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dream prediction number 5779 august 10 2014 2 dreams brian ladd~16 views today love warmth, he really did bury his 'box of treasures' location 37 degrees 53.32.9 North 122 degrees 28.20.9 West, bruise and mark, gold circle files, 463-1 463-2, the box is private
robin williams death prediction psychic brian ladd4 views todayThe death of Robin Williams
dream prediction number 5787 august 13 2014 1 dreams brian ladd~12 views todayin the box is a diary - please read it McLaur 37 degrees 53.32.9 north 122 degrees 28.20.9 west - love
dream prediction number 6878 11 september 2 dreams brian ladd~02 views today 37539 12228209 call me choke me box 14117 37539 crime scene photo leaked by PD, collar on crime scene photo, look back in the box, Roberto Aguire finally released folder? 41637?? (as far as I know, the box has not been found but the crime cane photos are real and I will post more on this when I can but image will be censored as always)
locations from DD5779 August 10 and DD 5787 August 13th 20141 views todaylocations from DD5779 August 10 and DD 5787 August 13th 2014
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