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Most viewed dreams - 2018 DREAM JOURNAL
Kelsey Berreth, plastic bag, the body is here, pipe, tell le to look again, they have mailed phone, there were 3 packages sent by him, not one.13 views today
Megamillions winning numbers for 2019, bonus number (use the number of the month you were born) 1st number (use the day of the month you were born) 2nd number (15) 3rd numbers (your age minus the 2nd number (15)) 4th number (5) 5th number ( 0 1)8 views today
4154541460.5 views today
Jayme Closs located.5 views today
Karlie Guse missing teen, something is not right? love?? they know where she was taken, runaway?? stories don't match, bishop 47 - something wrong here, not sure yet will open case @ https://briansprediction.com/karlie5 views today
Jayme Closs HELP HER, he is going to kill her, the trailer is at CENEX in Barron.5 views today
Lead powder in Enfamil Baby Formula is confirmed as a terrorist attack.4 views today
Kelsey Berreth found with unborn child, under bathroom, not his, Jan 3rd 2018 (the same dd as November 15th, 2018, look again, chemicals are making the order from LE Dogs!)4 views today
Not sure what this is.3 views today
Found December 31st, 2018 Walmart Sterling Green (maybe mans name, not JB) J.B. shocking, affair mental illness, numbers, black rock.3 views today
This is the man who is in charge of the upcoming killings in the USA, from the list of 30+ people given to Putin by Donald Trump, these reporters and witnesses need to be gone to protect Russia's and Trump's interests. Most will be 'tragic 2 views today
A cat?2 views today
12/5/2018 brianladd.org - Jaymee Closs, these 6 dd's come from dreams and map dosing and provide exact search locations, I realize these areas may have already been searched, but they need to be looked at again...specifically for 2 items that police 2 views today
Jayme Closs, they were in the house for 45 minutes before the killings, look under the house again. 2 views today
Call (212) 682-7500.2 views today
Air-force one missile attack, wrong plane? plot failed, secret.2 views today
Missing girl Ginger Gibbs is he and is reading this right now, back of room, police have ip warrent.2 views today
Missing Colorado mother Kelsey Berreth found, where is the baby? Psychic, happy landing, numbers, he does not know, go back and look for the cross.2 views today
Killer.2 views today
MM churchman green shop call 5164842919, winter, dies in auto crash Dec 2, 2019, Jan 14th, 2018 news event, glass walls, 14 34 44 lottery.2 views today
Here (603) 352-23131 views today
Train derails using the same simple device that breaks apart when pressure is applied to it.1 views today
Gravity field, phone spy, Atlantic Ocean Russian sub remain of Zuma, emp microbursts Russia sub (see a few nights ago for more)1 views today
Mobile phone 'top secret' spy sat, dprk, Russian spy ship captures 1.1-kilogram radioactive secret keys to all US DOD projects using micro burst EMP to down Zuma location, Russian nuclear-powered spy sub, spy ship is a red herring fool...1 views today
OTR Radio show, Russia adoption agency kills Elon Reeve Musk over ID (censored, login to view) do not go to the hotel on May 10th 2018 or you will be shot 6 times (this dd has got to be about the man who started x.com as I got $5 from him when I was...1 views today
I can feel the electric charge, UFO sightings on Feb 7th, 2018 are not missing data, they are connected. (nightmare)1 views today
Very simple laser devise to record sounds from inside structures up to two miles away, the thinker the glass windows the better...works on the White House too.1 views today
Radio from hell, this device causes people to change in a veryu bad way, it can be turned off and on...I've had this dream many times since I was about 10 years old, its a nightmare devise I own...well in my dreams.1 views today
Coming for you, can't wait.1 views today
Upcoming train derailment, same terrorist method, break apart mold derailer.1 views today
This is a UFO, the entire thing vibrated and a very low and frighting frequency. Most of the time it's blurry but since I can sort of control my dreams, I froze it. Smoke is coming out the bottom of this thing and I'm pretty sure it's not1 views today
Numbers ca.1 views today
This is the terrorist (June 2018)1 views today
(855) 411-2372 fake agency shuts down? after killings, Russia and Ukraine.1 views today
This is the undercover reporter that will be killed.1 views today
Vern Unsworth kills himself in the hotel room, numbers.1 views today
Mollie Tibbits friend kidnapped, September 27th Gods house (850) 880-6399 Jesus visits? 18 19 5 - 10- 14 - 16 - 36 - 43, falling? tunnel accident, water? not sure SPPAT 204 Kentucky St.1 views today
From all 4 dd's - Danielle Stislicki missing woman proves she was taken by Chris, age 47 Walmart Employee, LE is following the wrong lead, not family. Danielle Stislicki, no way I can come home, they will judge me. Danielle Stislicki Pontiac North 1 views today
Not sure who this is.1 views today
These 2 dd's (dream drawings) from 10-16-2018 are related to a missing girl named Jayme Cross, I have opened a case file located at https://briansprediction.com/jayme1 views today
The cartel did not do this, grain silo (this may or may not be related to a missing person case Jayme Closs)1 views today
10/24/2018 from all thee dream drawings (dd's) This is the trailer Jayme Closs is being held in. DD states that LE already searched the area but did not break the lock, the man who took Jayme has the only key. 1 views today
Why?1 views today
A terrible accident happens at the US Mexico Boarding involving US soldier, this event is before the helicopter crash in the same area, both events are from military forces already there, as Trump will cancel his threats to send soldiers to...1 views today
Falling , hear shots fired DART MAN, bread? christan reads? same numbers as last weeks dd's, 6036461110. 1 views today
Lake Oroville gold, California (to save time with this one, here is the exact grid and a map, bring a metal detector and hurry!) 39°30'48.95"N 121°27'37.80"W.1 views today
These 2 dd's are related, its a series of rooms after I was captured, I sort of remember the layout, room 13 was the worst, may not look that bad...but I assure you it was.1 views today
November 21st 24th and 25th 2018 plane crashes are related, flight numbers on dd.1 views today
You are the universe, the only person that can interpret the Bible correctly is you...all other interpretations that you agree with will surely send your soul straight to hell. Trust your emotions first - not your education. 1 views today
General Scott Miller killed by Taliban ember posing as friendly, they have been tracking his location using his hacked Fitbit watch, I found this image of him and his Fit bit watch in question.1 views today
Ukraine nuclear missile hits Moscow, trump sends tweet as the beginning of world war three starts, see Jan 2018 dreams.1 views today
World vibrates in 7 days, earth wobbles.1 views today
Hania Aguilar, Ebby Steppach and Jayme Closs were taken by the same man at were help in this trailer, police have something of his, Jayme is helping him look for another girl.1 views today
More on the African Ancestry (hate crime murders) the selling of personal DNA results to Russian White Supremacy groups was intentional, Ancestry.com Davis County Cooperative Society (real place) 1 views today
Mid-December 2018 train derailment, school evacuated, phone number on dd.1 views today
Not here to help, this is a UFO and I hope this dream never comes true.1 views today
Captain Shane Nelson and Sheriff Larry Blanton arrested on 13 felony counts, both die while awaiting trial.1 views today
12/5/2018 brianladd.org - Jaymee Closs, these 6 dd's come from dreams and map dosing and provide exact search locations, I realize these areas may have already been searched, but they need to be looked at again...specifically for 2 items that police 1 views today
12/5/2018 brianladd.org - Jaymee Closs, these 6 dd's come from dreams and map dosing and provide exact search locations, I realize these areas may have already been searched, but they need to be looked at again...specifically for 2 items that police 1 views today
12/5/2018 brianladd.org - Jaymee Closs, these 6 dd's come from dreams and map dosing and provide exact search locations, I realize these areas may have already been searched, but they need to be looked at again...specifically for 2 items that police 1 views today
Killed 6 girls, dies in prison 7/11/191 views today
12/5/2018 brianladd.org - Jaymee Closs, these 6 dd's come from dreams and map dosing and provide exact search locations, I realize these areas may have already been searched, but they need to be looked at again...specifically for 2 items that police 1 views today
Trump target.1 views today
Another scary UFO dream, these ships actually hide themselves by matching the vibrations of the earth, they can still be seen though. These ships are not here for a cruise...they are here to take us away. (949) 477-0000, pressure wave makes them hard.1 views today
Kelsey Berreth found, always wear black, he has this, 208734, Kimberly - This is about a missing Colorado mother, happy landing restaurant, shes having a baby buy, - I opened a case for her in November and will add this dream drawing. 1 views today
Euromillions, 3 times December to February 2019.1 views today
73438, she is safe right now, he knew about the pregnancy, the fight was serious, he said she 'was dead' it did not happen, ? fingernails frazec, Berreth, 2087343993.1 views today
Crystola Road water, Nany Grace (no idea on this one)1 views today
Jaymee Closs found, go back look in the crawlspace, the phone she used to talk to him is there, cars unrelated, motorcycle, police missed the box?1 views today
Here, 12 days.1 views today
12-19-2018 this event happens this Wednesday, December 19th.1 views today
1 32/ 2 = 16 32+10 = 42 27 +10 = 37 lottery bono green.1 views today
Shelley Rae Cardinal located, animals 4133.1 views today
Sophia Airey missing brad eu Morningside 713, not suicide binks Inchcolm Island church.1 views today
Katarzyna Zych missing woman is here.1 views today
You're are going to get sick in 13 days (wonderful)1 views today
Katarzyna Zych missing found December 23rd 2018, she took it from him and he killed her, he killed 3 girls, numbers .1 views today
She met him at the conference, not me, gold cross, Naomi Tetherly, not missing? ludlow.1 views today
Chuck Schumer has heart attack.1 views today
Jeffrey Guterman , Trump sex tape released by Moscow, an underage film deemed illegal and immoral? Guterman media accounts frozen.1 views today
Killer, license plate number KG1317.1 views today
Emina Osmanagic missing, found, can't see, back of the trailer, power was off, Oakville, numbers, 1/2 mile.1 views today
Earthquake in 12 days.1 views today
B, a flag, not sure who this man is yet.1 views today
Fire, smoke can seen from the top 8012733860 613117.1 views today
December 29th, 2018 talikud mati shutdown no tsuami 29 east 548 north.1 views today
Fire, December 31st, 2018, Chicago, numbers.1 views today
7 13 31 6 5.1 views today
Lottery January 2019 4 4 6 3 3 3 4 2.1 views today
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