacht for sale accommodates up to 10 guests in 5 spacious staterooms and is served by 8 experienced crew members. The upper deck onboard LADY MAY boasts a dining table for an al-fresco dining experience, seating, and sunbathing areas, as well as an external helm station. Sheltered from above by a hardtop with glazed roof panels, in cold or unpleasant weather conditions this whole area can be protected by a series of curved windows, which slide upwards to seal the space between hardtop and superstructure, providing an additional deck of air-conditioned ‘interior’ space as required.
Twin Caterpillar C32 engines propel her to a maximum speed of 19 knots while cruising effortlessly at 15 knots. She features a transatlantic range of 5,500 nautical miles and quantum zero-speed stabilizers provide an incredible level of comfort for guests onboard LADY MAY. A stunning, state-of-the-art yacht that does not compromise on design or performance, LADY MAY is modern, sophisticated and perfect for entertaining or relaxing. Contact us today to learn more about the LADY MAY yacht, a Feadship for sale with Worldwide Central Agents Moran Yacht & Ship. LADY MAY is not available for sale or charter to U.S. residents while in U.S. waters.
Dream number 13487 19 August 2020 5 psychic predictionMaliyah Bass found, he did this, fell off westcrest drive bridge in Houston into water, look at lingers blue van 35 years old, numbers, water.

case at https://briansprediction.com/maliyah-bass
Dream number 13484 19 August 2020 2 psychic predictionIndian Point reactor explosion, get out, the wind is to the east NE, numbers I can't read, water leaks from plant 2 ?12? days before the accident, Peekskill
Dream number 13486 19 August 2020 4 psychic prediction7 days 313213124
Dream number 13485 19 August 2020 3 psychic predictionStars in the sky, Poland 9, 10 3032 7 4 days.
Dream number 13479 18 August 2020 1 psychic predictionTrump 2020 stop him.
Dream number 13481 18 August 2020 3 psychic predictionMarilane Carter arrest made

case at https://briansprediction.com/marilane-carter
Dream number 13482 18 August 2020 4 psychic predictionTrump's phone call on September 11th, 2020 with president Putin was about having Joe Biden poisoned with green tea? numbers.
Dream number 13480 18 August 2020 2 psychic predictionDeath awaits don't do it (this a horoscope sign and it's for anyone reading this..important)
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