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Last additions - September
Dream number 13728 30 September 2020 4 psychic predictionBrawley California earthquake - This is the address and phone number of the Walmart Earthquake 250 Wildcat Dr, Brawley, CA 92227 760 351-0186 to occur in the next 10 days
Oct 01, 2020
Dream number 13727 30 September 2020 3 psychic predictionMercyhealth Hospital in Janesville unable to accept new patients due to COVID outbreak Oct 01, 2020
Dream number 13726 30 September 2020 2 psychic predictionKilled because of hate - live streamer killed - why - protest and an address (login to view more)
Oct 01, 2020
Dream number 13725 30 September 2020 1 psychic predictionEverything you need is there - go into nature and stay! life - choose now (after you read this quit your job, sell everything and go live under a tree)Oct 01, 2020
Dream number 13724 29 September 2020 4 psychic predictionMissing teen Katiya Hunt rescued - 911 call - after the accident - exposed wires are everywhere - this is the trailer where she is now

case at https://briansprediction.com/katiya-hunt
Sep 30, 2020
Dream number 13722 29 September 2020 2 psychic predictionEmily and Matthew, please tell them? you? check the tire pressure and in the home the wires are hot? numbers dates and other stuff.Sep 30, 2020
Dream number 13721 29 September 2020 1 psychic predictionNot really sure.Sep 30, 2020
Dream number 13720 28 September 2020 7 psychic predictionCoulthurst family murders - the reports in the media are wrong, John Peel did not do this, but he recorded it. It was for a murder for hire plan recorded on video to be sold for $5000, it was a sick fetish muirder - the camera is a JVC SVHS and the camera with the tape inside is in this plastic box. This box is still in the same exact area James buried it, but nowhere near they were killed. He is the exact location in Blaine, Washington USA

Washington 98230
48.995852, -122.759027

case at

case info

Here is what happened

he slaying of skipper Mark Coulthurst and his pregnant wife, Irene, both 28, along with their children Kimberly, 5, and John, 4, and four deckhands — Chris Heyman, 18; and Keown, Moon and Mike Stewart, all 19 — is considered Alaska’s most tragic unsolved mass homicide. “Every one of his crew wanted to be like Mark,” recalled Keown’s older brother, Brian. “He was one of the best skippers around.”
Just hours before the family was killed, Mark and his family attended a birthday party at a restaurant near the docks, returning around 9:30 p.m. It was then that the killer crept onto the 58-foot, $850,000 Investor, police said and executed his victims. He would later burn the boat and all evidence. Investigation Discovery It took two years before police arrested John Peel — who once worked for Mark — based on his similarity to sketches of the suspect. His first trial in 1986 lasted over six months and ended in a hung jury. After being found not guilty in a retrial two years later, John filed a wrongful prosecution suit against the state and was awarded a reported financial settlement of $900,000.
“They got the right guy,” police detective David McNeill said. “Just because someone is acquitted doesn’t mean they’re innocent, just means there’s not enough evidence to show guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.” John, however, had something to say for himself. In a recent interview with People, he said, “Somebody was responsible for this. Somebody out there knows what happened, but I’m not going to waste any more of my life on it.” Tim DeSpain, the spokesman for the Alaska State Troopers, added, “The case is closed.”
Sep 29, 2020
Dream number 13719 28 September 2020 6 psychic predictionWhen you read this and live in the USA play these numbers on a Saturday lottery and do it now (date is not important just the day of the week)Sep 29, 2020
Dream number 13718 28 September 2020 5 psychic predictiongo to mkc ama? 4 6 8 27 = 39 this is a lottery pattern by two I think do not know for what lottery.Sep 29, 2020
Dream number 13714 28 September 2020 1 psychic predictionSherry Lynn Marler found - Raymond moved her body 5 days after chocking her to death - 3343825872 here is where he moved the body accounting to dd mad map dousing Greenville Alabama

case at https://briansprediction.com/sherry-lynn-marle
Sep 29, 2020
Dream number 13715 28 September 2020 2 psychic predictionMassive explosion kills over 5,000 people in Beirut 9613050170 - the number is a phone number of a Recycle Beirut مستشار بيئي
and here is its exact location

Borj El Brajneh
33.854400, 35.488177
Sep 29, 2020
Dream number 13716 28 September 2020 3 psychic predictionStock BRN.AX buy at .11 sell at $375.6Sep 29, 2020
Dream number 13712 27 September 2020 3 psychic predictionHere, danger (not sure no memory of this dream)Sep 28, 2020
Dream number 13713 27 September 2020 4 psychic predictionXavier Ortega-Herrera found but not with her mother, MLJ Adoptions numbers

case at https://briansprediction.com/xavier-ortega-herrera
Sep 28, 2020
Dream number 13711 27 September 2020 2 psychic predictionCayce McDaniel remains located behind her old house the remains can be found near this object and the area had been searched in the past, Cindy did not do this - the remains were put into bags covered in coffee grounds - there are three other missing teens related to this case call 731-686-8686 more numbers.

case at https://briansprediction.com/cayce-mcdaniel
Sep 28, 2020
Dream number 13710 27 September 2020 1 psychic predictionDonald Trump wins the state of Florida because millions of people use a pencil instead of a pen to fill out their mail-in ballots.Sep 28, 2020
Dream number 13713 27 September 2020 7 psychic predictionErbil Airport in the sky - steel rain - usa target - C RAM not sure - war dream maybe.Sep 28, 2020
Dream number 13713 27 September 2020 8 psychic predictionAccident kills Brad Parscale 63 days after he quits his job - see similar dreams from the and last month - not an accident - fire
Sep 28, 2020
Dream number 13713 27 September 2020 6 psychic predictionOn September 29th, 2020 Russia hacks Apples's iCloud and steals 37 billion emails and passwords - apple stock goes ??Sep 28, 2020
Dream number 13713 27 September 2020 5 psychic predictionAmazon shooter in 2 days, Lenny Curry cries? numbers and an address.Sep 28, 2020
Dream number 13709 26 September 2020 9 psychic predictionChurch of the SubGenius this TOR website address show the exact date of the upcoming mass suicide event - it will be live-streamed on Twitch account - onion website - red and white lights - this is another UFO nightmare. Sep 27, 2020
Dream number 13708 26 September 2020 8 psychic prediction#SAVEOURCHILDEN Russian hashtag starts a war.Sep 27, 2020
Dream number 13707 26 September 2020 7 psychic predictionDonald Trump authorizes New York Times shooting to happen n=on November 1st, 2020 he will approve this on Sunday, September 27th, 2020.Sep 27, 2020
Dream number 13706 26 September 2020 6 psychic predictionLA shakes 3 times in the next 22 daysSep 27, 2020
Dream number 13704 26 September 2020 4 psychic predictionXsport Global Inc stock by at .0001 sell at $21.33Sep 27, 2020
Dream number 13703 26 September 2020 3 psychic predictionHouston city water confirmed Brain-Eating Amoebas found at the pumping station ? orders all people do not use the water? this is related to Naegleria fowleri being discovered across the USA and Mexico in the coming months - the is an act of terrorism.
Sep 27, 2020
Dream number 13705 26 September 2020 5 psychic predictionUpcoming train derailment.Sep 27, 2020
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