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All dreams from September 2021 by Psychic Brian Ladd - text only4 views today
30 Sept 2021 2 The person you are going to dream about tonight wants to see you for real - this is why YOU will have this dream tonight - this is for you...the person reading this now...2 views today
30 Sept 2021 1 Chet Hardwood - the accident was caused by her - numbers - 8 days after arrest...5 views today
30 Sept 2021 5 During the next 16 days, the world will experience several earthquakes in the areas that do not usually have earthquakes...1 views today
30 Sept 2021 4 These are winning lottery numbers for October, these are from lucid dreams this morning, not for a night dream which is usually more accurate. Look at the patterns here - so many 6's (they are all one sheet this time)5 views today
30 Sept 2021 3 7 Rulers come to power before, trump 2024?3 views today
30 Sept 2021 6 Brian Laundrie - mint mobile - buried under the trash can - numbers...11 views today
30 Sept 2021 7 Egmont Key Lighthouse - numbers - Brian Laundrie - camera ip - this is the camera in question and this is where Brian will be tomorrow...4 views today
30 Sept 2021 10 Brian Laundrie found - numbers - not sure who this person is nor how the space blanket can be used as a raft, I'm familiar with waterproofing in the Army but we used BDU's7 views today
30 Sept 2021 8 Brian Laundrie will be at this location on October 2nd 2021 and should be located then, here is the exact location he will be found next month...5 views today
30 Sept 2021 9 END OF DAYS - imposter messiah - Edgar Cayce - 666 -Trump 2024...3 views today
29 Sept 2021 1 Gabby Petito still had this in her pocket - Brian is here - look again? not what they think - Brian Laundrie located - breaking bad tv show? did go to burning man 2021 - Kylen Schulte and Ellenorah Ethe remains located outside dougway...6 views today
29 Sept 2021 2 An awful train accident - numbers...0 views today
28 Sept 2021 1 Not sure who this is...5 views today
28 Sept 2021 4 7 more days...8 views today
28 Sept 2021 3 Upcoming ride accident...3 views today
28 Sept 2021 2 In the sky...3 views today
27 Sept 2021 9 Lights in the sky (same as another dream from last night...Aliens I think) numbers - maybe lottery or a phone number...5 views today
27 Sept 2021 1 Something to do with Dollar Tree stores in the USA and being shut down by China? not sure...4 views today
27 Sept 2021 2 Trash cans St Christopher Key - look again - the phone is there - Bran L case - this is that location and they did not fin the phone, it's hidden under these trash cans...4 views today
27 Sept 2021 3 This Superyacht is going to burn and the reason is murder and money...3 views today
27 Sept 2021 4 6642108216 love 13 woman - Lauren Cho is not alone and is not afraid - this is a real missing person and will open a case...3 views today
27 Sept 2021 5 Liam is in the back seat - Emily - watch for this, its the vehicle that going to hit your car - please tell her...1 views today
27 Sept 2021 6 Killer...9 views today
27 Sept 2021 8 Day Pick 2 3 2 Night Pick 2 4 7...5 views today
27 Sept 2021 7 This is an alien dream again, and it was a nightmare. Unexplained lights coming from the bottom of the ocean shoot up into the sky - I was terrified and woke up at that point...6 views today
25 Sept 2021 5 Sky is falling...5 views today
25 Sept 2021 4 Brian Laundrie, this is her and she made him do it - tried to make her fall - space blanket missing from first aid kit - letters - maybe initials...5 views today
25 Sept 2021 3 Mary Laundrie - shelter island - valley road numbers...11 views today
Remains of Brian Laundie found these poles and a rusty railroad track - he did not kill himself - she did this - life preservers using his pants, coldness - the body will be found at grid 27.12 -81.19 This is the same grid as these dreams from three dre3 views today
25 Sept 2021 1 Boca Chica Beach to going to Merida Mexico - Faro Bagdad - police find the hat and this bottle - numbers - Brian is here now - see a dream from September 29th 2021 as the address is the same - Brian will be here either today...6 views today
25 Sept 2021 2 Some sort of tragic accident while conduction a search for Brian Laundrie - this is after the arrest of a family member of Brian - Brian did this because of her and her mom? Pregnancy made it worse but he did not because of.her? 4 views today
26 Sept 2021 2 Brian Laundrie, he made him do it - he has the space blanket - still there - look again - Fort De Soto Park no - pipes - Night RV Park in Baton Rouge LA - they are at the wrong campground...4 views today
26 Sept 2021 1 This is him, the school shooter - soon...7 views today
26 Sept 2021 3 Pain rx she did not have to die- bathroom, here - she took this - numbers - rs - not suicide - melt - look under here for the proof? Thompson - cookeville? 9 views today
26 Sept 2021 4 October 3rd deaths are just the beginning - no way out? too fast - feel the heat...2 views today
24 Sept 2021 3 This is her she is the one who called Roberta Laundrie after Brian' 'fall accident' didn't 'feel right' - police have the phone - look again - numbers - missing man Brian Laundrie case...5 views today
24 Sept 2021 2 Blue Angels accident...8 views today
24 Sept 2021 4 Missing woman Lauren Cho found - he has done this before - Hotel Fiesta Tijuana - numbers...5 views today
24 Sept 2021 8 Brian Laundrie is reading this right now - numbers...1 views today
24 Sept 2021 6 Something about US president Joe Biden's upcoming hospitalization...5 views today
24 Sept 2021 5 September 26th fire...2 views today
24 Sept 2021 7 The upcoming earthquake at Reelfoot Lake is somehow related to the December 24th, 2021 mag 8.9 LA earthquake...3 views today
23 Sept 2021 11 USA numbers...6 views today
22 Sept 2021 2 numbers - brian...4 views today
22 Sept 2021 2 Brian L is surrounded by water - no body heat? I don't think he is dead, assuming this is about Brian Laundrie, missing man case...6 views today
22 Sept 2021 3 Under here - surrounded by water - blue barrel (not sure)8 views today
22 Sept 2021 5 Chris and Roberta were both arrested on separate dates (see dd) and released on bail - Chris's plans to go to Mexico are fake, he is headed to Mont-Tremblant Park in Canada - Roberta does not know? This is about Chris and Robert Laun7 views today
22 Sept 2021 6 Numbers - shooting 1 Oct?5 views today
22 Sept 2021 4 3077332966 378 - poles - love...2 views today
23 Sept 2021 12 Canada Numbers...5 views today
23 Sept 2021 10 Poland numbers...0 views today
23 Sept 2021 6 Numbers - phone is under here CCTV3 views today
23 Sept 2021 675 views today
23 Sept 2021 8 Missing man Brian Laundrie located - look again - Codghle emergency blanket missing from first aid kit - police have this and are keeping it a secret - it was no accident and the blanket was on Brian when he was dropped off in the white Toy5 views today
23 Sept 2021 9 Numbers - phone is under here...3 views today
23 Sept 2021 1 From 4 DD's about the Brian Laundrie case - all are dreams only no lucid work or mao dousing Look again - data from the phone is wrong..6 views today
23 Sept 2021 3 From 4 DD's about the Brian Laundrie case - all are dreams only no lucid work or mao dousing - If confiremed, Brian has now been located...2 views today
23 Sept 2021 2 From 4 DD's about the Brian Laundrie case - all are dreams only no lucid work or mao dousing - If confiremed, Brian has now been located,9 views today
23 Sept 2021 4 From 4 DD's about the Brian Laundrie case - all are dreams only no lucid work or mao dousing - If confiremed, Brian has now been located...3 views today
23 Sept 2021 5 Soon! An upcoming unexpected meteor shower deposits a small amount of this poison from space in the Pacific Ocean, this will killing millions of fish...5 views today
23 Sept 2021 6 Numbers - CCTV - BL...4 views today
22 Sept 2021 7 Chris and Roberta Laundrie, police only found 1 of 3 documents and the phone is still next to the shed that was moved off the blocks, under the blue metal box is the phone Roberta hid - numbers.,,10 views today
21 Sept 2021 1 Roberta Laundrie in the home under the floor - concrete floor - in the cinderblock - police already found this but are not releasing it to the public - wires, and paint? missing phone god...3 views today
21 Sept 2021 2 Florida child killer, she killed her child out of anger - lies - numbers, not sure when maybe in October 2021...3 views today
20 Sept 2021 10 Brian Laundrie search map using lucid and map dousing with dream notes - assuming he is here now - not sure if he is still alive - more than likely he is alive according to a pattern of dreams...3 views today
20 Sept 2021 11 Shooing on Friday, October 1st, 2021 - numbers and names...5 views today
20 Sept 2021 9 -Another dream about Brian Laundrie - this one is hard to read and I have zero memory of it now...2 views today
20 Sept 2021 5 Brian Laundrie did not hang himself in cell - 9565424373 317 - he knew she was pregnant - Brians's father arrested? Edgar Cayce...2 views today
20 Sept 2021 8 2 2 3 2 5 3 6 1 6 Cayce - Winning USA Powerball numbers for October 2021...6 views today
20 Sept 2021 6 Brian L - Laredo Texas Edgar Cayce - Hotel La Embajada room ? this dream s me as I was born there...well we lived in the AFB at the time...19694 views today
20 Sept 2021 7 20 25 - 26 8's 2 more than likely lottery numbers - not sure though...3 views today
20 Sept 2021 1 Brian Laundrie - she made him do this - he tried to move the body - he will be at this location on September 22nd at 7:07 AM - again using this dream, lucid dreaming, and map dosing on September 20th, 2021 at 4:21 PM EST...3 views today
20 Sept 2021 3 The location of an earthquake on September 23d, 2017 - do not know the time or why it's important to the upcoming SF and LA great quakes to come in December...6 views today
20 Sept 2021 4 If you follow my lottery predictions, notice the number 2 pattern of the Mega Millions Lottery Draw this week..5 views today
20 Sept 2021 2 numbers - this is him - gas motor - hate bush ? no clue or memory of this dd...6 views today
19 Sept 2021 3 American flag Numbers CCTV - 7 more days - Christopher Laundrie - love - he was drugging her - Christopher arrested on October 12th...4 views today
19 Sept 2021 1 The sun, the sun, a giant storm on the sun is about to hit the earth, SpaceX, numbers, StarLink satellites...5 views today
19 Sept 2021 2 7 J - numbers - not suicide - 2 days - they did not find the note - Menace II Society...8 views today
19 Sept 2021 5 The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia, sadness, this was wrong police knew it was fake - death...3 views today
19 Sept 2021 6 Holly Bobo, he will be released because of an error - she killed Holly and police do not know - numbers...12 views today
19 Sept 2021 8 Brian Laundrie dies in cell number? he did not kill himself, look at the fingernails - it would be impossible for him to do this - CCTV was turned off...3 views today
19 Sept 2021 7 Barry Morphew is stopped while entering Mexico, he did not kill himself - police find a hidden compartment behind the wall with the proof he tried to destroy but forgot it was there - blood and wire - Barry Morphew flees to Nogales where th5 views today
19 Sept 2021 9 Brian Laundrie is spotted on WeatherBug camera - he got off with her at exit 17b going south on US Interstate 10 - not her another victim of the cartel - going to Boca Chica Beach to take a rowboat to Playa Bagdad - numbers (almost the 7 views today
19 Sept 2021 4 Gabrielle Petito remains located near poles? Brian Laundrie did not hang himself in cell 317 or 3 \ 7 - look again - poles...4 views today
18 Sept 2021 1 Gabrielle Petito case, cell phone? are a mistake - Brian's exact location is here - he is hiding in plain sight - brian is bleeding and broke - did not murder her - she made him do it - this is the location of Brian L using map dousi8 views today
18 Sept 2021 2 Mary Johnson, missing woman, is alive and well working in this Vancouver restaurant - these 2 men are responsible for 137 American women trafficked in Canada and sadly there will be 43 more until these two men are captured. ...5 views today
17 Sept 2021 1 Your cat is acting strange - neighbors seem to always be gone - matrix is real - do random unexpected acts to create the glitch - your time is done here - return to your real world...4 views today
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