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Dreams that have come true
Mariah Woods, power box, (606) 298-7484 421-1137115 poles in the ground. Powerball Lottery for Wednesday, November 29th, 2017, with for these numbers (do not group them, just use to get the 5th number in December drawing, if all these numbers do not show up on the November 29th draw, don't use them in December, I'll  37° 55 '15 South  53° 55'  36 West, pressure weld  TR1700 oipnn7? (this is a grid location 37°55′13S 53°55'36W of a pending earthquake and that's all I know, if grid is correct could also produce a tsunami) Maura Murray White Mountain National Park at Roadside Park, ties. The distance from the center of where human beings began is related to their IQ and happiness level...basically the farther away a group of a human being from where they came from the happier and more intelligent they will be. Trump is Jesus, DOG  and three crosses (during the past 10 years or so the word DOG and three small crosses have been in about 25% of all my dream drawings, doubt this? look for yourself, some hard see, but it's there, not sure why, but its there) I know this sounds silly and my belief in GOD is gone after the death of my sister...BUT THIS TIME ONLY...I going to share a private dream with you.  As of 11.12.17 not a single lottery in the world has results even close to these numbers...and I told you Fake news kills Garrison Keillor August 7th, 1947 to December 27th, 2017, no heart attack (real person, censored) Powerball Lottery pattern for December? 2017 Private company jet explodes in mid-air, CEO's from Bank of American and GE were also on board, new 'runner' placed the very crude bomb, and he was not on board. Alex Gorsky was not supposed to be aboard, not sure why he was, it might be a  Zhang Yang November 23rd, 2017 born August 14th, 1951 murder not suicide (real person censored) Not English Wharton school school hostages freed, only 32 were killed not 200, media lied, Trump. Starting next week North Korea's bio unit 831 will begin spreading and new strain of Bubonic plague around the world,  people from airports will start getting flu like symptoms first (like the Army of the 12 monkeys)  Kim Jon Un is currently recoveri Missing Person Maura Murray dream number 6913 24 september 1 by psychic brian ladd Lies, lies, terrorism coverup, this man, air Canada flight 848 more numbers, fake medical.  Dario Benedetto May 17th, 1990 to December 25th, 2017, suicide, reported proving he did hang himself. North Korea missile launch fails on November 22nd, 2017, this is important because the failure will release radioactive material. Donald Trump deports million and jails thousands over a phone call with Jovenel Moise, Army commander Jodel Lesage is not in America's interest, dead will come to your people, no army or your people will die. Basement, wood crate, chair covers by wood, missing paint just 10 miles from the person searching for it, (212) 685-0008 (real number in NYC) Antonio Guterres comments? land him at the bottom of the river. EMP Field Generator #4 at Groom lake kills the pilot of the B-21 raider bomber, one of only two secretly developed and classified.  Donald Trump accidentally? declassified the program on Twitter. Pretty sure these are Hebrew numbers. Where is Phil Mudd?  the  elephant torture, following you now, look again  (this man is stalking Phil Mudd, he's everywhere and os the reason why Phil Mudd disappears) Recordings, assuming only audio, of Donald Trump and Putin talking about Hitler's Red Phone, is hidden on the second floor at this address:  55 Savushkina Street, St. Petersburg Russia.  Donald Trump knew there was someone in the room. Farm 1116, Otto Warmbier was at Unit 810 during his confinement in the DPRK, North Korea's version of Japan's, Unit 731.  The unit is producing new biological weapons in these concrete pits and giant vats, they are working on a very contagious t (201) 567-5257 Russian Mafia cleans up the mess, Bratva. 535536 375513 1711 feet? 1700 0086 - 333 577 back numbers red box Chemical injector failed, crack causes the leak of untested, undocumented, unknown and illegal Dakota pipeline oil lubricant.  Over one million gallons of oil will leak into the ground from this fracture, and over 2 million people will be drinking... 

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Dreams that have come true - 2014 DREAM JOURNAL
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dream prediction number 5405 january 15 2014 2 dreams brian ladd24 views
dream prediction number 6183 16 december 2014 6 dreams brian ladd~024 views
dream prediction number 5437 january 26 2014 1 dreams brian ladd23 views
dream prediction number 6031 2 november 2014 3 dreams brian ladd23 views
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dream prediction number 6123 29 november 2014 1 dreams brian ladd23 views
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dream prediction number 5965 12 october 2014 1 dreams brian ladd21 views
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dream prediction number 5424 january 22 2014 1 dreams brian ladd20 views
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dream prediction number 5397 january 13 2014 6 dreams brian ladd18 views
dream prediction number 5403 january 14 2014 6 dreams brian ladd18 views
dream prediction number 5779 july 9 2014 2 dreams brian ladd18 views
dream prediction number 5908 26 september 2014 3 dreams brian ladd18 views
dream prediction number 6057 10 november 2014 2 dreams brian ladd18 views
dream prediction number 5394 january 13 2014 3 dreams brian ladd17 views
dream prediction number 5395 january 13 2014 4 dreams brian ladd17 views
dream prediction number 5396 january 13 2014 5 dreams brian ladd17 views
dream prediction number 5398 january 14 2014 1 dreams brian ladd17 views
dream prediction number 5399 january 14 2014 2 dreams brian ladd17 views
dream prediction number 5400 january 14 2014 3 dreams brian ladd17 views
dream prediction number 5401 january 14 2014 4 dreams brian ladd17 views
dream prediction number 5402 january 14 2014 5 dreams brian ladd17 views
dream prediction number 5406 january 15 2014 3 dreams brian ladd17 views
dream prediction number 5446 january 30 2014 3 dreams brian ladd17 views
dream prediction number 5679 june 4 2014 1 dreams brian ladd16 views
dream prediction number 5450 january 31 2014 3 dreams brian ladd15 views
dream prediction number 5751 july 3 2014 4 dreams brian ladd15 views
dream prediction number 6133 2 december 2014 1 dreams brian ladd15 views
dream prediction number 6190 17 december 2014 3 dreams brian ladd~014 views
dream prediction number 5404 january 15 2014 1 dreams brian ladd12 views
dream prediction number 5564 april 3 2014 1 dreams brian ladd12 views
dream prediction number 5837 july 30 2014 4 dreams brian ladd12 views
dream prediction number 6196 18 december 2014 3 dreams brian ladd~012 views
dream prediction number 5407 january 15 2014 4 dreams brian ladd11 views
dream prediction number 5408 january 15 2014 5 dreams brian ladd11 views
dream prediction number 5409 january 16 2014 1 dreams brian ladd11 views
dream prediction number 5410 january 16 2014 2 dreams brian ladd11 views
dream prediction number 5413 january 17 2014 1 dreams brian ladd11 views
dream prediction number 5416 january 18 2014 1 dreams brian ladd11 views
dream prediction number 5418 january 18 2014 3 dreams brian ladd11 views
dream prediction number 5422 january 20 2014 1 dreams brian ladd~011 views
dream prediction number 5423 january 20 2014 2 dreams brian ladd11 views
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dream prediction number 5834 july 30 2014 1 dreams brian ladd11 views