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Cayce Lynn McDaniel remains confirmed he was not alone in the shedCayce Lynn McDaniel remains confirmed, he was not alone in the shed, bricks, bricks are everywhere. Not a rope, it was fishing line, Ellis Street in Milan, TN, under an area that had been worked on?

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On August 17, 1996, Cayce Lynn McDaniel, then 14 years old, was reported missing from her residence in Milan, Tennessee. Cayce was dropped at her residence after a church function late on August 16, 1996. Her family returned home to find her missing and the back door left open. Cayce was never seen again. In October 2019, a Gibson County, Tennessee, grand jury indicted an individual for Cayce's rape and murder. Cayce's remains have not been found, and the case against the individual is on.
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