Dream number 8288 18 February 2017 3 by Brian LaddNovaya Zemlya WC 135 - ss from last month, only 1 of the 2 nukes goes off, NYC Harbor (censored, login to view)
Dream number 8287 18 February 2017 2 by Brian LaddLittle Korea USA fire and killings with needles (censored)
Dream number 8286 18 February 2017 1 by Brian LaddIf you do not know who this person is right now, that's ok with do I, but sadly we all will next week.
2 17 2017 dreams2 17 2017 dreams
Dream number 8285 17 February 2017 3 by Brian Ladd2017 DHS (USA) flow chart for Muslims, Mixed Muslims, and Non-Muslims
Dream number 8284 17 February 2017 2 by Brian LaddThis is an Alli weight loss pill case, it's blue and has three compartments...this is what caused, or will cause the airline crash. In the container are three gel caps that when combined in the center compartment will cause an explosion that will end the lives of more than 100 people...very soon. Each of the three chemicals alone is not detectable, combined it's too late.
Dream number 8283 17 February 2017 1 by Brian LaddDuško Marković (real person - Prime Minister of Montenegro) dies of heart attack, same heart attack vet drug, in tea. numbers.
February 16th 2017 dreamsFebruary 16th 2017 dreams
Dream number 8282 16 February 2017 5 by Brian LaddTrump C all Norma Mcorve 6IR? 6121 heart attack drug KGB (this is the same drug that's already killed dozens of people in the US and this just the beginning)
Dream number 8281 16 February 2017 4 by Brian LaddDmitry Rybolovlev murdered by friend, 2124317545 4248 Anna Rybolovleva goes missing on June 3rd, 2017
Dream number 8280 16 February 2017 3 by Brian LaddKGB heart attack drug kills Jambuwantrao Dhote (real person) red water
Dream number 8279 16 February 2017 2 by Brian LaddSenator john McCain (USA) is given tea continuing the same heat-attack drug as I have mentioned in another dream from last night, this is a drawing of...well I don't know.
Dream number 8269 16 February 2017 1 by Brian LaddThe United States Secret Service prevents the weekly meeting of Russian Dmitry Rybolovlev and Donalds Trump's family member at this Mount Pleasant, North Carolina address (censored)(see dd)
The SS also finds the 'bugs' in Trump's Florida home, see DD's for a drawing of the 'basement' location. This is not good for Mr. Trump, and this is the only way he can talk privately to his friends. Note: This event is to take place before Dmitry and Donald's death...usually. Ironically they will both die from the same KGB heart attack drug they have been using on people for decades. (4 dream sketches to this dream, login to view 1 3 an 4)
2 15 20172 15 2017
Dream number 8268 15 February 2017 2 by Brian Ladda very sad event to take place on Monday, Febyary 20th (real date) 2017
Dream number 8267 15 February 2017 1 by Brian Laddcandles, blind man killed by Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in hell prison USA, his knowledge of NYC nuclear harbor explosions could have saved hundreds of thousand on Manhattan island? New York, cell 47, vet drug, 01272 9195753900 (this is the same heart attack drug as in a dozens or more of past dds)
Let's make the world a great place again.Let's make the world a great place again.
Dream number 8266 14 February 2017 1 by Brian LaddRelated to several dds from March of 2016, showing autopsy drawings of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, the death of Donald Trump Jr. is new to me.

wayback machine copy - 2 13 2017 dreams by Brian LaddBackup dream copy from Feb 13th 2017
got birdGot a bird for my wife Samantha today!
Dream number 8265 13 February 2017 10 by Brian Laddheart attack vet drug, Jake Turk schools and churches burned, get out. November 9th, 1938 to November 9th 2017
Dream number 8264 13 February 2017 9 by Brian Laddwiki leaks release bitcoins address of Putin (Russian), Trump (USA) and 40 associated, numbers, censored 0 they get caught trying to convert the coins to US dollars.
Dream number 8263 13 February 2017 8 by Brian Laddburning the synagogue (censored)
Dream number 8262 13 February 2017 7 by Brian Ladd175.45.177.7 info wars website shut down following several unexplained deaths of its staff and supporters
Dream number 8261 13 February 2017 6 by Brian Laddlook in the center of his eyes, no reflection
Dream number 8260 13 February 2017 5 by Brian Laddsame cyanide glasses used to kill cia op7
look in the center of his eyes, no reflection
February 13th 2017 dreamsFebruary 13th 2017 dreams video
Dream number 8259 13 February 2017 4 by Brian Laddmore wires in the sky dreams
Dream number 8258 13 February 2017 3 by Brian LaddThis is about the upcoming London UK anthrax aerial spray terrorist attacks (3)
Dream number 8257 13 February 2017 2 by Brian LaddPawn Stars actor killed in crash
Dream number 8256 13 February 2017 1 by Brian Laddalcohol kills family on April 2nd, 2017, Disney, (310) 396-6228 remember pen mar 50 N89HU
Dream number 8255 12 February 2017 5 by Brian Ladddon't know or remember
Dream number 8254 12 February 2017 4 by Brian LaddMartha's Vineyard662133 721139
Dream number 8253 12 February 2017 3 by Brian Ladd6.7 million in drug money was buried at this location in 2011, and t still there, All should, East Elmhurst New York State, Queens R637721
Dream number 8252 12 February 2017 2 by Brian Ladd71842994381 bed bath & beyond, explosion ??
Dream number 8252 12 February 2017 1 by Brian Laddlocation of the 2 nukes on the Chinese container ship that enter US harbors, only one will actually denote (see last weeks dds)
IMG 5292 missing case new details added 2017lottery in order again...5 6 7 8 then 3 4 2 and 1 (soon)
Psychic Brian Ladd dreams from 2-6 to 2-11-2017Psychic Brian Ladd, dreams from 2-6 to 2-11-2017
Dream number 8250 11 February 2017 6 by Brian LaddBetsy DeVos accident
Dream number 8249 11 February 2017 5 by Brian LaddYPG NYC - London
Dream number 8248 11 February 2017 4 by Brian LaddAnonymous member arrested, Frank Ancon accidently killed over Trump 'legacy payments' The Anon Message (censored, login to view)
Dream number 8247 11 February 2017 3 by Brian Laddcrash on Monday, February 13th, 2017
Dream number 8246 11 February 2017 2 by Brian LaddAlex Poucher shoots Frank Ancona, times, not (censored, login to view)
Dream number 8245 11 February 2017 1 by Brian Laddnear frank clay, drugs, and blood, anthrax, mineral lane,
Dream number 8244 10 February 2017 6 by Brian Laddlottery patterns for February and March 2017, USA
Dream number 8243 10 February 2017 5 by Brian Laddlottery patterns for February and March 2017, Austrailia
Dream number 8242 10 February 2017 4 by Brian Laddnot sure
Dream number 8241 10 February 2017 3 by Brian LaddMark Burnett (he is a TV producer) that currently being paid by the White House (USA) to not release the Donald Trump Nigger Video (see Oct 2016 dd's) The blackmail paper trail becomes public and Mark is murdered on July 4th, 2017. Nothing new here, same numbers
Dream number 8240 10 February 2017 2 by Brian Ladd592 226 5855 man escapes from prison and his (twin) brother is recaptured, this is before the Anthrax attacks
Dream number 8239 10 February 2017 1 by Brian Ladd
Dream number 8238 9 February 2017 4 by Brian LaddUnites Airlines Flight 455 crash this June 2017 (censored, details on dd, as always, login to view FULL dream drawing (dd))
Dream number 8237 9 February 2017 3 by Brian LaddAssalam center mosque Florida
Dream number 8236 9 February 2017 2 by Brian LaddChicago Fire in a few days
Dream number 8235 9 February 2017 1 by Brian Laddwatch the sky (no for fun, trust me...they are coming)
Dream number 8234 8 February 2017 3 by Brian Laddnot sure
Dream number 8233 8 February 2017 2 by Brian Laddnot sure
Dream number 8232 8 February 2017 1 by Brian Laddmi6 spy killed next month (March 2017)
Dream number 8231 7 February 2017 4 by Brian Laddgolfland get out
Dream number 8230 7 February 2017 3 by Brian LaddNothing new here, North Korea launches 2 missiles on the 12 and 13 th of February 2017 and nukes Tokyo Japan on March 17 th 2017
Dream number 8229 7 February 2017 2 by Brian LaddJenny Santos flowers ??
Dream number 8228 7 February 2017 1 by Brian Ladd
Dream number 8227 6 February 2017 3 by Brian LaddMecca Flames
Dream number 8226 6 February 2017 2 by Brian Ladd3 days National Front, police coverup attack? Coverup New Nazi France, anthrax subway station Marth 11th 2017 PLACE DITALE
Dream number 8225 6 February 2017 1 by Brian Laddnext week's train derailment, using the same derailer mold
Dream number 8224 5 February 2017 3 by Brian Ladd
Dream number 8223 5 February 2017 2 by Brian Ladd
Dream number 8222 5 February 2017 1 by Brian Ladd
Dream number 8221 4 February 2017 4 by Brian LaddTaylor Swift killed in a horrific accident, do not go. numbers
Dream number 8220 4 February 2017 3 by Brian Laddsnow in Florida and a mass school shooting
Dream number 8219 4 February 2017 2 by Brian LaddIslamic center of America attack fake neo-nazi, numbers.
Dream number 8218 4 February 2017 1 by Brian LaddThe upcoming arrest of five Russian hackers in Las Vegas Nevada, using Russia's scripts to show exact times the machines payoff...this is NOT important. The 'Arial Anthrax' drone release that shuts down the city and kills thousands is...see 2015 dd's
Dream number 8217 3 February 2017 4 by Brian Laddnot sure who this is
Dream number 8216 3 February 2017 3 by Brian Laddpower outage, flashing lights, smoke and poison
Dream number 8215 3 February 2017 2 by Brian LaddDelta Airlines crash on Friday the 24th 2017 was planned in 2016, same men are involved and the pilot will be involved.
Dream number 8214 3 February 2017 1 by Brian LaddUpcoming event to take place during the Superbowl at the NRG Stadium, not sure if this is the person or not, I'm pretty sure the last two numbers are 22. face is very strange looking and for some reason t hard for the other people to breath. Bottom is attention details on the electrical failure? not sure what the parking issues are about
Dream number 8213 2 February 2017 2 by Brian LaddOn February 17th, 2017 the man drew here is going to do some very bad things and this address.
Dream number 8212 2 February 2017 1 by Brian Laddan explosion on the launch pad
Dream number 8211 1 February 2017 1 by Brian Laddonly one dream last night, please print this out and PUT IN UNDER YOUR PILLOW!! REALLY!!!!
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