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New dreams - January 2018
All dreams from January of 2018 by Schizophrenic Psychic Brian Ladd.Feb 06, 2018
A church in Colorado Springs CO, a gang member kills a cop on the 5th of next month, he is from the Surenos, blood in the wine church? Feb 05, 2018
February 27th, 2018, a bad guy.Feb 05, 2018
Space X communication error is because of this frozen panel, pretty sure this is about a mission early next month..the one with the car, not sure if the delay is related to this part of the spacecraft or not, other stuff on dd and in the member's secFeb 05, 2018
Falling from the sky next month (February 2018)Feb 05, 2018
This is her, and she really deserved to win the MegaMillions lottery, she works at Walmart and will be one of 5 MegaMillions Lottery winners this April (2018) very simple pattern this time, 3 22 23 13 3 and 9, expect to see these number allot in every...Feb 05, 2018
Cause of a February 9th, 2018 fire.Feb 05, 2018
Friday, February 8th, 2018 earthquake.Feb 05, 2018
Gaza strip illnesses are from a new a new USA Bio weapon.Feb 05, 2018
666 Trump Revelation 13:16, not English, DJ, 11-75: Slay them not, lest my people forget, Jesus is real brain..oh, no he's not!Feb 05, 2018
Esmond killed by Mungiki, Nwirara 13 days? William Ruto killed for trying to help June 2018.Feb 05, 2018
Upcoming school shooter, school colors I think, US Army, numbers..maybe February or March of 2018.Feb 05, 2018
Buy KOS (real stock) buy @ 1.3 sell @ 237.8.Feb 05, 2018
Dow falls over 1,000 points in a week or so, see Nov 2017 for more, this is a good thing...oddly enough.Feb 05, 2018
Walmart shooting was over stolen jewelry, store info on dd will happen at the next of next month, February 2018.Feb 05, 2018
More on the assassination of US President Donald Trump, the 3rd bullet not the first is why he died, and it's important to know that underneath him there is some sort of hidden change that the Secret Service does not know about, see last years dds.Feb 05, 2018
Toxic fire on March 4th, 2018, many boxes and cylinders...not sure why these are important.Feb 05, 2018
Doug Pederson killed in hotel accident 10 days after the parade, bombing is not a hoax, 33 41 killer? E.N. 477 Feb 8th, 2018 Phil?Feb 05, 2018
Mold break apart derailer 8037941895 dixiana cayce, silver, see last nights dreams for more on this prediction, also I'm not sure why Edgar Cayce is in this dream.Feb 04, 2018
8037941895 trailer, csx joke lives in this trailer, same dream.Feb 04, 2018
HC-One 4 333 321 4758 color warm light.Feb 04, 2018
February 12th, 2018 Monday, not a nice event, Amtrack wrong, gods house (803) 794-1895 see D47 110011 silver 661332 derails (see December 2017 dreams for more on this prediction)Feb 04, 2018
David journalist found at the bottom of Lake Keuka, 8005239101 drunk, joke goes to church 663 dixian road.Feb 04, 2018
Louisiana lottery pattern for February 20188 9 10 11 12 add 11 and 12, switch and add a 3 and 8 (not sure who this is, but patterns always win in time), December 2018 murder Carter Page, murdered by the same man he met, not a heart attack.Feb 04, 2018
This is the true face of God, the only god...look close and quite your mind.Feb 04, 2018
An awful fire to happen on February 4th and 5th 2018, massive blaze, not sure why it's 2 separate days.Feb 04, 2018
Ezra 2:13 666 star (800) 369-0166 2nd day? 11 wall st, numbers.Feb 04, 2018
Russia drops sarin gas bombs on villages in Syria over shooting down and murder of a SU-25 aircraft and the murder of its pilot, that's him drawn in dd. wing, star?Feb 04, 2018
O jay call (706) 650-5005 remember arsenic poisoning at 2017 event, Dennis Ej more numbers.Feb 03, 2018
Heidi Montag killed in hotel fire September 15, 2018, more numbers, call (212?) ?Feb 03, 2018
Peter Strzok ms13 beheading faked, numbers, mountains.Feb 03, 2018
Veterinarian drug, no test, KGB, Rod Rosenstein died of heart attack, family died in a car crash, nothing less or nothing more, conspiracy theories are false, Godlike Productions InfoWars, numbers.Feb 02, 2018
Missing person Madeleine McCann remains found on beach Praia da Luz Portugal, see map.Jan 30, 2018
Korea Air evacuations not related to crash in February 2018, DPRK numbers.Jan 30, 2018
Zachary Woodcock love Lexington apts.Jan 30, 2018
661 112 may be Japanese.Jan 30, 2018
Coming for you, can't wait.Jan 30, 2018
Super blue blood moon small California earthquakes are not related to the Magnitude 8.9 San Francisco and Magnitude 9.2 earthquakes in 2018 (FYI, super blue blood moon is 10 days)Jan 30, 2018
Monday the 29th day of March 2018, read the rest on your own.Jan 24, 2018
8.9 la earthquake September 11th, 2018, 14.1 miles deep, earth crust moving slower than earth core, numbers (nothing at all new here, see dreams from 2006-2008 for that exact time, just leave CA on 9/11 to be safe...please)Jan 24, 2018
Eat more charcoal brian, buy it at Walmart crafts, apple cider vinegar, Cayce (I already do this...not kidding)Jan 24, 2018
Monday the 29th day of March 2018, read the rest on your own, not happy right now.Jan 24, 2018
Gods tiger here, 2705278691 read the letter, he told her Gary Knuckler January 29th, 2018 he was here, he hid it here. Jan 24, 2018
Shooter, January 22nd, numbers, hidden note, draffenville plaza, see last years dd's.Jan 24, 2018
Draffenville pharmacy.Jan 24, 2018
Shooter February? 2018 Memphis Fargason Field numbers, see last years dd's.Jan 24, 2018
Upcoming Korean Airlines flight number #### explodes, DPRK Russian cell pack bomb (made in Russia) This will happen before the Seoul Olympics.Jan 24, 2018
Carl Gershman murdered, Daily NK website shut down after arrests made, owned by FOX executive? Stephen Jin-Woo Kim, terrorist, numbers and more bad things.Jan 23, 2018
More on the Viktor Leonov and the nuclear submarine is trying to hide.Jan 23, 2018
Viktor Leonov spy ship, Trump communications via America flag pin, Florida golf course (see about 30 dreams since the beginning of last year for more...when the ship gets about 20 miles away from the pin, bad things always happen)Jan 23, 2018
Actress dies on movie set, numbers.Jan 23, 2018
Upcoming apartment fire, set by GOD of course.Jan 23, 2018
Under the sea.Jan 23, 2018
Shooter, wanted for murder.Jan 23, 2018
Love monster...not the soda.Jan 23, 2018
27 people arrested solar scam, Mark Widmar arrested for insider trading more numbers. Jan 23, 2018
Joseph Barrett, Jesus is real Brian, 9724837474, college, Jesus heals, go this church? (exact same dream as DD 9737 from December 18th of 2017, I do not know what city in Italy though)Jan 23, 2018
Brian Jesus will heal all, March 11th, 2018, 9724837474 (too late, Jesus let my sister die...this Jesus is dead to me...have fun, I'll stay right here)Jan 23, 2018
Breaking news story about movie director Steven SpielbergJan 23, 2018
Greenville SC fires are related to the murder of dancer who was the wrong person, license plate number, 8642810335 camp bow wow.Jan 22, 2018
Rip, not EnglishJan 22, 2018
Hotel inter-continental Kabul love Aryana Sayeed killed March 12 2018Jan 22, 2018
See November 2017 for more, this is an assassination of the current US President Donald Trump, the secret service has no idea of the hidden tunnel under where the president will be standing, explosion follows...I do not think the attempt will be...Jan 22, 2018
Drug bust, address Blackwell Drive, Port Saint Lucie, FL (censored)Jan 22, 2018
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