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Dream number 14332 19 January 2021 2 psychic prediction by Brian Ladd20 views todayI don't know what this is but it will happen soon - felt the heat.
Dream number 14331 19 January 2021 1 psychic prediction by Brian Ladd17 views todayJoy Morgan's killer confesses he put MDMA in her food for over 2years - he did not know it would kill her - he goes to her church and used to go to this university - go to this location to find 2 other woman he has murdered - 327-meter se of Church of Saint Mary and Saint Thomas Knebworth - these are real places I just checked!

case at https://briansprediction.com/joy-morgan
Dream number 14333 19 January 2021 3 psychic prediction by Brian Ladd18 views todayI don't know what this is but it will happen soon - felt the heat.
Dream number 14328 18 January 2021 1 psychic prediction by Brian Ladd31 views todayThis is the upcoming terrorist - he is alone right now in this RV where he is sleeping - he is currently in the Days Inn by Wyndham parking lot - his fiends may be staying in the hotel - will post more if I have any other dreams on this.
Dream number 14327 17 January 2021 6 psychic prediction by Brian Ladd105 views todayUse these numbers for the USA Powerball and the USA Mega Millions Lottery for February 2021 - notice how the number 6 will seem to vanish during the time before these numbers hit!
Dream number 14326 17 January 2021 5 psychic prediction by Brian Ladd58 views todayMissing man Jeramy Burt remains are at this exact location - Ahren Barnard remains are in the same buried in a wooden box - the killer is reading this right now - please turn yourself in - this is the park in Boise, Idaho

case at https://briansprediction.com/jeramy-burt-found
Dream number 14325 17 January 2021 4 psychic prediction by Brian Ladd43 views todayThe sun is about to surprise us.
Dream number 14324 17 January 2021 3 psychic prediction by Brian Ladd39 views todayDevoe Park - why - 2 days - eight years - ford - numbers - shooter.
Dream number 14323 17 January 2021 2 psychic prediction by Brian Ladd37 views todayVanessa Cosentino missing woman found by this Centennial Park sign - he arrived at Toronto International Airport - numbers

case at https://briansprediction.com/vanessa-cosentino
Dream number 14322 17 January 2021 1 psychic prediction by Brian Ladd45 views todayMissing woman Holly White escapes from the basement he keeps her in - he was gone at the time - she used a spoon to open the door - sound foam all over the outside - 32 red and white house by Fort Carson - he is retired Airforce - she is alive and needs to be found now.

I will post daily updates at https://briansprediction.com/holly-white-found-safe

until this dream comes true
Dream number 14320 16 January 2021 3 psychic prediction by Brian Ladd43 views todayfire burns the church and the school bus?
Dream number 14321 16 January 2021 4 psychic prediction by Brian Ladd50 views today 4 more days.
Dream number 14319 16 January 2021 2 psychic prediction by Brian Ladd54 views todayLaura Read missing woman found - he did this to her - pain - no more marks - makeup is blue - boxes - tires and rims - auto salvage - CCTV Walmart shows him - look at it again - MacGregor Neighborhood numbers - Golden Gate Cemetery case at

Dream number 14318 16 January 2021 1 psychic prediction by Brian Ladd45 views todayOrrin and Orson West are being held by this woman - they are alive - she is going to kill them on March 14th 2021 - behind the apartment complex by the metal pole - look again - red marking with spraypaint - find them now - plastic bags - numbers - I hope they are still alive but past dreams seem to say otherwise.
I will post new dreams daily at


until Orrin and Orson are located and this woman is arrested
Dream number 14315 15 January 2021 1 psychic prediction by Brian Ladd41 views todayOrrin and Orson West found - news 4 alert - they just missed him - Victory Baptist Church in California City - behind this - numbers - same numbers as another dream - he did get firewood and he buried them 110 yards east of the church - look again

more at https://briansprediction.com/orrin-and-orson-west
Dream number 14312 14 January 2021 1 psychic prediction by Brian Ladd185 views todayLook again - it's still there - they had this with them - numbers - Orrin and Orson West - c park - look at the fence where it is broken - it's buried there - metal detector - arrests made in 12 days - the location in the phone is wrong - le have the shirt already

case at https://briansprediction.com/orrin-and-orson-west

other dream drawings on this case say

Orrin and Orson Wes located - why did they no listen - the same area - look again - they know the phone is missing - arrest made - not an accident - overdose - I cannot stress enough - look again and for some reason, they may still be alive - I hope this is true

Orrin and Orson Wes missing boys found at this exact location - very sad dream that does not have to happen - please look at this location again - he is not telling the truth and Law Enforcement have the wrong phone numbers, address and po box number - Central Park of California City CA

case at https://briansprediction.com/orrin-and-orson-wes
Dream number 14310 13 January 2021 8 psychic prediction by Brian Ladd93 views todayCassie Compton missing teen located safe - this more than just the wrong prescription - she is going to tell what really happened - horses and dolls numbers - look at camera number 32 Pine Bluff Walmart - this is the address of the Walmart in question - also the original missing person case was not really investigated due to budget cuts - not the correct EXIF data - it was taken in Pine Bluff - he has warrants and they live in the back room right here.

case at https://briansprediction.com/cassie-compton
Dream number 14309 13 January 2021 7 psychic prediction by Brian Ladd68 views todayMissing teen Cruz Gil-Felipe is safe - she did not do it - thoughts are racing - warm feeling - she will be found soon - help her.
Dream number 14305 13 January 2021 3 psychic prediction by Brian Ladd~068 views todayThis is the Secret Service man who was working with US capital police to remove the panic alarms in RINO and DEMS offices - numbers - he has not been arrested.
Dream number 14308 13 January 2021 6 psychic prediction by Brian Ladd46 views todaySteve Stivers, Van Taylor, Debbie Lesko, and Larry Bucshon arrested for money laundering and international terrorist - numbers - December 12th, 2021 3:45 AM
Dream number 14307 13 January 2021 5 psychic prediction by Brian Ladd51 views todayMissing teen Guliana Major returns home - she was next to this in Mohawk - numbers.

case at https://briansprediction.com/guliana-major
Dream number 14306 13 January 2021 4 psychic prediction by Brian Ladd51 views todayJanuary 23rd, 2021 at 10:55 am - Jesus will give us a sign - be ready Brain ? EC Isaiah 7:14
Dream number 14304 13 January 2021 2 psychic prediction by Brian Ladd38 views todayQueen Raven returns home - on top of St. Magnus The Martyr right now.
Dream number 14305 13 January 2021 3 psychic prediction by Brian Ladd52 views todayThis is the IED used in the upcoming bombing in the USA - this is all I know.
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