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Most viewed - August
Dream number 12112 27 August 2019 3 psychic prediction48 viewsNext months Euromillions lottery numbers, same pattern.
Dream number 12098 18 August 2019 2 psychic prediction40 views(772) 871-7340 he as at Odessa Meteor Crater before killing the 'Trump Mexico Invaders' - see past weeks dd's for more on this as the number has not changed, not sure if this is a bad or good event...but this is the man who is going to do something.
Dream number 12096 17 August 2019 1 psychic prediction33 views(432) 689-8180 stay away, 8180, 8180
Dream number 12097 18 August 2019 1 psychic prediction33 viewsSeptember 5th, 2019 event...sky, no idea.
Dream number 12105 22 August 2019 1 psychic prediction29 viewsLottery, x' v's and I's, Monday, oz.
Dream number 12100 19 August 2019 2 psychic prediction28 viewsHelp him.
Dream number 12114 29 August 2019 2 psychic prediction28 viewsCrain fails here, X's are everywhere, 5670 call 902.425.8012 insurance fraud arrest, rainbow crosswalk, CBC radio, Jim, broken glass, crash kills all southwest employees...Canada mafia payback, (maybe the airline) (no memory of this dream...meaning its an upcoming real-world event)
Dream number 12113 29 August 2019 1 psychic prediction28 viewsMega Million winning lottery numbers, no clue as to what pattern or even when these numbers will hit...sorry Brian.
Dream number 12074 8 August 2019 1 psychic prediction27 viewsPlease don't let your daughter die from an overdose next month? EMMA, cell wall (not for my family, but VERY important for anyone reading this now or during the next few months...or even years)
Dream number 12086 12 August 2019 2 psychic prediction27 viewsEvil demon.
Dream number 12088 13 August 2019 1 psychic prediction27 viewsDonald Trump's murder is related to a fentanyl drug bust in 14 days? call operation cookout kills Trumps, daughter? Zachary Terwilliger killed execution-style...and a lot of numbers.
Dream number 12111 27 August 2019 2 psychic prediction27 viewsSeptember 2019 shooter.
Dream number 12099 19 August 2019 1 psychic prediction26 viewsCall (772) 871-7340 Ator (nothing new here)
Dream number 12064 4 August 2019 2 psychic prediction22 viewsKevin and Susan die (CENSORED DUE TO GRAPHIC DRAWINGS, LOGIN TO VIEW)
Dream number 12092 16 August 2019 1 psychic prediction22 viewsBrain look this up in the encyclopedia book? Edgar Cayce, numbers (OK, I know who this is from but what I wrote down last night is not helping me remember this time)
Dream number 12080 10 August 2019 3 psychic prediction19 viewsMoney from Jesus, Sidney (weird, but I think is DD is not about Australia, but about a very sad event in Europe...maybe)
Dream number 12085 12 August 2019 1 psychic prediction15 viewsEvil demon.
Dream number 12107 24 August 2019 1 psychic prediction14 viewsBuy stock ABEO at 1.55 sell at 19.2 (Will happen!)
Dream number 12103 20 August 2019 3 psychic prediction13 viewsCanada 6/49 winning lottery numbers...
Dream number 12101 20 August 2019 1 psychic prediction13 viewsGraveyard of the Pacific, Truth Aquatics, Donald Kelley takes revenge on the same boat? numbers, 2005 accident caused fire, Neal Andrews, lies, I can’t breathe..maybe related to the past police death that's been in the news.
Dream number 12109 24 August 2019 3 psychic prediction12 viewsAn awful dream and death, next month, September 23rd to be exact.
August 29th 2019 Looks like Hurricane Dorian is coming to visit I will stream this event live video my youtube channel11 viewsAugust 29th 2019 Looks like Hurricane Dorian is coming to visit I will stream this event live video my youtube channel at
Dream number 12089 14 August 2019 1 psychic prediction11 viewslies.
Dream number 12102 20 August 2019 2 psychic prediction10 viewsChip Coffey dies in a plane crash, Gods Angel is taken home, Elmira, New York, 5th row down, Gale Saint John told him.
Dream number 12110 27 August 2019 1 psychic prediction10 viewsA UK Lottery with no 6's, same pattern..well, close.
Dream number 12072 7 August 2019 2 psychic prediction9 viewsWinning lottery numbers for September 2019, if you want more specific details on this dream visit

right now as there is only 2 left!!!
Dream number 12087 12 August 2019 3 psychic prediction9 viewsEvil demon.
Dream number 12106 22 August 2019 2 psychic prediction9 viewsShooter.
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