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31 August 2021 9 Shooting on September 3rd, 2021 - numbers...5 views today
31 August 2021 1 An awful bus accident next month...7 views today
31 August 2021 2 Yellowstone new earthquake swarm is related to the November 5th eruption (one of 3 earthquake dreams from last night related to next months earthquakes)3 views today
31 August 2021 3 This is how to use the pattern of the universe to predict numbers - Edgar Cayce - mega millions USA - numbers - I already know how to do this...5 views today
31 August 2021 5 Warehouse fire next month, numbers, and more on the dd...6 views today
31 August 2021 7 September 6th earthquake, no water - numbers (one of 3 earthquake dreams from last night related to next months earthquakes)2 views today
31 August 2021 6 Kevin McCarthy dies of a heart attack while out on bail for federal charges, numbers, and dates...5 views today
31 August 2021 8 Shooting Jesus is real 2699635567 liquor...4 views today
31 August 2021 4 September 2nd earthquake - water - numbers - (one of 3 earthquake dreams from last night related to next months earthquake)4 views today
30 August 2021 1 An unexpected SuperNova lights up the sky?3 views today
30 August 2021 3 In the sky again...4 views today
30 August 2021 2 Madeleine McCann located on the Beach of Light in Praia la Luz Portugal, 217...5 views today
29 August 2021 7 7 more days - numbers...3 views today
29 August 2021 8 Friday, September 3rd it burns on live tv...2 views today
29 August 2021 5 Listen to 497.2 MHz they are sending - this is a new alien signal from space, just 762 light-years away?5 views today
29 August 2021 4 Nobody cares about you, this is a fact. Accept that you are more emotional than others. ADHD needs no cure, it is a gift. you're the only one that matters...3 views today
29 August 2021 2 Amy Bruni - it is real - the new secret book is real and is about to happen? numbers - castle hill lighthouse accident...6 views today
29 August 2021 3 Islamic center of America shooting - this is him - numbers...8 views today
29 August 2021 1 William Paul Faries located safe 1700 feet south of Rock River outside tarp by Red Cross not sure where the ARC is located there numbers...5 views today
29 August 2021 6 3 more days - almost the same numbers as another dream from last night...6 views today
28 August 2021 2 In the SKY - another UFO nightmare...3 views today
28 August 2021 1 Amy Harshbarger and Garrett Harshbarge are not together right now, Garrett is here, lies, not what they think, Rx wrong, she tried to kill herself in 2020? r/r crossing?4 views today
27 August 2021 1 September 2021 hurricane makes landfall north of Miami, beach gone? numbers...8 views today
26 August 2021 2 916 Plantation Mobile Home Park, Jesus is real, numbers...6 views today
26 August 2021 3 Help, September 29th numbers, this is her, Jesus?5 views today
26 August 2021 1 Cat dies...1 views today
25 August 2021 3 Golden teacher mushrooms cure cancer (real mushroom, I checked)5 views today
25 August 2021 4 Oil no fire - Na Hum 1:3 maybe an element catching on fire? 9853963129 love...1 views today
25 August 2021 5 Golden Meadow (maybe related to my golden mushroom dream from last night)1 views today
25 August 2021 1 American Airlines mid-air explosion, he took the phone to the bathroom, New York, Tel Aviv numbers, seat 4B...4 views today
25 August 2021 2 Upcoming Amtrack train accident...5 views today
24 August 2021 5 Monday, August 30th, news 7 alerts, not sure who he is...7 views today
24 August 2021 2 Actor dies in 6 days, numbers and letters...3 views today
24 August 2021 4 What country? numbers in order again, cross off the bad numbers? Woolworths (this was a store like Kmart, that also closed...from my childhood DD I think)8 views today
24 August 2021 1 Seth Shostak - world does not believe until the time is missed - new fq - ?5 views today
24 August 2021 3 California and Japan shake next week, this is related to the December 24th earthquakes...5 views today
23 August 2021 1 Medellin Colombia - the devil has arrived - pure evil will plague this town for the next 429 days...2 views today
23 August 2021 2 You're about to dream about this tornado, this is a sign that you're going to be rich very soon? trust no fear - letters...4 views today
23 August 2021 3 Christopher Rutkowski - Canada UFO sightings in September are real - numbers...5 views today
22 August 2021 5 The murder of Tammy Zywicki is not what they think, they are looking for a male, this is her and she also killed a Lynn Schuller ? she lives in this trailer of wrightbrothers blvd in cedar r? numbers...2 views today
22 August 2021 3 This is from Edgar Cayce, GO THERE, Brian spirits do exist and can tell, tell Gale and Chip - ? Amy Bruni is correct and can prevent death? numbers - bible stuff I think...0 views today
22 August 2021 4 Can see the smoke, grease vent? roof - east - numbers - hollenbeck palms...5 views today
22 August 2021 1 Amber Alert, he did this, she took the baby here, numbers...1 views today
22 August 2021 2 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant meltdown 39 hours after a massive earthquake, number...1 views today
20 August 2021 4 Popeyes shooting was planned in March of 2021, not just payback - numbers...6 views today
20 August 2021 5 The Nation of Islam and Star Chamber Academy is responsible for the upcoming church fires, this one man is trying to start a race war....6 views today
20 August 2021 3 An unexpected solar flare is about ready to cause all kinds of issues for the northern east part of the world? numbers and names...2 views today
20 August 2021 1 Look for these numbers in upcoming lotteries...all of them I think...4 views today
20 August 2021 2 Turning off dark screen mode on your phone and PC will make you 5% happier?6 views today
21 August 2021 8 Monday, August 23rd, 2021, some sort of CNN breaking news event - numbers...7 views today
21 August 2021 7 US Air Force crash in Afghanistan - numbers...4 views today
21 August 2021 10 Chip Coffey - he is not telling you what really happened - IRS - possession caused his heart attack, not the blood pressure medicine - 3147257802...5 views today
21 August 2021 9 Bishop James Long - live possession is real - Jesus heals - James dream was real, the demons will kill him - December 25th, 2021...0 views today
21 August 2021 1 August 25th, help...5 views today
21 August 2021 2 Tears, Gateway Church, Southlake Texas...1 views today
21 August 2021 6 99942 Apophis impact near Hawaii - wave circles the earth 20 times...10 views today
21 August 2021 5 Tesla bot, secret production facility burns to the ground it was not Jim, numbers...6 views today
21 August 2021 3 Not sure what this is...4 views today
21 August 2021 4 Amtrack train number 2169 derails killing all aboard....0 views today
19 August 2021 1 Throw or give away one personal possession a day for life - end with nothing but love...5 views today
19 August 2021 2 the captive state is real...3 views today
19 August 2021 6 Amy Bruni - get out - danger - Amy your dream is a connection to Jim, belief, your need to believe, marks being the wall are from his fingernails? he knows her secret - remember the Mine Shaft on the way to Folsom? go there - basement? m0 views today
19 August 2021 10 1.1 north 127.1 tsunami starts here (another earthquake-related dream)6 views today
19 August 2021 5 Jane Milota missing woman found - she did not write it down? CPH CLE CLE airport? white trailer - numbers - balloons...1 views today
19 August 2021 3 Something to do with circles on August 27th...7 views today
19 August 2021 4 Not arson is was? fire 3862282323 16 der hotel? pure evil - dates...4 views today
19 August 2021 9 Something about Puerto Rico next month...16 views today
19 August 2021 8 USA Splits 35 North 95 West - had three earthquake dreams last night, this event will start next week and last for some time, the area is in Oklahoma ...9 views today
19 August 2021 7 Quake Texas 2026 2995 (this is dream number three from last night related to upcoming earthquakes, the other DD is in Oklahoma)5 views today
18 August 2021 2 Upcoming train derailment, it was not speeding, lies, it was the same man who uses this break apart derailer, numbers, water, church...6 views today
18 August 2021 3 This is about the upcoming earthquake and Tsunami. the maximum wave height for The Bay of Plenty is 14 meters, the maximum wave height for the east coast of Australia is 6 meters, there will be another quake swarm near the sandwich island6 views today
18 August 2021 1 Tyrrhenian sea earthquake and Tsunami, keep seeing Italy, keep seeing Italy...8 views today
17 August 2021 1 Broadmoor Baptist Church, colony, get out now...3 views today
17 August 2021 2 OYO and a bunch of numbers, maybe lottery numbers...4 views today
17 August 2021 3 Isabell is going to run away with Matthew, this is his plate number, Emily is with him (upcoming missing person case, not sure when yet)5 views today
17 August 2021 5 Seeds cure life fake problems, slows the aging process, and reverse diseases. Hebrews 9:19 - grow according to God's plan of life? 1 views today
17 August 2021 6 Building burns...5 views today
17 August 2021 4 In the sky - alien - UFO nightmare again...3 views today
17 August 2021 7 Jair Bolsonaro killed in crash ? 552125387600 red signs are everywhere...1 views today
16 August 2021 7 Jeff Bezos was among those killed in this tragic accident - his dream is real - numbers - secret design fails - not the heat shield? it was hacked ...7 views today
16 August 2021 5 Explosion in 9 days...0 views today
16 August 2021 6 Starting in a few days and lasting 21 days, an earthquake swarm will happen at this location ending with a magnitude 8.2 quake that will cause a tsunami that almost destroys the west coast of Africa, the east coast of South America, and0 views today
16 August 2021 1 The remains of Stacy Peterson found near the midwest recycling company -- old location - pipes are everywhere - here - on the? 12090...5 views today
16 August 2021 3 This will make everything interesting again, print the image and keep it under your pillow for 2 days - the less I say on this the better it works...just try it... it's free...9 views today
16 August 2021 4 Bogota Colombia Natalie Holloway located in room 38 at Universidad de La Sabana Bogotá Colombia - this does not seem to change to much throughout the years, the same country just moving around....4 views today
16 August 2021 2 Mercedes Lain missing baby located the same area she - this is him - tattoo on back - she made him do it - fried was at Plymouth Airport - numbers - something to do with this dark web user-id - arrests made?11 views today
15 August 2021 1 In the sky...4 views today
15 August 2021 1 11 more days, it hits here - fire red hot? no accident...3 views today
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