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Kelsey Berreth missing woman found Dream number 11388 30 November 2018 6 psychic predictionMissing woman Kelsey Berreth is hiding a secret, she went with him, ex-law enforcement, 442823, (208) 734-3993 scared, he wants her dead, mountain home55555
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Kelsey Berreth found Dream number 11577 14 January 2019 3 psychic prediction
Kelsey Berreth is alive, the trailer is at Walmart Parking lot
Washington post fire and server attacks by Russia hackers (not related to the upcoming WP and NYT murders)
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Kelsey Berreth - 3 days after Patrick Frazee arrest Dream number 11473 17 December 2018 2 psychic predictionKelsey Berreth - 3 days after Patrick Frazee arrest, he refuses to give the exact location of Kelley's body, the dog finds body 3 days later, 34 feet southwest of barn (looking the wrong way)

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Kelsey Berreth found psychic Brian Ladd73438, she is safe right now, he knew about the pregnancy, the fight was serious, he said she 'was dead' it did not happen, ? fingernails frazec, Berreth, 208734399311111
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