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Popular dreams - January 2018
This is her, and she really deserved to win the MegaMillions lottery, she works at Walmart and will be one of 5 MegaMillions Lottery winners this April (2018) very simple pattern this time, 3 22 23 13 3 and 9, expect to see these number allot in every...34 views
Radio from hell, this device causes people to change in a veryu bad way, it can be turned off and on...I've had this dream many times since I was about 10 years old, its a nightmare devise I own...well in my dreams.28 views
God and jews (same thing) numbers and symbols.24 views
Upcoming oil spill.21 views
Upcoming school shooter, school colors I think, US Army, numbers..maybe February or March of 2018.21 views
Missing person Madeleine McCann remains found on beach Praia da Luz Portugal, see map.20 views
8037941895 trailer, csx joke lives in this trailer, same dream.20 views
A church in Colorado Springs CO, a gang member kills a cop on the 5th of next month, he is from the Surenos, blood in the wine church? 20 views
All dreams from January of 2018 by Schizophrenic Psychic Brian Ladd.20 views
Killer (numbers)19 views
Baby 41 buried under parking lot monument park manor.19 views
Gaza strip illnesses are from a new a new USA Bio weapon.19 views
Friday, February 8th, 2018 earthquake.19 views
12 more days.18 views
Fire on March 17th, 2018.18 views
January 3rd, 2018 and March 21st, 2018 plane crash (see December 2017 dreams from last year for more on this DD)18 views
January 20th 2018 train crash, nothing new, see last months dd's.18 views
206 722-3000 why don't they believe, death will kill leaders, pointless deaths Jan 1618?18 views
Drug bust, address Blackwell Drive, Port Saint Lucie, FL (censored)18 views
More on the assassination of US President Donald Trump, the 3rd bullet not the first is why he died, and it's important to know that underneath him there is some sort of hidden change that the Secret Service does not know about, see last years dds.18 views
February 27th, 2018, a bad guy.18 views
Next weeks lottery numbers Jan 14th to the 20th 2018.17 views
HC-One 4 333 321 4758 color warm light.17 views
Walmart shooting was over stolen jewelry, store info on dd will happen at the next of next month, February 2018.17 views
Buy KOS (real stock) buy @ 1.3 sell @ 237.8.17 views
666 Trump Revelation 13:16, not English, DJ, 11-75: Slay them not, lest my people forget, Jesus is real brain..oh, no he's not!17 views
Cause of a February 9th, 2018 fire.17 views
Space X communication error is because of this frozen panel, pretty sure this is about a mission early next month..the one with the car, not sure if the delay is related to this part of the spacecraft or not, other stuff on dd and in the member's sec17 views
Don't know.16 views
Russia Zuma failure (310) 363-6000 (617) 547-5552 (had the same dream 3 days ago, DD9818 from Jan 3rd, 2018)16 views
Gravity field, phone spy, Atlantic Ocean Russian sub remain of Zuma, emp microbursts Russia sub (see a few nights ago for more)16 views
Luke 21:11 great swan awakes in 3 days16 views
Juan Orlando Hernández god kills, luke 21:11 (Juan Herandez killed in Florida, I think)16 views
JFK airport evacuation because of this man, not all clear. (this event will take place next week. Brian16 views
Same numbers some I'm assuming this is page 2.16 views
Donald Trump Martin Luther King parade unscheduled visit causes the death of this person, not sure how or why or even if it's going to be on the same day.16 views
See last nights and last months dreams, and NO diamonds are actually going to fall from the sky, I'm pretty sure diamonds refer to something totally different and worth way more than money. anyway, the grid checks out, see attached map too.16 views
Sky on fire January 22nd, 2018 and another grid...this one is hard to read.16 views
Louisiana lottery pattern for February 20188 9 10 11 12 add 11 and 12, switch and add a 3 and 8 (not sure who this is, but patterns always win in time), December 2018 murder Carter Page, murdered by the same man he met, not a heart attack.16 views
David journalist found at the bottom of Lake Keuka, 8005239101 drunk, joke goes to church 663 dixian road.16 views
February 12th, 2018 Monday, not a nice event, Amtrack wrong, gods house (803) 794-1895 see D47 110011 silver 661332 derails (see December 2017 dreams for more on this prediction)16 views
Mold break apart derailer 8037941895 dixiana cayce, silver, see last nights dreams for more on this prediction, also I'm not sure why Edgar Cayce is in this dream.16 views
Doug Pederson killed in hotel accident 10 days after the parade, bombing is not a hoax, 33 41 killer? E.N. 477 Feb 8th, 2018 Phil?16 views
Esmond killed by Mungiki, Nwirara 13 days? William Ruto killed for trying to help June 2018.16 views
Mother kills, numbers.15 views
Russian spy ship off the coast of Flordis causes zuma failure, numbers, this is what caused the failure and how to fix it, Edgar Cayce, Brian go out and see the lights go down, (310) 363-6000 cancel? 3273727 86923 more numbers ccb-17515 views
Arrests made after crash, Russian SVR 45 space wing, lots of numbers.15 views
Voices dog.15 views
Sears Tower anthrax attack on May 4th, 2018 (censored)15 views
Roof fire 113-1162 CNN live January 8th 20187 721 trump tower, devise to release anthrax in a ventilation system, the fake repairman (this is a repeat of dd 9813 from January 2nd of 2018 @ https://goo.gl/YYroZk or on youtube https://youtu.be/RAjSzXxSIkQ 15 views
Train derails using the same simple device that breaks apart when pressure is applied to it.15 views
More numbers and Russians taking advantage of weak institutions in the USA, Florida 3 6000? some failure, nuclear facility 327 3727 310 Edgar Cayce brian record the launch on January 8th, 201815 views
Mobile phone 'top secret' spy sat, dprk, Russian spy ship captures 1.1-kilogram radioactive secret keys to all US DOD projects using micro burst EMP to down Zuma location, Russian nuclear-powered spy sub, spy ship is a red herring fool...15 views
OTR Radio show, Russia adoption agency kills Elon Reeve Musk over ID (censored, login to view) do not go to the hotel on May 10th 2018 or you will be shot 6 times (this dd has got to be about the man who started x.com as I got $5 from him when I was...15 views
Edgar dies, January 17, 1925, 322am, pillow over face, (662) 745-6611, if you've been following my site since, well, 2007 Edgar Cayce has been in a lot of my dreams...hundreds and yes, I know Edgar Cayce died this month...1945! 15 views
More details on the awful fire this coming Sunday, January 14th, 2018.15 views
Stephanie Clifford murder, not suicide pills not right (561) 832-2600 more numbers.15 views
Trump April 15th.15 views
More on the Viktor Leonov and the nuclear submarine is trying to hide.15 views
Gods tiger here, 2705278691 read the letter, he told her Gary Knuckler January 29th, 2018 he was here, he hid it here. 15 views
Super blue blood moon small California earthquakes are not related to the Magnitude 8.9 San Francisco and Magnitude 9.2 earthquakes in 2018 (FYI, super blue blood moon is 10 days)15 views
Veterinarian drug, no test, KGB, Rod Rosenstein died of heart attack, family died in a car crash, nothing less or nothing more, conspiracy theories are false, Godlike Productions InfoWars, numbers.15 views
Heidi Montag killed in hotel fire September 15, 2018, more numbers, call (212?) ?15 views
O jay call (706) 650-5005 remember arsenic poisoning at 2017 event, Dennis Ej more numbers.15 views
Russia drops sarin gas bombs on villages in Syria over shooting down and murder of a SU-25 aircraft and the murder of its pilot, that's him drawn in dd. wing, star?15 views
Dow falls over 1,000 points in a week or so, see Nov 2017 for more, this is a good thing...oddly enough.15 views
The face of Jesus.14 views
Japan Airlines crash, the plane explodes in the air over the sea.14 views
Here (603) 352-231314 views
Dog14 views
I just killed a man.14 views
A bomb and a shooter, underneath where US President Trump is speaking from, a tunnel and a box, the US Secret Service does not know about it, despite what the media says, or will say.14 views
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