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Flynt Lee murder case finally solved - these are not the men who did this - the police officer investigating the case help create is retired now - Ricky Burrow was paid 25K by hereFlynt Lee murder case finally solved - these are not the men who did this - the police officer investigating the case help create is retired now - Ricky Burrow was paid 25K by here - Billy Logan missing man - love - it was not organized crime - hate - Ricky Burrow also murdered 4 other people - DNA proves without a doubt Rick Burrow did these murders for money - numbers - blood trail was faked by LE - the other bodies are at this location 31.849722,-90.135833

case at https://briansprediction.com/flynt-lee-murder


An unsolved murder mystery that continues to haunt investigators and family alike is the Flynt Lee Case. In 2009, the Simpson County resident suddenly disappeared. Who killed Flynt Lee?
The widow of Flynt Lee broke down when we presented photos of her late husband. Gail Lee Mullens said it was a life wasted.
"It was a life wasted because Flynt never hurt anybody," said Mullens.
In August of 2009, on a hot summer evening, Flynt Lee, a firefighter, husband, and father suddenly disappeared. Investigator Bryan Buckley took us back to the scene of the crime in rural Simpson County.
"Everything looks like this was where he was killed," said Buckley.
Late the next day, a 911 call said Lee's truck was found at a second location, just down the highway, set on fire, and pushed down a ravine not far away from his farm. The driver's side door was riddled with gunshots.
"Was it a shotgun? Buckley's replied. No."

"Do you know what kind of gun it was? We know what caliber it was."
"Are you going to let us know? Not at this time."
One day later, investigators tracked a trail of blood. Blood was on the guard rail at the 3rd location on Everett Church Road.
A walk to the other side of the bridge reveals a shocking discovery.
"Everything we have come up with so far leads us to believe he was murdered then transported to the bridge threw off the bridge and the following day the vehicle was burned," Buckley said, looking at the flowing water.
Lawmen say someone was trying to cover their tracks.
"Someone that could act that cruel. To me, it's like you was throwing garbage away when they dumped his body over into the river," said Wayne Lee, the victim's brother. "I know they are still out there."

With a crime scene, a burned-out truck, and a body in three separate locations, the case was puzzling. Then we learned of new information from the widow about a sighting after his murder.
"His truck was actually seen driving by our house the Monday afternoon after they killed him," said Mullens. "My mother and sister saw it."
Months went by, then a confession. Three people were taken into custody and charged with capital murder. One suspect lived near the victim.
"He didn't bother nobody," His late mother told us when they were arrested. "He didn't even know these boys."
But the case fell apart when one suspect recanted, and evidence was weak.
Gail Lee Mullens, with tears rolling down her face, said a killer or killers are out there.
"I believe there is people that know (who killed my husband)," said Mullens.

The books never close on a cold case murder. Five years after the violent crime, Simpson County investigators are dusting off this case intent of bringing justice for the family of Flynt Lee.

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