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New dreams - August 2018
The upcoming wave of stabbings in the USA is controlled by this man, and this is his address.Sep 01, 2018
Don't know.Sep 01, 2018
Don't know.Sep 01, 2018
This is more chicken scratch from the hospital (night of August 30th 2018) when I get home and time I will try and decipher and translate for you. BrianAug 31, 2018
This is more chicken scratch from the hospital (night of August 30th 2018) when I get home and time I will try and decipher and translate for you. Brian.Aug 31, 2018
Jonathan Coronado-Nunez found safe near hotel, details on dd.Aug 30, 2018
Mollie Tibbits friend taken, white shed.Aug 30, 2018
September 9th falls off here.Aug 30, 2018
Gods house (850) 880-6399 Jesus visits? 18 19 5 - 10- 14 - 16 - 36 - 43, falling? tunnel accident, water? not sure SPPAT 204 Kentucky St.Aug 29, 2018
Brian Richardson and? Ryan Dicke arrested for trying to fake documents against trump, the matter ends in the death of all 11 people see crashing lights September 7th, 2018 Trump, Sessions lied to senate inte ?? September 4th crash??? 7 17 18 29 32 4? 4Aug 29, 2018
Mollie Tibbits friend kidnapped, September 27th Gods house (850) 880-6399 Jesus visits? 18 19 5 - 10- 14 - 16 - 36 - 43, falling? tunnel accident, water? not sure SPPAT 204 Kentucky St.Aug 29, 2018
Fire.Aug 27, 2018
Cat saves world.Aug 27, 2018
Dream_number_10992_26_August_2018_3_psychic_prediction.jpg Berlin Lutz Bachmann murdered 49 371 9095095. November 9th 1938, stabbing.Aug 27, 2018
September 11, Kelli Ward attacked, blood everywhere, Arizona, hotel.Aug 27, 2018
In the sky.Aug 27, 2018
FI he knows what you did (864) 268-5440.Aug 26, 2018
Not a clue.Aug 26, 2018
The upcoming Nevada earthquake is a warning for California, as the 9.2 LA and 8.9 San Francisco quake hit just 116 days later.Aug 26, 2018
Alaska earthquake and tsunami.Aug 26, 2018
Fire next week, Monday, August 27th 2018 (not sure where this is)Aug 25, 2018
Upcoming sarin vx gas attack in the city of Idlib Syria and the United States has something to do with events about to happen here.Aug 25, 2018
Friday, August 31st (I think) several people in the Trump family will not be happy.Aug 25, 2018
Threat was real, marc held murdered 417420.Aug 24, 2018
Danielle Schape was taken by the same man who took Mollie Tibbits, numbers, plastic bags, took the body to silver lake island, she left it at home, ? was broken.Aug 24, 2018
9043531188 broken glass, video games, saint john, joe rice 47 love, Chicago Pizza, 1st person shooter goes live, Trump ?Aug 24, 2018
Donald Trump makes a very special announcement to the world, it involves North Korea (according to past DD's the first nuclear event will happen in a series of tunnels under the city of Seoul)Aug 23, 2018
This is in regarding the Mollie Tibbits case, basically states again something is wrong here, law enforcement are being fed misinformation an, more importantly, this same man (drawn in past dd's) is going to do it again...this is what she looks like.Aug 23, 2018
Nothing new here, basically US President Donald Trump has a one-way trip planned to Russia via a North Korea (DPRK) summit...when he goes in that room without the secret service, he will not be coming out (search site for more on this)Aug 23, 2018
43 41 10 16 14 19 7499 27-027-27.Aug 23, 2018
Boris N, Brighton Beach, Mollie Tibbits, another woman goes missing, 75 miles s? Bratva, Trump is using Russian Mafia patsy for building wall and more. The same man, drawn on several DD's is going to take another woman.Aug 22, 2018
Upcoming earthquake triggers a tsunami alert for Washington and Oregon state, no danger this time...but the December 24th tsunami will kill over 75,000 people if they do not find high ground.Aug 22, 2018
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