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30 June 2023 4 Metallic marbles, roughly the size of a grape, have been discovered near the wreckage of the Titanic. These seemingly non-human communication devices pose a potential danger and should not be brought to the surface. It has been speculated0 views today
30 June 2023 5 I believe that these numbers may be the winning Texas lottery numbers for the upcoming month.0 views today
30 June 2023 3 Something to do with a purple orb underneath the ocean that surfaces and is caught on video 0 views today
30 June 2023 2 July 9th crash 0 views today
30 June 2023 1 An upcoming x 10 claSS solarflare with a coronal mass ejection0 views today
28 June 2023 1 July 1st Esa launch error code 7 cape C - DO NOT RELEASE PRESSURE numbers 0 views today
28 June 2023 3 Brian Chesky, Air BnB, arrested? operation ?? Stock price Falls to below $5 a share.0 views today
28 June 2023 4 Randy Quaid dies in a traffic accident I don't, murder, MS13, 77299237, the deep state is real 0 views today
28 June 2023 2 Wagner group steals nuclear weapons and detonates nuclear dirty bombs and Chaos Late July I don't think it's going to be an explosion I don't think that they can detonate it for some reason or another 0 views today
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