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red boat oJ Simpson killed after being released he did not know her and she was mistaken illness rx-3
Rrl vrr LV willie Cooper was warned not to do it please cover up their own mistake I am not sure about the rest
This is the hero and its related to a fire this coming Wednesday, July 19th, 2017 phone numbers and addresses are on the DD
A baby tsunami generated 31 miles deep on July 17th 2017 alerts west coast of North America of a major flaw in reporting systems which is a good thing not sure where or how the baby tsunami will caused. I’m assuming an earthquake is 31 miles deep.
A senator was murdered for trying to stop the Russians from taking over the United States Senate.
Massive earthquake swarms at Yellowstone National Park reveals billions of dollars worth of gold from underneath the Earth surface and it belongs to the people.
Watch for these upcoming lottery numbers for August 2017 look at the pattern.
This is about the New York Times Washington Post murders by Russian authorities kidnappings in a bunch of other numbers.
breaking news.
Australia lottery numbers 7 17 14 27 7 17 patterns 7 August 2017
North Korea isotope Russia Amazon ship DPRK North Korea gets more missiles from Russia in white trucks, sarin gas is also from Russia and matches that used in Syria.
2 days geode romio dies over news of zombies.
More information on the murder of US Senator John McCain on October 27th, 2017.
4 deaths August 22nd, 2017 Russian translator is KGB not translator, look at pins, water. Akhmetshin murdered.
Missing painting second-floor New Jersey.
Three floors in the Trump Towers building in New York City, the three floors are encased in a very elaborate Faraday cage, the recording device is connected to the center of the room it’s some type of plastic thing that looks like.
breaking news, 442 NY bunch of numbers, helicopter, not sure whats happening here but it’s going to happen on July 17th of 2017 look at the sky, wow!!
hub toll-free 1-866-hub - terrorist rent this truck
Klaus Eberwein16th 2016 letter explained why, works at Miami bar, Russian mafia, tattoo, phone numbers censored.
A Russian surveillance submarine off the coast of the USA surfaces due to an emergency,, this is the same sub that records and keeps track of its agents and people working with its agents, including Trumps and associates...note the 10-mile long wire.
Three floors in the Trump Towers building in New York City, the three floors are encased in a very elaborate Faraday cage, the recording device is connected to the center of the room it’s some type of plastic thing that looks like the letter r the enti
Exposed by Wikileaks, some sort of US business owned by Ivanka Trump is actually Russian KGB.
Trump title empire road start room 26 2f (very important and reallocation)
Worked at a tire shop, upcoming terrorist attack in the USA by the DPRK
Something in the sky on a Monday
White House posts hit list 202, you do not want to be on this list
asa Hutchinson did not kill himself - rcc Russian male?
on shower floor no blood Amy
love warmth 626 364 883 88319
July 19th 2017
Lester Smith murder 2.5 million, details about a murder.
Bryan Zuriff, William Edler and family killed for no reason.
Secret Service, flight plans, not sure.
This is about Donald Trump, his family and all people that have sworn the loyalty pledge, it's a small tattoo that was actually based off a movie called Hostel, but it's not the dog from the movie, I'm not sure what it is.
(620) 364-4008 same numbers as a dream from the 9th of this month.
This is the man who crashed the plane and why.
None of these events happened yet the date of Donald Trump's death is still the same the date of the plane crash that killed the Washington Times reporters in New York Times reporters it's still the same the plane crash that killed the Russian A
I'm going to combine all three of these dream drawings together these events are going to take place in the next 7 days and every single one of them is already been predicted and as of July 11th 2017 about 6 p.m. None of these events happened yet the
(662) 246-8655 kc-130 Russia MP Fields experiment smoke in the sky love more about the EMP test that Russia doesn't know about (see November 2016 dds)
Joby Warrick killed for a mistake
This person is responsible for the upcoming blackout in the United States and several sarin gas attacks and take place in the New York subway systems it's the same person there's something wrong with his left eye and he seems to wear a t-shirt I
August of 2017 Canadian Lottery
Vladimir Kara-Murza was given the same Russian 'vet drug' Otto Warmbier was given in camp 22 (this vet drug shows up allot in my dreams.
The same man from the Australian terrorist attack was the same man who killed all the people from Paultons Park in the UK in August 2017, I think the number of dead seems impossible...and I terrorist attack of this magnitude seems highly unlikely.
Dream number 8959 8 July 2017 1 by Brian Ladd
Wolf Creek Generating Station Kansas City, The Day After, Russian joke kills 20,000 people, same August date and time, very sad and preventable event.
Same water based encryption uses fake adoption company to connect the Whitehouse with Moscow, see past dds about us presidents trumps many American flag pins, pay attention to when he's not wearing one (ie when meeting with Russian officials) /66.23
This is the person who took cell phone video of Wolf Creek nuclear -power plant scram that killed 20,000 people, the same man who filmed Vostochnaya Powerstaion explosion and it's the same man who films the California LAWP Powerstaion explosions, st
4 days UK fire and water
July 13th event in the UK, this is the man responsible (my pen ran out of ink here)
This is the same dream from January traffic accident was no accident Members of the Greenpeace organization are in danger from hired Mafia Hitman from Las Vegas this man drives a blue truck license plate number, Leila Deen Annie Leonard.
Another North Korean fishing boat fails to locate and disable the undersea internet cables for South Korea and Japan, they are found dead, the box in the back is not an engine, see December dream drawing.
This dream is about the Washington Post in New York Times reporters that were involved in an accident the names of the reporters are on previous dream drawings the accidents were caused by the Russian mafia in the United States censored.
Dream number 8950 6 July 2017 5 by Brian Ladd
More deaths of reporters including Anderson Cooper from CNN.
KKK murders and another actor who played Martin Luther King, True Blood dies (scary dd)
David Horowitz arrested on fake child porn charges.
Medousa club uk murderer she told him, Henderson killed him?
Caryn Johnson November 13th, 1955 to November 27th, 2018 (about a murder that was inspired from the Trump administration)
Kansas City mini-series comes true...sort of, Russia hacks the most dangerous nuclear reactor in the USA
not sure
Next week's warehouse fire and phone number.
Walmart shooting next week.
Upcoming plane crash July 10th 2017
Singer dies next week
Governor Paul LePage autopsy showed he died of a heart attack.
American citizen Otto Warmbier who was murdered by the North Korean government had marks on his body consistent with the sarin gas attacks in Tokyo Japan from 1995 (nothing new on this dd)
This is the new type of drone that is at the CIA is using to capture images from North Korean work concentration camps this thing flies overhead releases this one device falls on the ground sometime of all the trolls on the ground, either way.
Donald Trump Chicago sending in Federal employees July 4th and 5th 2017 Rahm Emanuel dies after being shot execution-style by a paid trump employee over gang violence, numbers.
North Korea VX agent in mouth September 19th, 1985 to September 11th, 2017- dprk nksof
Fake news Muhammadu Buhar
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