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All my dreams from March 2017, Brian Ladd videoAll my dreams from March 2017, Brian Ladd video
Dream number 8514 31 March 2017 4 by Brian LaddThis is what will cause next month's (April 2017) tragic school bus accident.
Dream number 8513 31 March 2017 3 by Brian LaddReporter Katy Bear was killed in the rollover, she was followed for a week before the accident yet no one seemed to care or do anything about it.
Dream number 8512 31 March 2017 2 by Brian LaddWarehouse fire on April 8th, 2017 phone number and other details on the dd
Dream number 8511 31 March 2017 1 by Brian LaddSomething very surprising is going to happen to our sun in the next week or so.
Dream number 8510 30 March 2017 4 by Brian LaddMadeleine McCann missing person case, Praia da Luz Portugal, a beach of light location.
Dream number 8509 30 March 2017 3 by Brian LaddAdditional details on the April 4 and 5th 2017 North Korea's nuclear test and the damages to the top of the mountain. (not what anyone expected)
Dream number 8508 30 March 2017 2 by Brian LaddLisa Bloom killed over fox news documents, not sure what this is.
Dream number 8507 30 March 2017 1 by Brian Ladd4472 118 Jared Kushner killed in explosion July 4th, 2017 217 am bad ira?
Dream number 8506 29 March 2017 4 by Brian LaddLuke Rudkowski David Dees Roman Piso all arrested over fake reports 03704967622
Dream number 8505 29 March 2017 3 by Brian LaddThe world sees him differently April 7th, 2017
Dream number 8504 29 March 2017 2 by Brian LaddHarrison Ford dies, helicopter? (the helicopter is new, if that's what is says)
Dream number 8503 29 March 2017 1 by Brian Ladd5 earthquake in California makes new water?
Dream number 8502 28 March 2017 4 by Brian LaddAdditional details of the upcoming crash in 5 days
Dream number 8501 28 March 2017 3 by Brian LaddThis is the exact same dream as dd8476 from march 23rd but this time it says I die. children die carbon monoxide, trailer, quality Inn, vents, pool. 2696843900 TAL 31624417 detectives. March 23rd, 2017 dream archive.org link:


Dream number 8500 28 March 2017 2 by Brian Laddmore on the upcoming 'hit's' on Donald Trump's list, not heart attacks, these are auto accidents. (censored)
Dream number 8499 28 March 2017 1 by Brian LaddKaspersky Lab antivirus new worm virus now has infected half of all computers running windows 10 in the world, Russia denies that Kaspersky Lab's is actually a front for the state's cyber terrorism agency. Donald Trump and dozens of people close to him are well aware that their computers are infected with a virus so advanced that as of today, it's still not even being detected by anti-virus software. This is very important because the Russians are able to communicate with Trump and his staff and are able to coordinate several high-level US assassinations of Trump's new members and their families. This goes way beyond the purchase of hitters phone for the Oval Office bet and the killing of Trumps ex-friends, women and children are going to be killed in 'traffic accidents' that are in no way connected to 'the game'. And people that don't play 'the game' should not have to do for those that did...ironically, the only safe antivirus software to avoid this upcoming disaster is from Kaspersky Lab's, a Russian Company. Alexsey Belan unicorn park
Dream number 8498 27 March 2017 4 by Brian LaddThis is the man who started the fire, 167 3 Atlanta,
548 Plasters Avenue North East ISIS lies
Dream number 8497 27 March 2017 3 by Brian LaddPolice saw the marks, was not alive when hit by the train, this is the girl who paid for mount zion, teen Alexander Scott (censored)
Dream number 8496 27 March 2017 2 by Brian LaddPretty sure this already came true, Space X hack is NOT the reason why it's 'secret moon clients' becomes public, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are on the same flight, unfortunately, according to past DD, both will be unable to attend.
Dream number 8495 27 March 2017 1 by Brian LaddThis is about ex-military general Michael T. Flynn and his sister's death (censored)
Dream number 8490 25 March 2017 3 by Brian LaddDied for no reason, Sergei Mikhailov, Semyon Mogilevich, Roman Tsepov, Stas Valigura, Alex Mooney, Rod Blum, Jim Bridenstine, Jeff Duncan, Tom Garrett, Ted Yoho
Dream number 8489 25 March 2017 2 by Brian Laddhold him wonderful joy and love dog 8306259124 son is god returns June 3rd, 2017 canyon lake
Dream number 8488 25 March 2017 1 by Brian LaddEaster day terrorist attack 421136621 - 01 using children
Dream number 8487 24 March 2017 9 by Brian LaddBoeing stock falls 92% as news of fake orders and military equipment have to be destroyed due to 'Russian chips' being implanted, this will be a trillion dollar loss for the USA.
Dream number 8486 24 March 2017 8 by Brian LaddAnthrax mail 32-2017 west Virginia, this is where it's coming from
Dream number 8485 24 March 2017 7 by Brian LaddDrunk driver kills Jeff and Sam Sessions
Dream number 8484 24 March 2017 6 by Brian LaddKayleigh McEnany did not have to die over a simple mistake, she knew nothing about the affair or the series of murders ER
Dream number 8483 24 March 2017 5 by Brian LaddBravta NYC Mayor and Governor 'tagged'
Dream number 8482 24 March 2017 4 by Brian LaddNext months (April 2017) MegaMillions pattern number is 7 - if you want me to pick numbers for you, visit https://goo.gl/1fjXNl
Dream number 8480 24 March 2017 2 by Brian LaddGodlike Productions members prevent terrorist attack in NYC yet Infowars takes the credit even after William Schnoebelen dies for the cause
Dream number 8479 24 March 2017 1 by Brian LaddDynamer!ac look close
Dream number 8478 23 March 2017 12 by Brian LaddRelated to the Alli weight loss container bomb from a few months ago, there are three sections/compartments in this blue pill case, each contains pills that look just like the Alli weight loss drug, alone the compounds are harmless, but when the pills in chambers 1 and 2 are combined the reaction starts. A few minutes later, as the pressure builds, the contents of chamber 1 and 2 are 'shot' into the third chamber and the explosion happens. Currently there is no test for this, but hopefully, there will be one soon.
Dream number 8477 23 March 2017 11 by Brian LaddJared Corey Kushner takes the blame for the deaths and admits he did not know about the operation, tears in room 211, Polonium-210 levels still 'lethal' 7 days later. January 10, 1981, to February 4th, 2018 (censored, login to view all 3 dds)
Jared Kushner
Dream number 8476 23 March 2017 10 by Brian Laddchildren die of carbon monoxide. this is some sort of trailer
Dream number 8475 23 March 2017 9 by Brian LaddFriday, March 31st (not sure)
Dream number 8474 23 March 2017 8 by Brian LaddBaymont Inn & Suites drug dealing empire extends all the up to Stephen Holmes
Dream number 8473 23 March 2017 7 by Brian LaddThe DOW hits rock bottom 20 days after Donald Trump's death, and it's not because what most of the world thinks. The fall starts on March 28th, 2017 which will be a Tuesday.
Dream number 8472 23 March 2017 6 by Brian LaddPeople will start to get very sick and experts worldwide will not know the cause. Some sort of modified pig virus that then killed by radiation and then with a new type of technology, atoms are moved around to create a chemical spray that never been seen before.
Dream number 8471 23 March 2017 5 by Brian LaddThis is not new the Russian Spy Ship trailed by the Russia's new top secret sub continues to stay withing a 50-kilometer contact range of Donald Trump Jr. Using vessel tracker and Donald Trump's Jr. iPhone appointments calendar seems to be very clear and its been going on since 2014 (see map in terrorist section)
Dream number 8470 23 March 2017 4 by Brian LaddRussia executes dozens of website owners, some actually doing nothing wrong (censored)
Dream number 8469 23 March 2017 3 by Brian LaddAlexey Navalny dies of a heart attack
Dream number 8468 23 March 2017 2 by Brian LaddReporters killed in this helicopter crash, including FOX new and CNN (same alli device)
Dream number 8467 23 March 2017 1 by Brian LaddCamp Stanley deaths, this DD is most likely from my own memories, not the universe. I was stationed there for a year and it's very close to the DMZ between the DPRK and ROK.
Dream number 8466 22 March 2017 3 by Brian LaddAfter Viktor Vekselberg's and Denis Voronenkov deaths, organized crime families in the US and Russia are 'taken down' by blood and bullets. Family members die over a single red phone purchased at auction by Donald Trump Jr. Jeff Bezos, Joe Mansueto and Peter Barbey Carlos Slim Helu (These are the same names as my dreams for November 2015 expect for Vikor Vekeselburg)
Dream number 8465 22 March 2017 2 by Brian LaddFox news secret informant was actually CIA agents, FOX News shut down due to treason charges five daysFOX News took the bait again. No nuke test just treason arrests including. James Murdoch and the companies secretary Rusian Owner Viktor Vekselberg (ongoing dream since 2012)
Dream number 8464 22 March 2017 1 by Brian LaddRequest about missing girls in the DC area, (2017) does not seem to be a connection to all of them, just five and all seem to be safe. Location on DD and it's not a place kids should be staying at.
Dream number 8463 21 March 2017 3 by Brian LaddMarch 27th, 2017, colors, chemicals, fire smoke
Dream number 8462 21 March 2017 2 by Brian Laddwe stand together, trump smiles after KGB mental drug ????
Dream number 8461 21 March 2017 1 by Brian Laddcitycruise boat city cruises hostage drill, terrorist operations, training exercises become the real deal 7 days later. KGB Trump, look for bitcoins
Dream number 8458 20 March 2017 3 by Brian LaddDonald Trump sends out a tweet to the world?? not sure but it will happen on March 23rd 2017
Dream number 8457 20 March 2017 2 by Brian LaddDonald Trump orders 'Russin KGB red herring' attack against Theresa May for holding his hand, knife. Immigrants are stealing your job, making you poorer and ruining your country. 1392 424464 Alimzhan Tokhtakhunov (see past couple of days dreams for more on this)
Dream number 8456 20 March 2017 1 by Brian LaddRichard Simmons secret is finally comes out, this has to do with Richard Simmons death on February 7th, 2019
Dream number 8455 19 March 2017 5 by Brian LaddOn March 22nd 2017 (time censored) dprk intercontinental ballistic missile with live 'dirty bomb' targeted for NYC blows up 38 seconds after trigger 7 event. CIA GPS secret virus causes the event and is the reason for nuke test following week. numbers censored again, and the rest is not in English.
Dream number 8454 19 March 2017 4 by Brian Laddpawpatrol 3917226117 36127116 meth lab Lyndora 1211 (not sure but a very happy dream)
Dream number 8453 19 March 2017 3 by Brian Laddusa blackout not dprk, dprk is North Korea, I know this because I was stationed a few miles from the DMZ.
Dream number 8452 19 March 2017 2 by Brian LaddGallup polling sites hacked, 3 people die trying to stop the trojan worm 2018 APUTT ? no golf, going to shut down us power grid before NYC harbor nukes
Dream number 8451 19 March 2017 1 by Brian LaddThis is the man who killed Alimzhan Tokhtakhunov secret daughter, Bryan?
Dream number 8450 18 March 2017 11 by Brian LaddDonald Trump's hospital visit on march 27th was supposed to be secret. This is related to his and others upcoming deaths...sort of.

Dream number 8450 18 March 2017 10 by Brian LaddRussian spy ship crosses internal national waters into US territory, near DC (this event takes place 7 days before the nuclear explosion outside NYC harbor)
Dream number 8449 18 March 2017 9 by Brian LaddMike German is killed, crash, Mike German ex-FBI is exposed as part of the? numbers (censored)
Dream number 8448 18 March 2017 8 by Brian LaddAgain this is about Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and Vladimir Putin bet back in 2012 that he could not put Hitler's red phone on the oval office desk as leader of the free word. The picture leaked is not Photoshopped in any way. This in not reacted to President Pence heart attack in July, but again, these heart attacks are caused by a veterinarian drug given to horses and currently there is no test for it.
Dream number 8447 18 March 2017 7 by Brian LaddNothing new here except for the addition of a new 'juice pack bomb' this one was or will be. purchased from Walmart and has a Pokemon character on the front of it (see last year's plane crash predictions) Three US flights with flight numbers listed and censored.
Dream number 8446 18 March 2017 6 by Brian Laddstock plum buy @2,89 sell @ 1,217.67 (this is related to the dow crash, see last weeks dd's regard this event)
Dream number 8445 18 March 2017 5 by Brian LaddAgain this is about Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and Vladimir Putin bet back in 2012 that he could not put Hitler's red phone on the oval office desk as leader of the free word. The picture leaked is not Photoshopped in any way. This in not reacted to President Pence heart attack in July, but again, these heart attacks are caused by a veterinarian drug given to horses and currently there is no test for it.
Dream number 8444 18 March 2017 4 by Brian Ladd2129894994 building burns
Dream number 8443 18 March 2017 3 by Brian LaddTo avoid ?? Donald Trumps starts a war with North Korea (impossible without congress)
Dream number 8442 18 March 2017 2 by Brian LaddOnly one of the 2 nukes strapped to the bottom of the China container ship explodes outside New York City (see dreams from 2014)
Dream number 8441 18 March 2017 1 by Brian LaddMadeline McCann missing child case this is where she will be found no changes still Portugal, Nothing new, same area this is where the remains of Madeline McCann will be found. I'm not going to post the map search area, it's been posted dozens of times...just do a search.
Dream number 8370 1 March 2017 1 by Brian Ladd~0
Dream number 8440 17 March 2017 4 by Brian LaddNot what they think, love in medication Elizabeth Thomas campsite park Tennessee Jill told him to go there, numbers
Dream number 8439 17 March 2017 3 by Brian Ladd104.130.172.75 There are three wills leaving her out confession letter is in the wall restaurants all six murders box number 2317 Mount Pleasant thank 475 Riverside Dr.
Dream number 8438 17 March 2017 2 by Brian LaddTrain derails this week cause was the same derailer device not speed
Dream number 8437 17 March 2017 1 by Brian LaddNumbers August 27, 1952 to August 22, 2017 heart attack after arrest Roger Stone dies from massive heart attack
Dream number 8437 16 March 2017 5 by Brian LaddNo idea how this man is an El Gordo
Dream number 8436 16 March 2017 4 by Brian LaddCedar rapids Mother Mosque of America, 7 families killed over fake reports, numbers and the rest of this dd will not be made public (login a must here)
Dream number 8435 16 March 2017 3 by Brian LaddThis was a copy of a dream I had taking about 50mg of melatonin a few months ago (mainly a lucid nightmare of catching rotten fish and water snake) BTW, I took an overdose of the herb because I thought that melatonin basically was a scam and it did nothing....well I guess it depends on who you ask, for me I will never do that again. I use my lucid dream state almost everyday (night) to answer other people questions and I thought I could take a handful of these 'chewable cherry flavored pills' and catch up on all my requests. Yeah, never again!!! A waking nightmare that took me to the bathroom every 10 minutes and produced results like you're seeing on this DD.
Dream number 8434 16 March 2017 2 by Brian Ladd2 secret compartments in this ouija boards pointer each contain a single cockroach (no idea)
Dream number 8433 16 March 2017 1 by Brian LaddBarbara Walters will be missed ABC cries
Dream number 8432 15 March 2017 5 by Brian LaddCharles Anderson March 18th, 2017 (censored)
Dream number 8431 15 March 2017 4 by Brian LaddHighly censored (LOGIN FOR ALL 7 DDS) terrace attack at the White House during the Easter egg roll Terrace using children as explosive devices
Dream number 8430 15 March 2017 3 by Brian LaddAlexander Rubinsteincar 1252230607 July 4th 2017
Dream number 8429 15 March 2017 2 by Brian LaddMarch 18th, 2017 H S 9056628593 4 ...more numbers
Dream number 8428 15 March 2017 1 by Brian LaddKim Paola March 27th, 2017, phone call was for real?
Dream number 8427 14 March 2017 5 by Brian LaddPanama Canal Russian ship carrying Vx anthrax disguised as a North Korean fishing vessel - more missiles and chemical weapons for North Korea
Dream number 8426 14 March 2017 4 by Brian LaddDetails of a small plane crash on March 25, 2017
Dream number 8425 14 March 2017 3 by Brian LaddNot drugs, missile on ship underwater tube Russian-DPRK this is the devices attached underneath the ship
Dream number 8424 14 March 2017 2 by Brian LaddRussia fake cargo ship gets stuck in ice, cargo. North Korea's new missile system is from Russia
Dream number 8423 14 March 2017 1 by Brian Laddcar burns ?? 125 bitcoins man killed and burned. rosa parks highschool
Dream number 8422 13 March 2017 5 by Brian LaddBeachwood Ohio, synagogue burns ???
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