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love he knew railroad, Mollie Tibbetts 44 33 11. He knew. 44 soundproof shed ex-law enforcement, Mollie Tibbetts, numbers. (I'm aware of who this is about and where this shed is) 44 33 11 steel church Chelsea Iowa (641) 489-2989 1/2 mile from Jesus, false sighting? 46119 RR ALVIN. Pregnancy is ok, 44 - 33 - 11 he knows her secret, LOVE, she is safe but scared, Mollie Tibbetts, white shed, power and a fan, very noisy fan, Chelsea railroad. Pregnancy is ok, 44 - 33 - 11 he knows her secret, LOVE, she is safe but scared, Mollie Tibbetts, white shed, power and a fan, very noisy fan, Chelsea railroad. Mollie Tibbetts, wires, 44 filled with concrete, fan god bless this house, 421133? he is, Aug 23rd (this is inside the shed from past DD's) Pregnancy is ok, 44 - 33 - 11 he knows her secret, LOVE, she is safe but scared, Mollie Tibbetts, white shed, power and a fan, very noisy fan, Chelsea railroad. Go back, Mollie Tibbits (to save time, here is the search location and I realize it's already been searched) 8/7/2018 44 11? Mollie Tibbetts will be murdered on August 16th by this man, they know, can't hear her, numbers (I'm very concerned about this one, please share this dd and check my record on successful missing person cases  https://brianspredic love he knew railroad, Mollie Tibbetts 44 33 11. 44 11 Mollie Tibbetts 'admit the argument, he is going to kill, they were there, August  (641) 236-4999 Mollie Tibbits, her friend works here? Concrete in here. 240 diamonds August 16th he kills here. No need to follow him, the key is in the mailbox? not the first time she stopped to pet the dog, scare o mole on the back, more numbers (This is concerning the Mollie Tibbetts missing person case) More on the Mollie Tibbett missing person case, the amount of interest, in this case, is great, but I'm concerned where much of the 'anonymous' traffic is coming from.  I really don't want to think someone in an official position would Mollie Tibbits  location. Mollie Tibbetts, trump sign, 6371123 3376113, scar or mole on back, he took her, she, hole, look again, black t-shirt 4411, he is going to kill her. Dream number 10918 12 August 2018 4 psychic prediction love he knew railroad, Mollie Tibbetts 44 33 11. Mollie Tibbits  location. Dream number 10919 12 August 2018 5 psychic prediction Mollie Tibbetts missing. August 6th, 2018, this is him, numbers. 8/7/2018 44 11? Mollie Tibbetts will be murdered on August 16th by this man, they know, can't hear her, numbers (I'm very concerned about this one, please share this dd and check my record on successful missing person cases  @ https://brianspred Q 45 red notebook, the dog knows where?  The dog in question is not a search or cadaver dog, its the same dog Mollie has seen before and may actually help in locating her before its too late.  Earthquake in 7 more days. 44 soundproof shed ex-law enforcement, Mollie Tibbetts, numbers. (I'm aware of who this is about and where this shed is) This again is related to the Mollie Tibbits MP case, I'm not going to translate it nor will I post this dd in the official case file, as it seems to be getting more attention than normal. Just posting this DD in my nightly dream section will hopefull 

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Popular dreams - 2017 DREAM JOURNAL
Euro jackpot December 22nd, 2017 13 23 44 45 6 7 8 (bonus numbers are 6 and 7)87 views
Powerball 19 Kevin h cold? 35 24 19 17 63 57 (fyi - these are the last 11 dd's I'm going to post as a storm is coming, well Hurricane Irma) 43 views
The room of amber can only be seen from the air, WWII occult worship chamber, concrete surrounded by coal, broken, the numbers are a grid and unforced the area is a body of water in Russia I think. 37 views
Esteban gun and 'bio weapon' in D 551224 Alaska, real life 12 monkeys, Trump, threats on Facebook?? man flew from Alaska and Canada to Florida spreading 'bio weapon' FBI not? spread bio weapon, its airborne ogaitnas and more stuff (b37 views
Death is wonderful.37 views
Monday, January's 16th 2017 she dies.37 views
Amazing, 866 278 5833.37 views
This person dies on January 15th, 2017 in Paisley Florida, the connection to the death is in Dayton Beach at this address, other details on the dd...very sad36 views
29 ny John Mara, Dean Lorich murder police arrest the wrong man, 201 9355610, Dahoud Andre killed 5 2018, 201 9355610.35 views
32 39 14 62 75 lottery auto garage Ev?34 views
Related to several dds from March of 2016, showing autopsy drawings of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, the death of Donald Trump Jr. is new to me.34 views
This is the location of a massive grave where some 1,800 men woman and children were buried by the Nazi's, however, the grid on the DD puts the location in a body of water, and in the USA, not Europe. 33 views
Kolkata India, Vann Orb and bal (basically buy the stock BAMNB (real stock) at 3.7 euros and sell it at 27,111.6 euros...really)) 33 views
Not sure, he was not a Joke.33 views
Call 727 461-1282 important dream in Clear Water Florida.32 views
Plane crash on Friday, January 13th is related to the mistake that happens on January 9th, 2017.32 views
3102762251 bio weapon too late poison in the air.32 views
Another accident on the 17th of January 2017 off of Interstate I95, name, license plate numbers and other details on the dd...this one has something to do with debris (see dd)32 views
More on the 747 crash, see dd's from December 2016 for the other 2.32 views
5 6 17 8 9 10 11 15 12 17 fixed lottery.32 views
The new 'hit list' by a Mexican Cartel is made public after the 'Guzman' massacre' to take place soon in the USA. The new list contains all family members of US republican senators, missing for the new list is the Trump family. 32 views
Numbers, not sure but its evil.31 views
North Korean DPRK spy fails to deliver product to Yonan US cover up? expose, door, too.30 views
Giftgas this is poison gas in Seoul South Korea and Japans subway station.29 views
Look close and see the true face of God...and I don't see a thing other than my totally black from drawing this garbage.29 views
Butterflies.29 views
Candle kills.29 views
The recent Russian / DPRK underwater nuclear drone sub-explosions in the Arctic Ocean are directly linked to the deaths of Pilot Whales in New Zealand and will cause the entire crabbing industry in the Arctic Ocean to be suspended for 10 years. 29 views
Dream number 8432 15 March 2017 5 by Brian Ladd29 views
Numbers August 27, 1952 to August 22, 2017 heart attack after arrest Roger Stone dies from massive heart attack.29 views
Volcano erupts 270k from fault.29 views
1574883348 1574883348 found ground zero Seoul rok.29 views
Can't breathe and it's wonderful or look close and see the true face of God.28 views
2.7 million people will die because of this phone number, miracles do happen cobia 2.7 million, (626) 915-6077 sai baba solid gold, cancer. 28 views
44°35'25.5" North 104°42'53.8" West the joke is on us...you will not believe me on this one...but I'll be there on Christmas day 2017 just to be safe.28 views
USA CIA, not ISIS using laser pointers, but this time something went wrong. 28 views
Leatherwood scope, drone, Trump and a bunch of numbers.28 views
More drone stuff.28 views
North Korea again tricked the USA and South Korea into wasting time tracking objects that really don't exist and miss the exporting of tons of Anthrax from the country to Russia.28 views
2129894994 building burns, Communist Party USA.28 views
Killer.28 views
Can't breathe and it's wonderful.27 views
Dream dots in space.27 views
ja 4412 know your, easy to kill you.27 views
666 god and evil 11/12/39.27 views
Fancy bear shuts down.27 views
Rio firo 27 views
Apple phones being used for terrorist acts...again, see Nov DEC 2016 dds. 27 views
An awful dream, censored, about the DPRK.27 views
This man, who works for Space X did not die from an accident or a fall, see important detail on dd, and it's not related to the tragic death of the companies CEO (all events pending) 27 views
This is the man who did it, Jan 20th, 2017.27 views
Sunnyside grandview ms1327 views
Something to do with this man and a trailer with rx drugs.27 views
Dream number 8417 12 March 2017 2 by Brian Ladd27 views
Friday the 7th of April this is going to happen, very sad as with most of my dreams, preventable. 27 views
Russian antivirus software IP addresses of people have been sold to predators? been doing it for years? not sure27 views
Breaking news September 20th 2017 fire.27 views
2027472077 April Ryan, Russian Mafia, exposed email on Wikileaks, road rage stalker, White House Christmas Party, murder, Chris Johnson more numbers...nothing about this dream was new or any good. (see November 2016 or 2015 dreams)27 views
Wonderful all I have in this world is in this jar, please dig it up, he will kill me, not afraid of monster anymore, included is the map spot of the numbers in this dd, down to approx. 2 feet. 26 views
An earthquake on January 20th, 2017. 26 views
Race supermarket 5 days 2 hours sean jones RC white. scean jones this is an old church...really old (maybe in the UK) 26 views
3 days 747 crash.26 views
Unites Airlines Flight 455 crash this June 2017 (censored, details on dd, as always, login to view FULL dream drawing (dd)26 views
Martha's Vineyard 662133 721139.26 views
311-17 1/21/74 to 12/25/1 Kim Schmit dies in US custody (search 2015 for details)26 views
Mega Millions lottery numbers for March 2017.26 views
MSD hired to kill 2000 American politicians.26 views
Dream number 8415 11 March 2017 7 by Brian Ladd26 views
Don't know not English maybe Korean.26 views
Internet hoax over at actor's Death Becomes real 31 days later. 26 views
July 19th 201726 views
love26 views
about the murder of the president of the Philippians and the ex-president of the united states phone + kct11 26 views
A fire in clear water (this is a town in Florida) is or will be the place of Jesus's return, many will die but there is a reason for it, the location was a group of numbers that I plotted on a map, the area surrounding Clearwater Florida 25 views
Crash in North Korea, I think.25 views
Barbara Walters death.25 views
Not correct the are not being told what really happened the man he was helping the injured January 6th 10th and 23rd 2017 12 days Far? 13 BC25 views
LA SF Paris Russia 'Bio weapon' 12 monkeys is real, FLL Florida airport 15X train 3bast nuton.25 views
This is the man who figures out the Swedish is fixed...no kidding (ses my past 20 or 30 dd's on this issue, also they do not allow anyone outside their country to play)25 views
Some type of statue, se-dux.25 views