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25 may 2023 2 June lucky numbers. I am not sure if these are lottery numbers or not. There's a bunch of different numbers but they are for next month. Hopefully this can help somebody.43 views
25 may 2023 1 Wave reaches 12 miles inland.45 views
23 may 2023 2 June 4th 41 views
23 may 2023 1 Raul Meza has the location of 16 other missing children, lots of numbers here I have to censor...sorry 33 views
21 may 2023 1 numbers 20 days.77 views
20 may 2023 3 Friday, May 26th, Donald Trump was arrested with three others 11:07 AM Some other date in June Trump was hospitalized and died. Due to. Heart attack drug by Russia. There is no test for this currently. CPAS dreams. Donald Trump does not die713 views
20 may 2023 4 Love Ukraine now? Numbers. Not sure.119 views
20 may 2023 1 TGet ready for a major earthquake. See past dreams again for more details. The numbers and other details seem to be the same on this one.90 views
20 may 2023 2 The USA is ready to get hit by a dirty bomb attack from Russia. It's not what it seems. But it will affect many people and will be very soon. The date is on the dream drawing. I hope this does not happen. It looks like phone numbers. 80 views
19 may 2023 5 Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Accident. Room number? Hotel. More numbers. 90 views
19 may 2023 2 Bullock. Mayor William D. Rawls.77 views
19 may 2023 4 (760) 830-4299 they are coming June. Question Mark.53 views
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