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19 Sept 2021 6 Holly Bobo, he will be released because of an error - she killed Holly and police do not know - numbers...0 views today
19 Sept 2021 8 Brian Laundrie dies in cell number? he did not kill himself, look at the fingernails - it would be impossible for him to do this - CCTV was turned off...1 views today
19 Sept 2021 7 Barry Morphew is stopped while entering Mexico, he did not kill himself - police find a hidden compartment behind the wall with the proof he tried to destroy but forgot it was there - blood and wire - Barry Morphew flees to Nogales where th0 views today
19 Sept 2021 9 Brian Laundrie is spotted on WeatherBug camera - he got off with her at exit 17b going south on US Interstate 10 - not her another victim of the cartel - going to Boca Chica Beach to take a rowboat to Playa Bagdad - numbers (almost the 0 views today
19 Sept 2021 4 Gabrielle Petito remains located near poles? Brian Laundrie did not hang himself in cell 317 or 3 \ 7 - look again - poles...0 views today
18 Sept 2021 1 Gabrielle Petito case, cell phone? are a mistake - Brian's exact location is here - he is hiding in plain sight - brian is bleeding and broke - did not murder her - she made him do it - this is the location of Brian L using map dousi0 views today
18 Sept 2021 2 Mary Johnson, missing woman, is alive and well working in this Vancouver restaurant - these 2 men are responsible for 137 American women trafficked in Canada and sadly there will be 43 more until these two men are captured. ...0 views today
17 Sept 2021 1 Your cat is acting strange - neighbors seem to always be gone - matrix is real - do random unexpected acts to create the glitch - your time is done here - return to your real world...0 views today
17 Sept 2021 2 Flowers - numbers - she is here...2 views today
16 Sept 2021 3 Brian L arrested tries to flee - internet stunt - Brian does not know - she knew him - Gabrielle Petito is alive in burning numbers - very unlikely but it would be the best outcome...2 views today
16 Sept 2021 1 Explosion on September 20th, wires...0 views today
16 Sept 2021 2 Gabrielle Petito found - converted van - there is still blood - bl - she is with him on video at the Virtual Burn - numbers - arrest made- buried at this exact location - not what police think....0 views today
15 Sept 2021 5 Karen Louise Johnley Wallahee located - ex firefighter - still alive and is 67 years old - he took Rosia Evers? too - shed with a wooden floor - Colacurcio crime family...0 views today
15 Sept 2021 1 Holmes County, Ohio - one of the USA's most wanted persons is hiding here...0 views today
15 Sept 2021 2 This is him...2 views today
15 Sept 2021 3 Not sure what this is...0 views today
15 Sept 2021 4 Trego Hot Springs - body found in Trego Hot Springs is related to another murder - numbers0 views today
14 Sept 2021 6 These 3 dd's from last night (9-14-21) seem to be related to the Gabrielle ‘Gabby’ Petito case and will post them asap.0 views today
14 Sept 2021 8 These 3 dd's from last night (9-14-21) seem to be related to the Gabrielle ‘Gabby’ Petito case and will post them asap.0 views today
14 Sept 2021 7 These 3 dd's from last night (9-14-21) seem to be related to the Gabrielle ‘Gabby’ Petito case and will post them asap.0 views today
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