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31 Oct 2021 5 National Mall DC...0 views today
31 Oct 2021 7 POWERBALL - same pattern again...0 views today
31 Oct 2021 8 OZ - same pattern again...0 views today
31 Oct 2021 9 Body found on November 4th...0 views today
31 Oct 2021 1 NASA James WebbSpace Telescope delay is the reason for the upcoming failure - something happens to delay the launch, during that time this device fails and will cause the event - the number may be the device that fails...0 views today
31 Oct 2021 3 Missing man Billy Gene Hammonds is safe and lives in Laurinburg - he did not want to leave - dog, something about a dog...0 views today
31 Oct 2021 2 C.S. Avocet Island...0 views today
31 Oct 2021 4 US Navy Accident...0 views today
30 Oct 2021 2 Walmart shooter...0 views today
30 Oct 2021 1 November -- numbers...0 views today
29 Oct 2021 1 Cleo Smith located just 75 meters from where she was sleeping? 0 views today
29 Oct 2021 2 In the gloves shirt is still there Michael Vaughan missing boy found (will open a case for Michael tomorrow)0 views today
29 Oct 2021 3 American Airlines accident was not a failure of this device on the aircraft...0 views today
29 Oct 2021 4 Mandurah - dudley park - its there - numbers - Ellie Smith arrested - Cleo - I'm not going to translate the rest...0 views today
29 Oct 2021 5 Solar event on November? takes down more than 5G cell phone...0 views today
29 Oct 2021 6 Anderson Cooper CNN...0 views today
29 Oct 2021 8 Chevy Chase Pavilion - this is him - he is the leader - get out now - the second time will not be a false alarm...0 views today
29 Oct 2021 7 EuroMillions...0 views today
29 Oct 2021 9 Ireland Daily Million...0 views today
28 Oct 2021 1 It's ok Cleo Smith - love - safe I'm hoping this is true there is a lighthouse an airport -that is where they both are right now...0 views today
28 Oct 2021 2 Heidi Planck - not what they think - look under her bedframe - The Unicorn Museum....0 views today
28 Oct 2021 4 An unexpected earthquake in Miami Florida is not related to the December 21st, 2021 tsunami, but it is important...0 views today
28 Oct 2021 3 On hand, 686, love...0 views today
28 Oct 2021 6 The unexpected Christmas Days light in the sky explained...0 views today
28 Oct 2021 5 Mexico lights, UFO...0 views today
28 Oct 2021 7 There is someone out there that's waiting to make you happy - that someone is waiting to love you like they will die without you!0 views today
27 Oct 2021 4 Cleo Smith found, arrest made, by airport, numbers - this is the man again, he took her near the airport? go to Quobba Lighthouse...0 views today
27 Oct 2021 3 Missing Jack Grimes, Dwayne Selby, and Glenda "Cookie" Parton located safe, look at other phones, online app, Skiatook, OK CCTV by Dollar store...0 views today
27 Oct 2021 1 Massive fireball and explosion next week...0 views today
27 Oct 2021 2 DWAC buy at 66.5 sell at 8,713.3...0 views today
27 Oct 2021 5 October 31st - numbers...0 views today
27 Oct 2021 6 Upcoming lottery numbers using this pattern again, follow the lines, there are 3 lottery picks and 2 stock picks from last night...0 views today
27 Oct 2021 7 Upcoming lottery numbers using this pattern again, follow the lines, there are 3 lottery picks and 2 stock picks from last night...0 views today
27 Oct 2021 8 Upcoming lottery numbers using this pattern again, follow the lines, there are 3 lottery picks and 2 stock picks from last night...0 views today
27 Oct 2021 9 Upcoming lottery numbers using this pattern again, follow the lines, there are 3 lottery picks and 2 stock picks from last night...0 views today
26 Oct 2021 7 4 missing woman were here - Community House of Wellness - chains and bars - it's cold - this is that location Community House of Wellness -0 views today
26 Oct 2021 8 Cleo Smith found, arrest made, by airport, numbers, look again, this is him, dug the hole - does not match - its impossible for Cleo to found until they look again?0 views today
26 Oct 2021 1 More on the upcoming International Space Station accident...0 views today
26 Oct 2021 2 29P/Schwassmann-Wachmann explodes...0 views today
26 Oct 2021 3 USA...0 views today
26 Oct 2021 4 Free energy devise that will run forever in a vacuum...0 views today
26 Oct 2021 5 La Palma mag 6 quake, police and EMS evacuated the island - December 21st, 2021 is when the Mega Tsunami will happen...0 views today
26 Oct 2021 6 In the sky...0 views today
25 Oct 2021 1 Missing girl Cleo Smith located I m not going to translate this as I hope I'm wrong and she is not found here - I will include my map dousing result, this area needs to be searched again, its approximant 300 meters from the tent...0 views today
25 Oct 2021 2 Missing girl Cleo Smith located I m not going to translate this as I hope I'm wrong and she is not found here - I will include my map dousing result, this area needs to be searched again, its approximant 300 meters from the tent...0 views today
25 Oct 2021 5 October 29th, 2021...0 views today
25 Oct 2021 4 Australia...0 views today
25 Oct 2021 3 The Shaggy Dog...0 views today
24 Oct 2021 1 Something to do with a First Baptist church, numbers...0 views today
24 Oct 2021 2 Facebook CEO commits suicide, did not write the note, its a hoax...0 views today
24 Oct 2021 5 Broadway accident...0 views today
24 Oct 2021 4 She is in this shed, he too her - this has not happened yet...0 views today
24 Oct 2021 3 STRAT Hotel tower accident again. ? days, did not jump, murder, numbers...0 views today
23 Oct 2021 3 Diamonds are everywhere, new lava tubes open, La Palma, Tsunami hits the North America coast at3:31 AM on December 21st, 2021...0 views today
23 Oct 2021 1 Australia Lottery, ones, ones, ones everywhere...0 views today
23 Oct 2021 2 Jack Nicholson...0 views today
22 Oct 2021 1 Rick and Morty - sadness - numbers...0 views today
22 Oct 2021 2 October 25th at ?4 pm...0 views today
22 Oct 2021 3 She did not do this, look again - they will find him - covered in this - Elijah Lewis - 213 feet off of chestnut street - powerlines - right under powerlines - 18 inches deep - the can used to dig is in the treeline? numbers and address...0 views today
22 Oct 2021 4 Something to do with a body being found on October 28th, 2021...0 views today
22 Oct 2021 5 Building sliding down the mountainside, in this dream, I was in one of this building...woke up sweating and shacking...0 views today
21 Oct 2021 1 0 views today
21 Oct 2021 2 6 more days...0 views today
21 Oct 2021 3 Stretching before exercise is the main cause of obesity in the world? it tricks the body into thinking is ready for sleep...0 views today
21 Oct 2021 4 Donald Trump December 24th, 2021 11:47 AM - no change so far...0 views today
20 Oct 2021 1 Warehouse fire...0 views today
20 Oct 2021 2 Missing boy Elijah Lewis located off chestnut street, she told him she would do it, she did it not him, numbers, powerlines, look again, bricks...0 views today
20 Oct 2021 3 Alec Baldwin arrested, numbers, at home (maybe about drugs)0 views today
20 Oct 2021 4 217 the remains of Madelene McCann located on the beach of light, Praia da Luz, Portugal...0 views today
20 Oct 2021 5 Texas Cash Five...0 views today
19 Oct 2021 6 Brian Laundrie found on October 29th, she killed him and 3 women?? can see lighthouse - very confused by this dream drawing...0 views today
19 Oct 2021 5 Jesus is real, numbers...0 views today
19 Oct 2021 7 Brian Laundie's father was arrested for the planned murder of 3 women - numbers will open a new case for him...0 views today
19 Oct 2021 1 Covered in this? police find? 0 views today
19 Oct 2021 2 November 6th 2021 Brian Launder killer arrested, numbers, she has done this 2 times before....0 views today
19 Oct 2021 3 Japan - Japan get out of ?0 views today
19 Oct 2021 4 Stock picks for next month (public)0 views today
18 Oct 2021 1 She made him do it? Brian - numbers - three murders maybe Brian Launder and as far as I know, she has not been arrested...0 views today
18 Oct 2021 2 Highschool school bus crash, see last week dreams for numbers...0 views today
18 Oct 2021 3 J.S. delay your trip by 120 seconds (to prevent an accident)0 views today
17 Oct 2021 2 Lottery numbers...0 views today
17 Oct 2021 4 The tail number of the plane crash in 7 more days...0 views today
17 Oct 2021 3 August Denison, missing child has been found, Lakeview ? steet...0 views today
17 Oct 2021 1 Crash in 4 more days...0 views today
17 Oct 2021 6 Brian Launder found, can see the lighthouse in the distance, he did not kill himself, look at nails, look again, numbers, she is still going to kill again, no additional details, see past drams at ...0 views today
17 Oct 2021 8 Matthew 24:7 love, symbols, get out of ASO? Long Cape destroyed again...0 views today
17 Oct 2021 7 October 29th, 2021 get out of ? city, numbers...0 views today
17 Oct 2021 5 Love, 603 west market street or road? 0 views today
16 Oct 2021 1 December 21st 2021 mega-tsunami -new vent opens here, 1/3 of the island slides down the ocean floor...0 views today
16 Oct 2021 3 Brian Laudire, can see the lighthouse Brians family calls in another fake tip numbers - can see the lighthouse...0 views today
16 Oct 2021 2 France, France...0 views today
16 Oct 2021 4 Kristine Kupka is located here. 43.2 feet south of the Alexander Lyman Holley Monument, the grave was dug in the daytime? 81397131...0 views today
16 Oct 2021 6 Michael Cohen was secretly deported to Russia to face a criminal trial, he did not 'go missing' on his own, and it's not suicide...0 views today
16 Oct 2021 7 Missing girl Ceo Smith located next to this the sky is flashing - cold wind - Carnarvon Airport numbers this is him driving a white camper with blue stipe no fear?0 views today
16 Oct 2021 5 Brian Laudire Police already have these items and I'm not sure why they are not making that public - Brian is still in the same location, alive or dead I'm still getting almost the same locations, he is under here here...0 views today
15 Oct 2021 1 See 2020 dreams on this, it's about the upcoming Russian attack on the Internation space station, in the end, all about will be killed over a software hack and this box (same info and numbers)0 views today
15 Oct 2021 2 Earthquake in 5 days opens the new vent and triggers additional sliding of the island...0 views today
15 Oct 2021 4 An upcoming high school shooting at a football game...0 views today
15 Oct 2021 5 I can still see the light house, Brian Laudire case...0 views today
15 Oct 2021 3 Numbers, there is no death...0 views today
13 Oct 2021 4 Courtney Bryan missing woman located here - he took her car to Weaverville ground was on fire - Deadlun campground (real place) numbers - love - her legs hurt...0 views today
13 Oct 2021 3 Can you feel the change about to come? Someone is controlling this, have you noticed that your wifi keeps going out, vivid dreams in color, headaches, loss of hunger, food that tastes bland...0 views today
14 Oct 2021 4 Brian Laundrie - breaking news - October 15th this is where he was - proof - I think this is a phone number - under fingernail golden teachers?0 views today
14 Oct 2021 5 3 new lava vents open up ahead of the La Palma Volcano blows apart, this will happen soon, months before the collapse and mega tsunami.0 views today
14 Oct 2021 2 Here...0 views today
14 Oct 2021 1 Southwest USA rivers overflow Nortwast USA major snowstorm...0 views today
14 Oct 2021 3 Cap, he has a cap with a W on it...0 views today
13 Oct 2021 1 Acceptance by Jeff VanderMeer page 54 he only had 2 books ploce have the 3rd - numbers - the lighthouse hiding in plain site area x is the lighthouse - look at the pages this is where Brian Laundrie is and has always been Martin Jarrie 0 views today
13 Oct 2021 2 October 15th 2021 Brian Laundrie - breaking news...0 views today
12 Oct 2021 1 Rush Limbaugh dies at 3:07 AM...0 views today
12 Oct 2021 2 Yick Cheong Building fire, they did it on purpose...0 views today
12 Oct 2021 3 Upcoming Java Earthquake and Tsunami...0 views today
12 Oct 2021 4 San Jacinto fault...0 views today
12 Oct 2021 6 Charles Vallow, breaking news, 3 additional murders were committed by Tylee Ryan, not what they think, numbers, bodies buried here at the San Tan Mountain Regional Park...0 views today
12 Oct 2021 5 San Jacinto fault...0 views today
12 Oct 2021 7 Brian Laundrie, tent located under here, this is at Brian's parent's house...0 views today
11 Oct 2021 2 6 more days...0 views today
11 Oct 2021 1 Luke 21:25 wave hits the US coast on December 21 at 1:06 AM numbers (not sure what time zone, this is about the La Palma mega tsunami in a few days an earthquake will loosen the landmass that will slide into the ocean on December 21st...0 views today
11 Oct 2021 3 Building falls...0 views today
11 Oct 2021 4 21 days, numbers, Edgar Cayce not sure...0 views today
11 Oct 2021 6 Dog the bounty hunter arrested on false charges numbers not sure what there are this may be before he closes the Brian Laudire case....0 views today
11 Oct 2021 5 Breaking News October 15th this may be about missing man Brian Laudire...0 views today
10 Oct 2021 6 Kristine Kupka found - not what they think - body was taken to Bayside Cemetery and buried in an open grave? name of the person buried Ozone C? Rudy Persaud was arrested after the hammer he used in the murder was discovered at this locat0 views today
10 Oct 2021 5 Dog the bounty hunter finds Brian Laundire - he has the proof he needs - Brian Laundire did not burry it 866 680-6737 7117 0 views today
10 Oct 2021 4 Police have Brian Laudire's phone - accidentally deleted information - FBI cannot recover the file? 0 views today
10 Oct 2021 3 October 15th 17684 I can see Brians face ...0 views today
10 Oct 2021 1 71 days after the La Palma earthquake? eruption Landslide tsunami reaches NYC at 300 meters. We are on the wrong side of Flordia for this event, good news is that there will be time to get to higher ground...0 views today
10 Oct 2021 2 October 17th shooter...0 views today
9 Oct 2021 9 GOD = DOG 2813564756 Brian Jesus is real Cayce - more numbers - love v- cr - missing - tears - John 3:16 (I don't believe in Jesus and I'm not sure why I have so many Christan type dreams, Cayce is Edgar Cayce and that's all0 views today
9 Oct 2021 4 Numbers - number 4 is the first? more numbers - not sure who this is...0 views today
9 Oct 2021 6 October 15th breaking news...0 views today
9 Oct 2021 7 Something about an explosion in Canada...0 views today
9 Oct 2021 8 Barrels and boxes, toxic smoke, warehouse fire...0 views today
9 Oct 2021 5 Missing child Summer Wells is located safe! breaking news - numbers ...0 views today
9 Oct 2021 3 Naalehu - unexpected volcanic eruption reaches Hawaii, the death toll is horrific - 32 days after the ground shakes...0 views today
9 Oct 2021 1 Brian Laudire swimming from the Lighthouse island...tommorow0 views today
9 Oct 2021 2 usa lottery numbers...0 views today
7 Oct 2021 5 North Port Police find the body of Brian Laudire with the help of Lyssa Chapman lighthouse (says body and does not seem to match any past dreams)0 views today
7 Oct 2021 4 This is the storm shelter/bomb shelter that was installed at the same time the pool was dug the number of this dd and several past dreams is the same and it seems to be the phone number of an 'underground bunker' manufacturer. ...0 views today
8 Oct 2021 6 Jared Isaacman killed in upcoming SpaceX accident - numbers - the pressure in tank 73 is wrong - he had the dream - 2nd attempt? 0 views today
8 Oct 2021 1 The weight of an electron is always the same, this is because there is only one electron in the universe just like there is only one god. The human brain is getting ready to realize that God is everywhere - too much math is making something.0 views today
8 Oct 2021 2 An awful event is about to happen, something to do with tree trimming and high voltage powerline...a preventable accident...0 views today
8 Oct 2021 3 An accident, no memory of this...0 views today
8 Oct 2021 4 The reason why maternal mothers know when their child is in danger is electricity. During pregnancy, the baby gives a special type of stem cells to the mother, this type of stem cell is related to mycelium, the internet of the plant world...0 views today
8 Oct 2021 5 Numbers, no memory of this...0 views today
7 Oct 2021 1 5 more days...0 views today
7 Oct 2021 2 No clue...0 views today
7 Oct 2021 3 Water is too strong, if I take the boat I will die - I remember seeing the water to my right start to swirl...0 views today
I taught my cat to roll over...0 views today
6 Oct 2021 2 8175572277 - 777 = 888 Gods number is real trust in Jesus- look at is Minecraft world - he friend is going to copy ?0 views today
6 Oct 2021 3 Circles and numbers...0 views today
6 Oct 2021 4 Print and share this dream sketch, it's supposed to fill your life with love and joy and make you more attractive to others, sort of like a love potion....0 views today
6 Oct 2021 5 Help...0 views today
6 Oct 2021 7 School shooting while playing red light green light, numbers...0 views today
6 Oct 2021 8 Brian Laundries current location on 10-6-21 I can still see the lighthouse this is where he has been for some time he is under here - see map...0 views today
6 Oct 2021 6 She loves you...0 views today
6 Oct 2021 1 Dog finds Brian Laundrie, lighthouse missing light - look again - not le tip number - assuming this is Dog the bounty hunter - I hope he does find him, and soon...0 views today
5 Oct 2021 1 Brian Laundrie is reading this right now - this is his IP address (I will note the IP address to this specific page and most a live map in the case file)0 views today
5 Oct 2021 2 Hidden here, not sure what is hidden here...0 views today
5 Oct 2021 3 Brian Laundrie - can see this (this dream from last night is useless and I will not add it to the case file)0 views today
5 Oct 2021 4 Mindcraft - numbers - Jesus heals Tibmber - views of Jesus? (too many dreams about Jesus, for someone I don't believe in, sure having a lot of these dreams)0 views today
5 Oct 2021 5 California shakes in 5 days and 2 1/2 hours - at least that what I think it says...0 views today
5 Oct 2021 8 These objects are bad and they are not here to help mankind...0 views today
5 Oct 2021 7 Lottery numbers...0 views today
5 Oct 2021 6 Friday, October 9th 2021 bus accident...0 views today
4 Oct 2021 3 713 337 17...0 views today
4 Oct 2021 6 THUNDER RIDGE PEDESTRIAN OVERLOOK 10 LOOP...0 views today
4 Oct 2021 4 Missing Woman, this is why...0 views today
4 Oct 2021 5 In the sky...0 views today
4 Oct 2021 7 Mindcraft - numbers - Jesus heals Tibmber - views of Jesus? (too many dreams about Jesus, for someone I don't believe in, sure having allot of these dreams)0 views today
4 Oct 2021 2 Leilana Graham missing teen found safe - Bissonnet Track - Williamstown Apartments - numbers...0 views today
4 Oct 2021 1 December 24th winning USA MegaMillions lottery numbers from Jesus? numbers are 8 29 13 18 28 and the bonus is 18 - If you win, suggest some of your winnings go to a church of your choosing even if you don't believe in Jesus, like me.0 views today
3 Oct 2021 13 Missing woman Cashawn Ashley Sims located - foud here - this is him - why - Meriand Steet - numbers - she will be found soon...0 views today
3 Oct 2021 11 Brian - numbers - maybe lottery numbers...0 views today
3 Oct 2021 10 Cecily Chapman was falsely arrested by her father's ex-girlfriend - numbers - the FBI found Brian - this is more than likely about missing man Brian Laundrie and the rest is drama....0 views today
3 Oct 2021 12 lottery numbers 4 1 9 10 22 32 37...0 views today
3 Oct 2021 2 The remains of Dennis Lloyd Martin located and show he died at the age of 42? DNA confirms something - he was taken by this man who lives in Bryson City...0 views today
3 Oct 2021 3 An explosion in 5 more days...0 views today
3 Oct 2021 4 Jill Casey - numbers...0 views today
3 Oct 2021 5 Walters Picnic Shelter - Duane Chapman - police mark off the area with the wrong tape? numbers...0 views today
3 Oct 2021 6 Pay the lottery - you will win (not for me, I don't play)0 views today
3 Oct 2021 9 Missing woman Jessie L Small located safe with her 3 three children - not missing? not what they think - they are in this room - flag - not sure but hope this dream comes true...0 views today
3 Oct 2021 7 Objects spotted circling the moon...0 views today
3 Oct 2021 8 l10293848 he is looking for it - ca - not sure...0 views today
3 Oct 2021 1 Facebook taken down by this Russian man - he works for US CIA - numbers - not tech issue - 4 billion-dollar secret ransomware attack - soon I think...0 views today
2 Oct 2021 4 Winning US Powerball and MegaMillions lottery numbers, soon within weeks!0 views today
2 Oct 2021 3 eureka 7 days harvest platform - love...0 views today
2 Oct 2021 1 stop collecting stuff, the time you give it all away is the time 'god' in your image will accept you...0 views today
2 Oct 2021 2 hotel accident kills 763 - numbers...0 views today
1 Oct 2021 4 Egmont Key Lighthouse Brian-Laundrie turns himself in? rumor is false - lighthouse info is below...0 views today
1 Oct 2021 1 Britney Sears hospitalized...0 views today
1 Oct 2021 3 Sadly the remains of missing child Madeleine McCann located on the beach in Praia da Luz Portugal, hand-dug, under this large bolder, 217, look again, metal detector finds belt buckle...0 views today
1 Oct 2021 2 Powerball, she won? look at the numbers on ones (same dream from a week or so ago)0 views today
All dreams from September 2021 by Psychic Brian Ladd - text only 0 views today
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