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2017 dreams slideshow
Dream number 8210 30 January 2017 2 by Brian Laddan earthquake that's going to happen shortly after you read this, not sure why it's rated it reader, but there is some sort og connection that needs to be addressed.
Dream number 8209 30 January 2017 1 by Brian Laddstock TTS and I'm still working on what number to buy and sell the stock.
Dream number 8208 29 January 2017 3 by Brian Laddsunnyside grandview ms13
Dream number 8207 29 January 2017 2 by Brian Ladddesk, Russel Staley kills Demarlon Thomas then himself three? days later, noise, snow falling 9897523103
Dream number 8206 29 January 2017 1 by Brian Laddmother kills kids windy h snap, feb 17 2017 4447133 , stove burns Jesus
January 28th 2017 - video
Dream number 8205 28 January 2017 2 by Brian Laddtoo late for us, GODS TEARS, 9/23/17
Dream number 8204 28 January 2017 1 by Brian Laddhouse of God Burns
Jan 28th 2017 videoJan 28th 2017 video
Dreams from January 20th to the 26th 2017Jan 20th to the 27th 2017 dreams
Dream number 8203 27 January 2017 4 by Brian Laddwires in the sky
Dream number 8202 27 January 2017 3 by Brian LaddRussia codes in trumps phone, the code is another hack that allows a new way to send encrypted messages, serial number in on the DD (no secret to either Trump or Putian)
Dream number 8201 27 January 2017 2 by Brian Laddtrump uses a secure line to tell the real fancy bear about delta, fear, airlines, keep people from flying usa only
Dream number 8200 27 January 2017 1 by Brian Laddsomething about a dam break
Dream number 8198 26 January 2017 4 by Brian LaddAbu Dhabi International Airport suicide bombing, how and why...almost have when, for now soon
Dream number 8199 26 January 2017 5 by Brian LaddOne of several Hotel fires owned by US President Donald Trump, it's not connected to his murder at all and has nothing to do with his 'food poisoning' or the 'heart attack drug' that used in veterinarian medicine event either.
Dream number 8197 26 January 2017 3 by Brian Ladd - CopyHussain Sajwani and 7 family members taken hostage, UAE, March 6th 17 (see 2015-2016 dd's for additional details explaining why this is going to happen to Mr. Sajwani.)
Dream number 8196 26 January 2017 2 by Brian Ladd - CopyRussia hacks Delta Airlines (USA) making it look like a ?? anyway, this is the main reason for the upcoming Dela Airlines crash (basically the same thing that happen in Ukraine)
Dream number 8195 26 January 2017 1 by Brian Ladd - Copynot sure who this is
Dream number 8217 25 January 2017 12 by Brian LaddDonald Trump, drawing of the hospital room he's in other details on the DD and is related to his upcoming death.
Dream number 8216 25 January 2017 11 by Brian Laddmore wires in the sky
Dream number 8215 25 January 2017 10 by Brian Laddnot sure, flames are the wrong color
Dream number 8214 25 January 2017 9 by Brian Laddanother person killed by the Trump Administration, numbers turns out to be home his home phone number (censored)
Dream number 8213 25 January 2017 8 by Brian Laddmega millions and euro millions note the numbers are almost the same and the two's and four's are there again
Dream number 8212 25 January 2017 7 by Brian Laddonly one of the two nuclear bombs on the Chinese container Ship detonate in NYC, a new type of shielding designed by Russia will keep authorities from detecting radiation leaks. 75,000 dead and over a million people injured. (censored)
Dream number 8211 25 January 2017 6 by Brian Laddairport explosion (censored)
Dream number 821 25 January 2017 13 by Brian Laddnothing new on the date and time of this earthquake, but its location will be very surprising to those who care.
Dream number 8194 25 January 2017 5 by Brian Laddcrash scene of next week's helicopter crash, there is something import in the area I marked with arrows.
Dream number 8193 25 January 2017 4 by Brian Laddwaterfall numbers for February 2017 Mega Millions Lottery only note the 1 2 3 pattern again
Dream number 8192 25 January 2017 3 by Brian Laddupcoming shool shooting, this is him and details are on the dd
Dream number 8191 25 January 2017 2 by Brian Laddnumbers, Mary James has lung cancer, it's on the left side and can be treated, make him go or he will never reach 104 years ?
Dream number 8190 25 January 2017 1 by Brian LaddDavid Hasselhoff, regrets, Haley stalker?? (not sure, but not good)
Dream number 8189 24 January 2017 5 by Brian Ladd An important and sad event to take place on Monday, January 29th, 2017 at the time on the dd, other numbers I'm not sure about.
Dream number 8188 24 January 2017 4 by Brian Ladd
Dream number 8187 24 January 2017 3 by Brian Laddfire destroys flex-n-gate warehouse, not related to murders
Dream number 8186 24 January 2017 2 by Brian LaddJackson Jaguars Shahid Khan dies in auto accident, road rage, murder by hate, fl122 June 9th, 2017
Dream number 8185 24 January 2017 1 by Brian Ladd
Dream number 8184 23 January 2017 4 by Brian Laddfake collection agency, ISIS operation in Miami Flordia, Con Call Home, child prostitution in RU and numbers, lots of numbers
Dream number 8183 23 January 2017 3 by Brian LaddRobert Hudson dies, wonderful joy, Jesus is here. Alapacas, The DD is referring to the 1980's TV actor who played Yorkie whom I was very familiar with (the wonderful joy, is a common feeling I get when I die in my dreams, hard to put it in words, but it's beyond any feeling of joy in the real world. Also, even though I do not believe in Jesus, I do have many dreams that sometimes make me want to continue reading the bible)
Dream number 8182 23 January 2017 2 by Brian LaddUTX stock buy @ 3.07 sell at $627.3, rest is not really important and I woke up during the dream so I could not finish writing it down.
Dream number 8181 23 January 2017 1 by Brian Ladd923 ??not English Tzom Gedaliah, 8506260753 Garcon Point, wonderful joy in death
Dream number 8180 22 January 2017 5 by Brian Laddmusudan no clue
Dream number 8179 22 January 2017 4 by Brian LaddElizabeth Warren senator never returns from Lawton (most likely OK, I rented a house there when I was stationed at Fort Sill)
Dream number 8178 22 January 2017 3 by Brian LaddShabab Al Manara is alive and Dubai will worship Allah
hostage taking, explosions, beheading children of leaders, burning people alive, basically, if you live in Dubai and you don't want to join ISIS, get out
Dream number 8177 22 January 2017 2 by Brian LaddJack Nicholson dies, unexpected manner jokes on us
Dream number 8176 22 January 2017 1 by Brian Ladd Julian Assange auto accident was no accident, July 3rd, 1971 to July 4th, 2017 RIP, White House no comment, the auto accident is related to his July 4th murder, however, the auto accident happens months before, btw it seems Mr. Assange's birthday is July 3rd, 2017 so I'm pretty confident this will happen as planned.
Dream number 8175 21 January 2017 3 by Brian LaddQuadeer Shakur arrested for murder, lee q 0 Zulu Nation (more numbers)
Dream number 8173 21 January 2017 1 by Brian Laddno accident government road, pipeline cracks by protester using 'strap bomb' 3067872592 Canada is covering up the fact that second rupture is underground has poison the water for more than five million people living in Canada and the USA 3064572679 2679
Dream number 8174 21 January 2017 2 by Brian Laddcandle kills
Dream number 8172 20 January 2017 6 by Brian Laddits over
Dream number 8171 20 January 2017 5 by Brian LaddKyampisi Childcare Ministries is secretly selling its children for sacrifice
Dream number 8170 20 January 2017 4 by Brian LaddMarch 17th, 2017 look and remember
Dream number 8169 20 January 2017 3 by Brian LaddDE 438818 DE 438818 dog love
Dream number 8168 20 January 2017 2 by Brian Ladd(305) 392-8100 crash kills. no accident (censored and evil)
Dream number 8167 20 January 2017 1 by Brian LaddSean Spicer fired over child pornography charges, fake charges (can't read the rest, not English)
Dream number 8166 19 January 2017 5 by Brian LaddRomans 12:21 stab them, Coober pedy trading post 618 8672 3444, Cult of Angels Im GOD, (I don't believe in the devil, but it I did, the dreams from last night came directly from him)
Dream number 8165 19 January 2017 4 by Brian Laddmore numbers and bad things
Dream number 8164 19 January 2017 3 by Brian Laddblue stars and triangles garga soul be ? gara soul as, can see the plate 3611 276996 islam is true my ways were wrong (the blue stars make me think this event will happen in Honduras (see flag in dd) however I do not know where.
Dream number 8163 19 January 2017 2 by Brian LaddThe new 'hit list' by a Mexican Cartel is made public after the 'Guzman' massacre' to take place soon in the USA. The new list contains all family members of US republican senators, missing for the new list is the Trump family. 76 people on this list will be scratched off by the year of this year (2017) The list was posted publically on WikiLeaks and was obtained by the hacker group anonymous. (again, this and everything else on my site only comes from my dreams)
Dream number 8162 19 January 2017 1 by Brian Laddlove
Dream number 8159 18 January 2017 2 by Brian Laddtrump and more bad things 1DYg9QvkhJccbaU1FsCqz4x8c91dH5mbr7
Dream number 8161 18 January 2017 4 by Brian Ladd2's and 4's, this dd is related to dd 8142 from last week
Dream number 8160 18 January 2017 3 by Brian Laddguzman y gomez Australia company involved in the production of meth and shipping to an NYC port.
Dream number 8158 18 January 2017 1 by Brian Laddpure evil, see dd8140 from Jan 15th, 2017
dream prediction number 6615 23 may 2015 2 dreams brian laddNorth Korean DPRK spy fails to deliver product to Yonan US cover up? expose, door, too 6611371 0505-784-1110 same person, wet anthrax powder
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Dream number 8157 17 January 2017 2 by Brian Laddtrain derails with 'gold'
Dream number 8156 17 January 2017 1 by Brian Laddwatch the sky 1/27/17
Dream number 8155 16 January 2017 10 by Brian Laddthis is him
Dream number 8154 16 January 2017 9 by Brian Laddlies trump man kills barbara bush and George bush, poison in tea (this is the same tea used by the KGB, see 8 11 2011 dreams)
Dream number 8153 16 January 2017 8 by Brian Ladd336 432 0386
Dream number 8152 16 January 2017 7 by Brian LaddNorth Korea again tricked the USA and South Korea into wasting time tracking objects that really don't exist and miss the exporting of tons of Anthrax from the country to Russia.
Dream number 8151 16 January 2017 6 by Brian Laddfixed lottery
Dream number 8150 16 January 2017 5 by Brian LaddTrump shooter
Dream number 8149 16 January 2017 4 by Brian Ladda fish
Dream number 8148 16 January 2017 3 by Brian Laddnot ok, and it was another UFO nightmare
Dream number 8147 16 January 2017 2 by Brian Laddpower ball and mega millions matrix for February 2017
Dream number 8146 16 January 2017 1 by Brian Laddsea
Dream number 8145 15 January 2017 12 by Brian LaddThe deaths are on Mr. Trump, he is responsible for causing the situation that could have been prevented...we want him arrested for inciting a riot. Nazi and Jewish symbols and more numbers
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