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New dreams - October 2018
A terrible accident happens at the US Mexico Boarding involving US soldier, this event is before the helicopter crash in the same area, both events are from military forces already there, as Trump will cancel his threats to send soldiers to...Nov 01, 2018
Falling , hear shots fired DART MAN, bread? christan reads? same numbers as last weeks dd's, 6036461110. Nov 01, 2018
Pattern 7, these are the winning numbers for the US Mega Millions Lottery for next month, November 2018.Oct 31, 2018
Pattern 5, these are the winning numbers for the US Powerball Lottery for next month, November 2018.Oct 31, 2018
7152347071 trailer he is going to kill her, so sound trailer in insulated?Oct 30, 2018
Why?Oct 30, 2018
God sees all 8503864288 Blood alcohol .39 holyo, shooting brick building, she was with him, 441 dui, house is trashed, hate not rage.Oct 30, 2018
Helicopter crash early November 2018.Oct 30, 2018
Thousands of Canadians are getting sick from an unknown virus is coming from the melting permafrost, this will after the anthrax outbreaks (caused by the same event)Oct 29, 2018
Just 37 days after US Democrats win the house, three separate shooting at the Congregation Synagogue (a real place) 211 people are killed by the same Ohio hate group. (see my terrorism section for more) Oct 29, 2018
Sanjay Mehrotra arrested for being a spy of the Russian Government.Oct 29, 2018
GOD is dead.Oct 29, 2018
This is the man responsible for the cesium 139 mailing in the USA, he used to work at an Amazon shipping facility. The US Post Office and UPS will both be affected.Oct 29, 2018
The Muller crime family, Sean Hannity's plan gets three people killed in three years including himself, (304) 379-5000 Sllim Notecurb, hidden here, (as of the 28th of October 2018 Mr. Hannity is still alive) Oct 29, 2018
Tiffany Trump indicted NRA Muller fraud case. NRA paid $100,000 to the gateway pundit to fraud Robert Muller of a hate crime? 972 376 310 35 The gateway pundit paid jacob wohl $75,000 t make it happen...basically the Trump family paid money.Oct 29, 2018
Three years ago the FBI came to my house asking about a dream I had about a Jewish school shooting...I took it down and no longer have a copy of it...which is a shame, I should have not been afraid to share ALL of my dreams back then. Oct 29, 2018
October 31st, 2018 (4 days) at 11:37 pm hospitals in these areas will be reporting on a large number of Fentanyl overdoses, this is an act of terrorism, not a drug dealer's mistake.Oct 29, 2018
Halloween night gang-related shooting in Chicago and Detroit, Halloween Massacre 2018?Oct 29, 2018
November 1st, 2018 shooting.Oct 29, 2018
Cancer will not stop me from running for president, Hillary Clinton (see 2015 dd's)Oct 28, 2018
Missing Moriah Diaz found, concrete, Wrights Island, then I95N, ?, waycross.Oct 28, 2018
Missing girl Aranza Maria Ochoa Lopez found safe.Oct 28, 2018
Missing girl Aranza Maria Ochoa Lopez found safe.Oct 28, 2018
Lewis Hamilton is killed in an awful high-speed auto crash, this is the object the small sports car hits, alcohol was involved and someone needs to tell this gut before it really happens (almost certain this is the race car driver)Oct 28, 2018
Very bright white light in the center, it's surrounded by a bubble that glows and moves very fast...in the sky...this was another nightmare.Oct 28, 2018
Steyer to a hotel meeting in Vegas.Oct 28, 2018
DOG.Oct 28, 2018
Upcoming school shooter and his phone number.Oct 27, 2018
Melbourne, Michael Moore arrested for terrorism-related actions over paying Cesar Sayoc to send fake anthrax letters to President Obama in 2017.Oct 27, 2018
The man at cameron? who will go to James Closs's funeral is the same man who has Jayme Closs.Oct 27, 2018
Lionair lion hair test pinang.Oct 27, 2018
Call (242) 332-2321 warn them now.Oct 26, 2018
Visa offer is laced with ricin, Thomas Fahr Steyer dies of ricin exposure, more stuffOct 26, 2018
Gold star Coyas Rasec 6 days trump.Oct 26, 2018
Shooting Tuesday, October 30th, 2016, gold tooth, numbers, she told him, over words.Oct 26, 2018
It's caught, Vichai Raksriaksorn, wonderful joy and freedom, Claudio Ranieri. paid Russian KGB, no accident.Oct 26, 2018
10/24/2018 from all thee dream drawings (dd's) This is the trailer Jayme Closs is being held in. DD states that LE already searched the area but did not break the lock, the man who took Jayme has the only key. Oct 25, 2018
10/24/2018 from all thee dream drawings (dd's) This is the trailer Jayme Closs is being held in. DD states that LE already searched the area but did not break the lock, the man who took Jayme has the only key. Oct 25, 2018
10/24/2018 from all thee dream drawings (dd's) This is the trailer Jayme Closs is being held in. DD states that LE already searched the area but did not break the lock, the man who took Jayme has the only key. Oct 25, 2018
Bomber has a gold star plate numbers, may be related to last weeks dd's.Oct 24, 2018
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