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Home > DREAMS THAT HAVE COME TRUE > 2017 Palm Sunday church bombing, 4 days after this dream more than 50 people died, numbers on the DD turn to be the phone number of a mosque in the United Sates, and 666 seems to be an important sign

8535 5 April 2017 6 - 240 Diamonds August 16th He Kills Here. 8.12.18 I Have Not Left to Go to Iowa Yet, Its Pretty Fa...0 views today
2017 Palm Sunday Church Bombings 8534 5 April 2017 5 - Nooutlet 7137372 Tuesday, October 8th 1974 Salaam Love Its Wonder...0 views today
2017 Palm Sunday Church Bombings 8534 5 April 2017 5 Ori - Sux Murder, Not Heart Attack, Potassion Level ???? Ciudad Ju...0 views today
Terrorism In Egypt S - October 19th 1991 Same Address Trc 11...0 views today
2017 Palm Sunday Church Bombings - Cancer Lottery, You Finally Won, Drole Teea...0 views today
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