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Suzy Lamplugh Finally Found This Is The Exact Location Of Her Remains Per The Dream Drawing Wyndley Pool Sutton Coldfiel...11 views
James Closs Found 11239 26 October 2018 1 - The Man At Cameron? Who Will Go To James Closs'S Funeral Is The Same Ma...2 views
Murder Of Abigail Williams And Liberty German Was Done My This Man Living In This Garage - Murder of Abigail Williams an...2 views
Aiden Blanchard Missing Boy Found Not What They Thing Superman Ride 471 0 - Aiden Blanchard Missing Boy Found - Not What...2 views
Robert Alan Levinson Is Released From A Secret Cia Run Camp In Iran He Is Ok But Lost A Leg In 2020 The Iranian Governm...2 views
Cleo Smith found, arrest made, by airport, numbers, look again, this is him, dug the hole - does not match - its impossible for Cleo to found until they look again?2 views
Cleo Smith found, arrest made, by airport, numbers - this is the man again, he took her near the airport? go to Quobba Lighthouse2 views
4852 Kyron Horman - Planning This For Years, A Tunnel Near School Hidden Entrance, Duck Hunting, Isc, Kyron Was Lost, Th...1 views
4871 Maura Murray - From All 5 Dd'S: This Is The Man Responsible For Her Death, I Think He Is Retired From The Pol...1 views
4874 Maura Murray - From All 5 Dd'S: This Is The Man Responsible For Her Death, I Think He Is Retired From The Pol...1 views
4964 Asha Jaquilla Degree - Haifa Oil Refineries Fire on Christmas Day 2016, Dd Simply Says, Remember December 30th Year...1 views
Adji Desir 6473 - Adji Wandered Off From His Home As The Sun Was Going Down, He Was Following A Dog Walking On Some Type...1 views
Adji Desir 6472 - Adji Wandered Off From His Home As The Sun Was Going Down, He Was Following A Dog Walking On Some Type...1 views
Adji Desir 6474 - Adji Wandered Off From His Home As The Sun Was Going Down, He Was Following A Dog Walking On Some Type...1 views
Adji Desir Missing Psychic Brian Ladd Map - Adji Wandered Off From His Home As The Sun Was Going Down, He Was Following ...1 views
Adji Desir Missing Psychic Brian Ladd - Adji Wandered Off From His Home As The Sun Was Going Down, He Was Following A Do...1 views
11021 5 March 2019 1 Alberta Leeman found here - funeral August 21, 2021 (may not be Alberta funeral...hopefully) he put her car in the conn river - look again - go to mount orane covered bridge...1 views
Missing Woman Stacy Peterson Found There Was A Metal Ring On The Plastic Barrel Midwest Recycling Company The Truck With...1 views
Missing Woman Stacy Peterson Found There Was A Metal Ring On The Plastic Barrel Midwest Recycling Company The Truck With...1 views
Bodies Found On Chad Daybell Property Belonged To Children You Must See This Chad Daybell And Lori Vallow Will Both Be K...1 views
Azariah J Petrick Found He Did Not Know He Was Cold 13470 17 August 2020 2 - 6 More Days - Here...1 views
Missing Woman Adrianne Gilliam Is Alive She Is Discovered During A Routine Traffic Stop She Is Working At Walmart In Pal...1 views
Missing Girl Morgan Nick Is Still Alive Is Still Suffering From Her Mental Illness Its A Genetic Disease And Another Fam...1 views
Caylee Marie Anthonys Mom Casey Involved In An Accident Jose Baez Was Not Driving The Deaths Are Related To The Secret F...1 views
Missing Child Cherrie Mahan Located Lake Saxony Us Army Reports Are Wrong Numbers - Missing Child Cherrie Mahan Located ...1 views
Miguel Quezada Missing Man From Mesa Arizona Located He Was At This Home In Navojoa Sonora Mexico She Saw What He Was Ca...1 views
Cheryl Henry And Andy Atkinson Were In 2 Different Rooms Joseph James Deangelo Had 3 Children There The Missing Children...1 views
Alan White Missing Man Found He Followed Him From The Gas Station Look At The Cctv Camera 2 Again Fair Park Wanted To Go...1 views
The Eastbound Strangler This Is Him And He Is Responsible For The Upcoming 3 Murders He Works In Atlantic City At This H...1 views
Ajay Sah Missing Man Located Not Hate Failing Is Ok Tried To Tell The Family Sadness Search The Park Again Numbers - Aja...1 views
Missing Ajay Sah Located Galaxy 9 Phone Was Not The Right One Great Swamp Not Canoe Brook He Was There Before Sadness G...1 views
Anthonette Cayedito Located Safe She Just Had Her Second Baby Girl Love Washoe Tribe Numbers Cctv This Is Her Trailer - ...1 views
Dulce Maria Alavez Missing Child Found 8566655655 Edgar Perez Arrested - Dulce Maria Alavez Missing Child Found - 856665...1 views
The murder of Tammy Zywicki is not what they think, they are looking for a male, this is her and she also killed a Lynn Schuller ? she lives in this trailer of wrightbrothers blvd in cedar r? numbers...1 views
Karen Louise Johnley Wallahee located - ex firefighter - still alive and is 67 years old - he took Rosia Evers? too - shed with a wooden floor - Colacurcio crime family...1 views
The remains of Dennis Lloyd Martin located and show he died at the age of 42? DNA confirms something - he was taken by this man who lives in Bryson City...1 views
Missing girl Cleo Smith located I m not going to translate this as I hope I'm wrong and she is not found here - I will include my map dousing result, this area needs to be searched again,1 views
It's ok Cleo Smith - love - safe I'm hoping this is true there is a lighthouse an airport -that is where they both are right now...1 views
Cleo Smith located just 75 meters from where she was sleeping? 1 views
Mandurah - dudley park - its there - numbers - Ellie Smith arrested - Cleo - I'm not going to translate the rest...1 views
Cleo Smith found - look at the tape used, it was in her room - media story is not real - no police officer said she (suspect) has been ruled out for doing this - not a white van - spotting on November 8th is not her - family member arrested and released. 1 views
221 meters from tent, Missing Cleo Smith found, she is arrested, her skin is found on the body - look again...1 views
Harmony Montgomery found - the one that took is helping to look for her - the attic of this home - KM arrested - numbers...1 views
Summer Wells located, 8659800237, yellow Chevy, plate 6X32 - basement, not sure...1 views
Missing man Daniel Robinson found not what they think the police officer made a mistake it was an accident, not hate body cam footage was hidden go to now, he is still there1 views
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