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Air Korea flight js 271 biological weapons samples released, DPRK Russia, this is Russia's top secret bio/chemical testing plane disguised as a North Korea commercial aircraft.
Private plane crash a week from today.
If you are a follower of my DPRK (North Korea) section you'll know that most nuclear tests are based on weather forecasts (mainly wind forecasts) at the test sites. Since the new missiles tests now contain real radioactive material for the EMP device
Paper lion.
Remember my face.
God ?????? I don't see him or even care!
Falling November 12th, 2017.
Tears are of Jesus God is real (sorry, can't believe that part) ISIS video, look at his missing laptop, MCECC Casa San Antonio (this is an almost like a dream from last Thursday the 3rd of November 2017 link: https://goo.gl/1SokVo
This weeks earthquake, this is a church and bricks all falling from the sky, I think I got hit in the head as was killed, as that wonderful warm death feeling woke me up.
35 days after General Michael Flynn (public) arrest, he is killed in an accident. (see full details in my terrorism section)
Jesus is here, look close.
612-11 Delel in the air, cold November 10th 2017, isis, mass shooting NYC, ? prison, not sure about the rest but it matches past dreams.
MCECC Casa San Antonio, looking the wrong way, t La Vernia High S pandora box open, calaveras lake, pomeroy shooting, trailer.
Oscillating back and forth from red to blue, water is flowing the wrong way, a Psychic named Bob Olson is about ready to show the world something amazing...think it's got to do with very cold water vibrating so fast it changes color...
South Korea military leader Jeng Kyeong-doo was told about President Donald Trump secret visits to ROK including Freedom Bridge (which I personally know very well) If Jeong Kyeong-doo knows, the North Korea's know as he's been a spy for some ti
Anderson Cooper (CNN) helicopter crash had nothing to do with his (CNN and NY Times) investigation into why Donald Trump secretly released specific Martin Luther King documents.
God is wrong 7 March 27 March 2018 Al-Waleed bin Talal (real person) do not go November 27th, 2017, beheaded with family??
November 6th, 2017 crash.
Missile fired at king chak? sarin gas attack November 29th, 2017 Dubai.
Ainsley Earhardt and Steve Doocy arrested for insider trading, stock (censored) murders by KGB ?? 2018.
Not Jesus fire smoke Riyad airport, numbers.
David Greenberg threats were real, love.
The bomb is in the stairs - An argument during the G25 visit from ex-president Obama over movable plane stair in China involve is the reason why there is a bomb in the movable stairs US Air Force One will have when Donald Trump visits China in 2017.
This is about the NYC terror attack a couple of days ago, the upcoming NYC Christmas bombing seems to a real event, however, I'm not sure who is involved. Again, my drawing looks like the current suspect but without the beard and I'm not sure.
US OIG National Archives leader confirmed Donald Trump handpicked which Martin Luther King documents to be publicly released, 'Nigger, lying nigger', doc 4R - 1277 Springs.
Nothing really new here, dd confirms that the US FBI has recordings of the 'bet' and 'the gift' of Hitler's red phone and how Donald Trump wanted it on 'his' desk in the Oval Office.
Baber Club 4761 3112.
Stefan Löfven not here never again, not ISIS was Russia false flag.
Tarp removed DPRK new GPS system is Russia made and has radius of over 1000 miles to just 20 feet.
In this dream which seems to be related to other dreams from last night, I'm walking around removing GPS markers in the ground because they're wrong.
This is one of the three new secret satellites that were sent into orbit in 2016 by Russia. It is a diagram on how the Russian GPS spoofing satellite works. It's actually a very simple process using mirrors.
Russia laughs as the 3rd US Navy ship is hit by a commercial cargo ship just following what it believes to be real coordinates.
GLONAS ?? only system that works with keys needed to make it accurate.
F35 crash (USAF Jet)
Worked as an auto mechanic, killer November 2? 2017.
Killer, November 2017? tra?
Breaking new, phone number, late November 2027 this woman will be very popular.
Bright Star 5 North Korea Satellite launch failed, full EMP blast failed over North Dakota USA, 1 megaton TNT, numbers, drawing the satellite part that failed, grid 39.6m North 124.7? East.
Gyodong-do payload door, explosive, sarin gas (Russian made) motor, drone (this is a North Korea drone that crashes in South Korea, it's part of the Chemical Invasion plan but was not supposed to be carrying the gas yet.
Brooks Range Alaska radiation levels increase due to North Korea, November 10th 2017.
441 west lake high school Maryland gas in? cut on purpose ???
Euro jackpot December 22nd, 2017 13 23 44 45 6 7 8 (bonus numbers are 6 and 7)
Coal kills again 05311-213099 boil x until 276112? 2 days
Photo shows boat location, Jennifer Appel? arrested for fraud Nov 21? 2017, grid location, numbers
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