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The Family International upcoming mass suicideThe Family International upcoming mass suicide, he did not start this, nuimbers

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The Family International Children of God cult these are the members I'm not sure where this will happen

Abi Freeman
Alfred Strickland Kelley
Alice Sophia Dow
Angela Smith
Anne Grete Aarhaug
Anthony Raymond Gamage
Jean Michel Ardolade
Arlyn Sharon Dunetz
Arnold Dietrich
Arthur Lindfield
Arturo Odilo Godoy
Barbara Ann Emerson
Barry Gerard Prendergast
Becky Lindfield
Billie Chainey
Brian Edward Pickus
Caleb Dietrich
Carl Arnold
Carole Lloyd
Cassandra Mooney
Cheryl Anne Brown
Christine Mlot
Christopher Carruthers
Lee Cox
Craig Owen Leppo
Croil Hunter
Gerald P. Curran
Dalva Lynch
Daniel Craig Roselle
David Berg
David Forsberg
David Murdoch
Donna Kinnikin
Dora Techi
Edward Priebe
Ernst Steiner
Faith Berg
Fiona Spencer
Gary John Rosemann
Gayle Kelly
Grant Cameron Montgomery
Hajime Nakajima
Hugo Westphal
James Arendt
James Penn
Jan McRae
Jane Miller Berg
Jeff Wells
Jeremy Spencer
Jerry Paladino
Jim LaMattery
Joel Wordsworth
John Treadwell
Juan Carlos Rosas
Juan Fonta
Karen Zerby
Kathy Farrell
Katie Roselle
Keith Wideman
Kenneth L. Kelly
Kevin Anthony Brown
Kristina Virve Gud Mihkelson
Laurie Glines Wells
Lawrence Corley
Lawrence Pizzuto
Lily Filipina
Linda Miessner
Linda Perfilio
Lonnie Davis
Louris Nielson
Lurana Nolind Berg
Manuel José Sabatasso
Marc Desruisseaux
Marianne Chazelas Peloquin
Marina Helene Gruenhage
Mario Roberto Torres
Mark Lloyd
Mary Coppola
Mary Malaysia
María Clara Bordeu
Masataro Narita
Michael Andrew Darley
Michael Edwards
Michael Fogarty
Michael Gambrill
Michael Hawron
Michael Sweeney
Michael Timothy Brown
Miriam Williams Boeri
Naomi Prendergast
Patrice Gilligan
Paul Peloquin
Pedro Studio
Peter Bevan Riddell
Philip Sloan
Richard Douthit
Robert Fernandez
Rosa María Raffo
Russel Griggs
Ruth Frouman
Ruth Gordon
Samuel Ajemian
Samuel Charles Perfilio
Sara Kelley
Shigemasa Chikushi
Stefan Seibel
Stephen Bruce Ferguson
Steven Douglas Kelly
Stuart Harris Baylin
Stuart Hartingdon
Susan Claire Borowik
Susan Joy Kauten
Thomas Hack
Thomas Leonard
Thomas Mestyanek
Timothy A. Peters
Tommy Farnsworth
Tsutako Narita
Valerie Farnsworth
Victor Emanuele Canevaro
Victor Landivar Trigoso
Vivian Shillander
William E. Moore, II
William M. Henry
Yumiko Taniguchi
Zac & Shelley


In 1969, when the cult currently known as "The Family International" had grown to about 100 members, they were dubbed the "Children of God" (or COG) by the news media (originally by a newsman in Camden, New Jersey). Until then they had been known as Teens for Christ, but the name stuck and was soon adopted as their official title. By 1972, there were 130 Children of God colonies scattered throughout the world. Today, the group claims close to 10,000 members in about 100 countries

The Family International is a Christian cult formerly known as the Children of God, The Family of Love, and The Family. They have operated under many additional names through various fronts and projects. This group is the primary focus of this website.

The Family International was founded by claimed prophetic leader David Berg in 1968 in Huntington Beach, California, USA. It sprang from the Jesus Movement of the late 1960s, with many of its early converts drawn from the hippie movement. Due to its unusual emphasis on total commitment, it triggered the first organized anticult group (FREECOG), and the unconventional sexual practices which soon followed within the Children of God solidified its place among the movements prompting the cult controversy of the 1970s and 1980s in the United States and Europe.

As The Family grew and expanded around the world, so did its message—salvation, apocalypticism, spiritual "revolution" against the outside world they called "the System"—and resultant controversy. During the early to mid 1970s, the group initiated several radical methods of evangelism, including Flirty Fishing—using sex to show God's love and win converts and support.

Today, The Family's leadership is headed by Berg's widow Karen Zerby, under whom the group has both bowed to several reforms and initiated additional unconventional doctrines, including the "Loving Jesus revelation" which encourages members from the age of 14 to engage in a sexual relationship with Jesus.

The group's liberal sexuality and its publication and distribution of writings, photographs and videos advocating and documenting adult-child sexual contact and the sexualization of children have led to numerous reports of child abuse. Family leadership, admitting only that that some children were abused from 1978 until 1986, created policies prohibiting excessive discipline or any sexual contact between adults and minors. From 1989 until the present, The Family has issued numerous contradictory statements regarding when it enacted these policies and what these policies were. The Family has stated at various times that it banned and made adult-child sexual contact an excommunicable offense in 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988 and 1989. Investigations in several countries have found The Family to currently to be a safe environment for children, but such investigations have also brought to light a troubled past. Many critics do not trust The Family to police itself today, due in part to the group's policy of not turning child abusers over to civil authorities, and only excommunicating members who abused children after July 1989[1]. The Family requires individuals who report child abuse to a law enforcement agency or pursue legal action against an alleged abuser to leave the group's communal homes and move to a lower commitment membership status until the matter is resolved, after which they must reapply for their former membership status if they wish to return.

The Family's leadership believes these issues have been settled by its public apologies, but many former members are not satisfied, and are attempting to focus media attention and criminal investigations on the group.

The January 2005 murder of a former member by the leader's son Ricky Rodriguez and his subsequent suicide shocked both members and former members, and led to considerable, renewed media attention.
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