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Home > DREAMS THAT HAVE COME TRUE > 2017 Palm Sunday church bombing, 4 days after this dream more than 50 people died, numbers on the DD turn to be the phone number of a mosque in the United Sates, and 666 seems to be an important sign

5 Apr 2017 6 240 Diamonds Aug 16th He Kills Here. 8.12.18 I Have Not L...0 views today
2017 Palm Sunday Church Bombings 5 Apr 2017 5 Nooutlet 7137372 Tuesday,...0 views today
2017 Palm Sunday Church Bombings 5 Apr 2017 5 Sux Murder, Not Heart att...0 views today
Terrorism in Egypt Oct 19th 1991 Same Address Trc 11...0 views today
Palm Sunday Church Bombings Cancer Lottery, You Finally Won, Drole Teea...0 views today
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