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Most viewed - 2020 DREAM JOURNAL
12 August 2020 6 Kathy Pereira Missing Girl Finally Comes Home, He Took Her And Chained Her Here, He Had A Heart Attack And Escaped, Phone +351213143399, Not Usa, Alive Case At Https://Briansprediction.Com/Kathy-Pereira2 views today
13 August 2020 3 Lottery, Soon.2 views today
13 August 2020 1 Explosion.2 views today
14 August 2020 1 Worms Are Everywhere.2 views today
9 August 2020 5 August 19th, Killer Caught On An Iphone 8, Numbers, Assuming This Is The Username Of The Shooter (happens In 11 Days)2 views today
16 August 2020 4 8883882683, 232512 Jesus Is Real, Trust And Enter Without Charges, Yes He Has Coronavirus And Dies On December 19th, 2020?2 views today
17 August 2020 1 Oleander + Trump = Death, Septmebr 11th 20202 views today
17 August 2020 3 Tell Jessica That Christopher Will Die In The Crash If He Does Not Wait 30 Seconds Before Exiting The Parking Lot (please Share This, It'S Important)2 views today
17 August 2020 8 Power Ball Usa September 43112313452 Fours One?2 views today
17 August 2020 6 Brian Kolfage Arrested And Dies While Waiting For Trial In The Hotel Room? 8556050316 432, Daryl Hatton Arrested By The Post Office On December 18th, 2020? 2 views today
17 August 2020 9 B071s71x73 84 Po 4 Days Again!!! Room 317 2 views today
19 August 2020 3 Stars In The Sky, Poland 9, 10 3032 7 4 Days.2 views today
19 August 2020 2 Indian Point Reactor Explosion, Get Out, The Wind Is To The East Ne, Numbers I Can'T Read, Water Leaks From Plant 2 ?12? Days Before The Accident, Peekskill2 views today
19 August 2020 5 Maliyah Bass Found, He Did This, Fell Off Westcrest Drive Bridge In Houston Into Water, Look At Lingers Blue Van 35 Years Old, Numbers, Water. Case At Https://Briansprediction.Com/Maliyah-Bass2 views today
20 August 2020 3 Massive Building Fire, Phone Number.2 views today
22 August 2020 1 6332613 Week 1 4421102 Week 22 views today
23 August 2020 2 Sarah Galloway Went With Him And He Is Still Caring For Her, She Knows It, Trust Your Feelings, Taking Rx Drug Off The Internet? Fight Did Not Cause Her To 'walk Away' 520 682-2221 According To News Reports Sarah Is Not Aliv2 views today
24 August 2020 2 45 4 8 24 27 13?? 3 or 9 Uk Lotto ? Days.2 views today
24 August 2020 3 Falling From the Sky, This Will Happen Soon.2 views today
25 August 2020 6 What If ...? Death On August 28th 2020, 5 Blood2 views today
1 September 2020 1 1 Cant Breath Hands Cold, Salton Sea Earthquake These Dreams Are From The Hospital, More Like Quick Notes See Https://Briansprediction.Com/News.Php 2 views today
2 September 2020 9 Trump Was Well Aware Of The Ship'S Location Before Iran Attacked It, War With Iran Starts On October 3rd, 2020, The Us President Was Aware Of This Secret Operation In Iranian Waters And Using The Attack On The Ship As A Prelude To2 views today
3 September 2020 5 10 More Days.2 views today
3 September 2020 7 Missing Woman Alissa Turney Found, Michael Turney Did Not Kill Her, He Was This, This Is The Woman Who Wanted Her Dead, She Knew Alissa. He Buried Her In Young, Arizona According To This Dream, Her Body Is In This Exact Location 32 views today
3 September 2020 8 Kaya Centeno Missing Child Is Alive And Currently Living Here In Mexico, The Number Seems To Be In Mexico, Its A Bar (no Death Feeling In This Dream, In Fact, Happiness) Case At Https://Briansprediction.Com/Kaya-Centeno 2 views today
4 September 2020 1 Chairperson Krystal Muhammad Arrested For Shooting In Louisville, Numbers, Nfac2 views today
3 September 2020 10 Molotov Cocktail, Portland Oregon 5 Sept? He Is Also The One That Will Do The Shooting On September 13th, Ventura Park, Numbers, 2 Days, Antifa, Leg Fire?2 views today
5 September 2020 2 Captured 2 views today
5 September 2020 4 The Uk Quits Brexit On October 23rd, 2020, Stocks Crash?2 views today
5 September 2020 7 This Is A Camera From A News Reporter, The Telescope Lens Is Actually A High Powered Rifle, Don'T Know Who Is Carrying It, But The Dream Says Trump And Golf On It (again This Is A Dream Only.2 views today
5 September 2020 9 February 8th, 2021 782,133 People Have Died From Covid 19 In The Usa2 views today
6 September 2020 4 Important, If You Can See This, Then This Dream Is For You. I Do Not Know What It Is.2 views today
9 September 2020 5 Eardrums Pop, This Awful Event Will Happen In 4 Or 7 Days.2 views today
9 September 2020 9 Not What They Think.2 views today
10 September 2020 2 In The Sky, This Was A Nightmare, Same Ufo That Vibrates In The Sky, Red And White Lights, They Are Not Friendly.2 views today
10 September 2020 5 Lottery 3 Days Bouns 28 13 20/2 = 40 34 30 / 50 Africa ?2 views today
11 September 2020 3 City Officials Pull The Power On Trump Rally? No, Numbers, Box Here, Not 120 But 220 Ac And Wiring Was Not Bad? Power Goes Out? No Mic Goes Out?2 views today
12 September 2020 3 Good Rx, Trump Signs Orders Shitting Down All Medical Prescription Phone Apps?2 views today
13 September 2020 1 The Remains Of Missing Child Madeleine Mccann Located In The Beach Of Light Praia Da Luz Portugal Hang Dug Grave Under Bolder Wrapped In A Blanket Metal Detector 217 Case At Https://Briansprediction.Com/Madeleine-Mccann-Found2 views today
13 September 2020 5 Jacob Wohl Dies In The Crash, The Driver Was Drinking, Numbers, Dates, And Addresses. The Accident Happened After He Is Released On Bail.2 views today
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